Quality Wipes and Raiding in MoP

Yea I have Pandaren Banquets, one thing tho: for those who don't want to worry about all the ways...If you're willing a great way for you to contribute would to buy the 100 soy sauce and send it to chefs. It's bought with tokens, but it isn't bop.
Are the pandaren banquests the 275 buff? and wouldn't it be better to use individual 300 food?
The individual foods do offer a marginally better buff (300 vs 275), but require many more mats for a raid. The Pandaren Banquet with a 275 buff requires 1 Ironpaw token, 20 meat, and 50 veggies for a 10 man raid. Ten individual foods with a 300 buff require 10 ironpaw tokens, 100 meat, and 250 veggies.
Yeah given the fact we will wipe plenty, it makes more sense to just use up the hundreds of banquets we collectively have. I am working on my second 600 cooker and have sooooo many banquets, it is crazy.

Some good comments:

Simplified taunt rotation if your tanks need help. 1) if you have 2 of them ... Forget about everything but staying alive ... 2) if you are tanking only one boss ... Target the currently empowered boss and set it as your focus ... Wait for it to explode wait a few seconds and stare at your bosses feet ... If you see a giant glowing circle hit your target focus taunt focus macro and proceed to focus on nothing but staying alive ... If you don't see a circle repeat step 2 till you do ...

Oh one additional thought on that ... My co-tank and I, whenever we are tanking 1 boss, without even realizing it starting saying "I am taunting x if mine gets it" to the point that now on vent any time you hear both voices almost simultaneously "I am getting x if mine gets it" "you are taunting x if yours gets it" ... It is that reassurance that makes the fight so much easier and settles us both down letting us get into a rhythm ...
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Can we get a link to "Mike's Handy-Dandy Raid Charts (TM)"? I find them useful for blaming the dps---- I mean, improving my A game.