Republic Guild?

Great! Perhaps we can later debate the validity of whether Rome's state sponsorship of the "church" was a good thing.

Oh, I didn't say it was a good thing for the church, I was just saying that the Roman Empire wasn't hateful towards Christians through its entire reign. The state sponsorship of the church eventually led to the corrupted Catholic church of the Dark Ages.

BTW, I'm married to an INTJ, so debate is as much a survival skill as it is a hobby.

While I have already applied for CFD, I would entertain the idea of heading up a Republic guild (preferably eastern). I ran a guild in EQ when they started a diety pvp server. I'm 55 years old and have been online gaming with my family since UO (well assuming you don't count the original Diablo). I work from home providing MRI technical support. I am typically able to stay logged in the majority of the daytime, though the time is typically spent crafting and such. I typically get to quest and play late evenings. Consequently, a west coast server isn't completely out of the question.
If you're interested in leading ToJ's SWTOR Galactic Republic guild, I'd like to talk with you soon, either over the phone or on TeamSpeak. I'll send a PM as well as you'll probably see an e-mail alert before you see this reply.
Holy cow, SOTOR's constitution is long. I just took a quick glance at their site to see if I could find what you were talking about.... and quickly decided it wasn't really worth the effort, lol. Seems like they are trying to build a new country or something.

I took a quick look and it's at the top. It says, "we believe the king James bible to be the Infallible, inerrant, inspired word of God in the English language..." while I am certainly not knocking the king James, it's lovers can get quite rediculous. They sound like Catholics with the latin vulgate. o_O
Die hard KJV-Only crowd think the KJV is as-or-more accurate then the original.
They believe there was additional inspiration from the HS when the KJV was written.
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Yes, I knew that much. I just don't get how that relates to John the Baptist.
It is making fun of KJV only because they tend to act like the KJV was the bible the apostles carried around.

Google "good enough for paul" if you want more info, this joke has been going on for 100s of years.
Just did that, and it led me to this. I have to say, it's kind of weird how the person writing that keeps saying that Biblical figures are "quoting" the KJV... despite the fact that the KJV wouldn't be written for hundreds of years. Especially since the words that he is picking are typically ones that would obviously be needed to make the sentence complete. Seems to me that there was just something that needed to be changed to make those verses make sense in a different language - not a quoting of an unwritten text.

So anyway, I get the joke now. It's funny.
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hehe. sorry, I was being sarcastic and may not have indicated well enough.

KJV is okay, we still use it for Bible Quizzing. I am "used" to it, meaning I read the old English style well enough. But, I find it to be an unnecessary speed bump when reaching new people. That's just me.

But the KJV diehards make me smile. :)
So, back on topic: Anyone interested in leading a ToJ SWTOR Galactic Republic guild?
Can our guild leader come out and play?
J/k I know all about getting the sign off and what happens when you don't...
Well the wife wants to play on the republic side anyway, so it would be a go for a republic guild if there is interest enough.
I might be interested in leading a republic guild, would depend on if my wife lets me.
I understand completely.

If your wife gives the all-clear for your leading a Republic guild, please send me a PM and we can arrange a time to discuss the details.