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Good day, my friends. My wife and I currently lack a game console (will be picking up another PS3 sometime down the road), but we would like to game together in similar fashion. You know, couch co-op/competitive. We've been playing Gauntlet and loving it, but I'm looking to expand our options.

Gamepad support is all but a must. Open to any genre, really. The less expensive the better. All recommendations appreciated. :D
Maybe Chariot?. I've not played, or really even looked at it, so do your research before purchase but it seemed like a great co-op game for couples or friends. I'm guessing it's a bit short so you probably want to wait for a Steam sale if you want bang for your buck.
Dungeon Siege 3

Adventures of Shuggy

Will type more when not holding baby.
She has a five-year-old Macbook, so one machine is the way it's gotta be most of the time. We can play Diablo, but that's about it.
Heroes of Might and magic is a turn based Strategy game that features Hotseat turns. Which means you take a turn and then you end it and it goes to the other players. If you have a local hotseat game a player can take their turn on the same machine. It is one of hte best games for multiplayer on the same machine I ahve seen in a long time.

you can get Heroes of Might and Magic 3: complete for 9.99 from I also think this is the best game in the series.

Man just talking about it makes me want to get it!
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Magicka? I've heard good things, but haven't played it beyond a quick glimpse. According to Steam, it supports Local Co-op and has Full Controller Support.
Trine is also one I've heard good things about, but again, haven't played it personally.

You might also consult the following list and see if anything strikes your fancy. Others may want to review the list and provide more specific recommendations.

The bottom of the list includes some games that could be played split-screen with a bit of "hacking" (not real hacking, just some custom configuration). Included in that list is the Borderlands franchise (which is lots of fun in coop), and Left 4 Dead. Whether you've got the hardware to run these, or the real-estate to create the split-screen configuration is up for you to decide :)