Rusted Proto-Drake - Looking for more

Algalon is not a boss you simply do along the way. You have to do Iron Council and all the keepers on hard mode first as part of the keying quest. Thankfully, only one person has to collect all the pieces.
I wasn't implying that Algalon was easy or anything, just saying that if we're pushing the raid to do all these things then you might as well take it to the next step rather then being just short. He seems more challenging then most of ToC

And yes, I'll help if people are prepared.
I think it would be neat to clear Ulduar in regular mode and include anyone who wants to come that meets the minimum gear requirements for veteran (which was the minimum set up by the guild for Ulduar). Maybe try a few hard modes along the way on the easy bosses to make them a challenge as well if the group is up to it but to do it with not such an exclusive group and do it as a guild would be nice.
Yea, I'm leaning more towards Goblit's idea, I mean I've only gone as far as Freya (who I've killed only once)

I mean it seems maybe a bit illogical to me to attempt hard modes for bosses we haven't killed (or for some seen) in normal mode. I mean Aves has reached 9/10 of the proto drake but I'm sure (under my assumptions at least) that he got the achievements after first learning them on normal and after feeling comfortable with it going to hard modes. It just seems to make more sense to me to complete on regular first as a guild which we haven't done yet. But since we didn't finish it before ToC came out we kind of just let Ulduar just wallow there and mostly ignored it from progression.

Also yes, I like doing things as a guild too.

Also, have we updated the gear requirements in the raiding spreadsheet or are those still from Naxx 10/25?
I have been looking into throwing an ulduar 10 group together just for fun. sometimes when we have a really good 10 man night we are able to get into the first bit of ulduar. The whole point of this thread WAS to get a better geared group together to try the hard mode achievements in the first place and it goes without saying that it will be a more selective group that goes. I am all for putting a gearing group together for those who could really benefit from the raw experience and gear in ulduar. Keep in mind the reason this thread was started.
I get what Goblit is saying and I agree, that sounds like a good idea. I will be more than happy to help in any way I can on my Druid, who is definitely geared enough for 10 man Ulduar. Having said that, running a full hard mode Ulduar is a completely different mindset with a completely different goal. Its not about helping guildies get gear and experience Ulduar for the first time. Its about killing all the bosses on hard mode and getting the Rusted Proto-Drake. It is a very real fact that this cannot be done without a higher than average raiding experience level and gear level from every member of the raid. With this in mind, I think we can easily form 2 10 man Ulduar raids and achieve both goals.

edit: if I am way off on this someone please let me know
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ditto angry and morthrax. remember ulduar has been totally puggable for quite some time now. anyone can start a group. it is fine for morthrax to want to start a group for a specific goal. you can do both still, easy and hard mode ulduar groups.
I am already committed to a 10 man team with this goal. Once we complete it, I might become free to help Redeemed with it. The team leader mentioned that once we finish it (we are working on YS with 1 light up), we might go again to get the achievements earlier in the instance the new people to the team need. Then ULD 10 is done and we are moving to ToGC-10. At which time I really have no issue with helping any way I can with ULD-10 hard modes in Redeemed.
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