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Hey guys!

I am looking for people interested in going for the Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 player) achievement. See link below...

This is the Hard mode Ulduar meta achievement that rewards a Rusted Proto-Drake. If you are interested please reply to this post!

Note: This would not be a 10 man Ulduar for gearing up alts or new 80s, or for people that are not already familiar with every fight in Ulduar. This is a full hard mode run.
I didnt realize Redeemed hadnt cleared 10 Ulduar. My bad. Still, there must be 10 people geared enough to back track into 10 Ulduar and learn some hard mode fights.
i know we have 10 people who can clear 10 man ulduar and possibly 10 man hard modes. its getting those people together
I'd be interested in doing this if we could get a geared enough group together... may wanna run through it on normal a few times first though...
I'm one achievement away from getting it myself (Doing YS with only 1 kepper up)...I can tell you from experience, there is nothing easy about some of the hard modes.
I have did every boss in 25 man except for Yogg. I am confident on doing hard mode with the right group. I am interested. It needs to be a night however that does not conflict with regular Redeemed raids. I would suggest maybe Saturday or Sunday evening.
Algalon is not a boss you simply do along the way. You have to do Iron Council and all the keepers on hard mode first as part of the keying quest. Thankfully, only one person has to collect all the pieces.
The hardest one is kiting Hogger (on the boat is crazy hard) and then mind controlling him to solo XT.
I think it would be prudent to list a set of general guidelines for people to be included in a run such as this.

1. Have the "Epic" gear achievement with possibly a few ilvl 226+ items thrown in on the character you plan to bring.
2. Have killed most or all bosses of 10 or 25 man Ulduar on the character you plan to bring.
3. Have read about or understand all hard mode fights in 10 man Ulduar.

(Please let me know if these guidelines should be adjusted)
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List so far:

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that list of general guidelines is good. however i would want most people to have a couple 232+ pieces as well along with little to none under 219. I'm down to do it on a day I am available...
I would be willing to try this also on Cassadine. Having some guidelines would help since you really can't take undergeared people for this.