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This is a Japanese RPG series by Atlus. It is satanic and should be banned from the US...It IS coming out though. Your a devil boy thing and you have to go against God. Its is a very VERY satanic game and I thought I should warn you guys about this sinful game. If you are into RPGs, DO NOT BUY IT!

here is the offical website if you want it.

notice the pentagram....this is the OPPOSITE of Doom III. Doom - killing demons. This = killing God....*shudders to think about that*
Pff, if your're going to make a game featuring demons as the main characters at least make it all evil looking...

silly japanese
No game glorifies god, its a game.
What popular video game glorifies god?
When I play flight simulator it lets be try out something I'll never get to do in real life.
When I play CS as a t it doesn't make me want to go blow something up (well not always).
Its a game from a different perspective. It makes it more interesting.

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Quote[/b] ] "A deep and twisted post-apocalyptic RPG with stunning visuals and a mature story -- something quite unlike what we've seen before."
- GameSpy

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During the infancy of the new millenium, the apocalypse known as the Conception decimates and conquers the world. Patches of the modern civilization begin to emerge from the chaos and attempt to find a way in surviving the aftermath.

Enter Tokyo, Japan, where a high school student goes to a hospital in Shinjuku with his classmates to visit his teacher. All of a sudden, the earth shakes and bright light engulfs everything. As the boy wakes up, he finds himself surrounded by strange creatures – demons – and realizes that he himself has turned into one.

With a newfound identity, the boy sets forth on a journey where he must battle against demonic forces for the purpose of bringing order to the chaos. Now, the world awaits on this boy knowing that its fate rests entirely on his shoulders...

Where does he go against god or am I reading the wrong game?

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Quote[/b] ]What does Shin Megami Tensei mean?

Shin Megami Tensei (pronounced "shin MEH-gah-mee TEN-say") is a Japanese phrase that translates as "True Goddess Metempsychosis." An unusual piece of philosophical jargon, "metempsychosis" refers specifically to the unending process of birth, death, and rebirth that is of central importance to the Buddhist religious tradition. Even deities are slaves to the cycle of metempsychosis in Buddhist thought, and this belief features prominently in the plotlines of the various Shin Megami Tensei games. Who exactly the titular "goddess" is supposed to be is usually left up to the player. Each SMT game features a female character that the title could be referring to, or it could be taken as a reference to radical transformations that Japan itself experiences during the course of a game.
Thats because you dont know about the whole series, You have become a demon and work with satan to go against God in the game. The whole series, EVERY. SINGLE. Shin Megami Tensei game is like that. YTou have to destroy God!
Remember its a game, it puts u in a position that u wouldn't deal with in real life.
But if your uncomfortable with the game don't play it. But I see it as acting, your play a character.
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Quote[/b] (FIR3 @ Sep. 23 2004,2:43)]Thats because you dont know about the whole series, You have become a demon and work with satan to go against God in the game. The whole series, EVERY. SINGLE. Shin Megami Tensei game is like that. YTou have to destroy God!
Have you played it? Every, single?
waste of money, time and mind power. I say burn it.

From website this is the storyline ofr the firrst one

In Tokyo, Japan, a high school student on his way to visit his teacher at the hospital meets a reporter who tells him a bizarre story about a recent clash in a local park, which the man believes is tied to the occult.

After the strange run-in, the boy arrives at the hospital in Shinjuku only to discover that the hospital is empty and his teacher is nowhere to be found. After wandering around the deserted building, the boy encounters a mysterious man in the basement. Shortly after, from the rooftop, he witnesses a catastrophic event--the Conception. The earth shakes and a bright light engulfs everything on the horizon. When the boy awakens, he finds his appearance drastically altered. As he wanders the hospital halls, he comes to realize that he has been turned into a demon.

In the aftermath of the destruction, the boy sets forth on a journey where he must battle against demonic forces to bring order to the chaos. The world awaits its rebirth, but will it ever be the same again?
hers what he makers have to say about it.
"RPGs have finally grown up with the release of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne," said Gail Salamanca, Atlus’ Marketing Manager. "We’ve taken great care to keep the localization as true to the creators’ original vision with its dark and often controversial themes, as doing anything else would be a disservice to the gaming public. The developer’s have crafted a game that raises the bar on mature storytelling and have combined it with a deep combat system and an overwhelming amount of character customization options never before seen in any RPG. SMT: Nocturne is definitely not for people with delicate sensibilities, but for those brave enough to play it, you’ll be in for a gaming experience unlike any other."

Heres what I have to say about it, Lack of control and Morality is not maturity is stupidity! Everyone agree?
That's a huge misconception, in the old 'MegaTen' (as they're called overseas) games, you did not kill God. Yes you played as a demon, but never do you kill God. He was never in a boss fight, it was never a sequence that happened at the end of the game or after some event. They were dungeon crawlers, almost text-based adventures if you'd call it that. I'm sorry to point out the flaw in your rant.
But the storyline does have your char in opposition to God. Even though you do not directly enter a battlefield with him.... How could you though? Nothing could fight God....

Your signature seems correct sadly, but I have to disagree as Satan and his minions Hate God, Hate humans and Hate the other Angels.... but if you dont belive in any of that...
yes I'm aware of the opposition, but saying that it's about killing God is throwing it way out of proportion is it not? Yes they're both very bad, but that's like a village man running to the village saying that there's a huge crack in the dam, only to find out there's a small leak that can easily be fixed. Now to counter act my own point, yes it was small but it could have gotten bigger if not attended to. Either way, proposing against a game isn't going to do anything, it's going to be played, people shouldn't waste their time by stretching the truth to make it sound worse than it is. They should take the action themselves and just not play it if they dont feel it's right for them. If they've got a friend who's considering getting or playing, yes, warn them what's in it but let them make their own choices, that's one of the reason's we're here is it not?

and yes my signature is partialy true. and I'm using it knowing that there are plenty of counter-examples to it and yes, I do believe in all of that.
The reason I fight so stronly against games, and as time goes on my oppositions grow broader... The reason is if people do not buy games including these things as options or not, If we do not buy them and buy games like, Halo and star wars, games that are lower on the gorey end and have no sex or cursing at all, If we buy games like that and simply refuse to buy games like Sims 2, Singles and Postal. THey will stop making them. The reason sims 2 is mainly about sex now is because EA had some poles and sex sex sex was the most voted on! Now, if poeple would have voted on more interative careeers or something there would be no sex in Sims 2 like in sims 1. And whoever made singles saw that Sims is being anticipated mainly for it sexual options, the makers of singles have decided to expand on the sexual parts of the game making it the Main focus and adding all kinds of options like adultry and orgies.... And if you think them games are OK to play... then its your choice, but If like me you think they are sick then dont buy them at all.
Sry Byblos but I don't think it will ever happen. There are more people who like the sex and cursing in games than guys that don't. I'm one of them it makes games more real. In real life people have sex and sometimes curse.
. Like I said the doom review, its just a game, its not real.
If u don't want to play it thats fine, but some people like those games.

Offtopic: I'm going blind trying to read your posts, whats with the text color.
Fir3, several times you said this game is about battling against God, destroying God, etc.

I looked at the website and didn't see anything of the sort.

Can you throw some links our way to back this up?

You weren't bearing false witness against thy neighbors now were you?