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Quote[/b] (ByblosHex @ Sep. 26 2004,10:16)]waste of money, time and mind power. I say burn it.
The next time you say stuff like that remember where you live. Remember a little something called "free speech". Remember a little something called "freedom of religion". Remember those who came before you and gave their lives so that you can sit in your comfortable chair and complain about such things.

Burn it. HA.
Burn it, thats whats goig to happen to it anyway... along with everything else on this Earth. Burn.

George washington and the guys didnt fight for this sick crap. Last I heard George was a Beliver and so was Abe...
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Quote[/b] ]Burn it, thats whats goig to happen to it anyway... along with everything else on this Earth. Burn.

Once again, I must ask, if you detest this world so much, why do you tolerate living in it? By the way, statements like this lower your perceived status from zealot to lunatic.

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Quote[/b] ]George washington and the guys didnt fight for this sick crap. Last I heard George was a Beliver and so was Abe...

Quote from the Rev. Dr. Wilson:

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Quote[/b] ]"When the war was over and the victory over our enemies won, and the blessings and happiness of liberty and peace were secured, the Constitution was framed and God was neglected. He was not merely forgotten. He was absolutely voted out of the Constitution. The proceedings, as published by Thompson, the secretary, and the history of the day, show that the question was gravely debated whether God should be in the Constitution or not, and, after a solemn debate he was deliberately voted out of it. ... There is not only in the theory of our government no recognition of God's laws and sovereignty, but its practical operation, its administration, has been conformable to its theory. Those who have been called to administer the government have not been men making any public profession of Christianity. ... Washington was a man of valor and wisdom. He was esteemed by the whole world as a great and good man; [/b]but he was not a professing Christian."

From Thomas Jefferson, 1800:

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Quote[/b] ]"Dr. Rush told me (he had it from Asa Green) that when the clergy addressed General Washington, on his departure from the government, it was observed in their consultation that he had never, on any occasion, said a word to the public which showed a belief in the Christian religion, and they thought they should so pen their address as to force him at length to disclose publicly whether he was a Christian or not. However, he observed, the old fox was too cunning for them. He answered every article of their address particularly, except that, which he passed over without notice" (Jefferson's Works, Vol. iv., p. 572).

Mrs. Sarah Lincoln:

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Quote[/b] ]"His step-mother -- herself a Christian, and longing for the least sign of faith in him -- could remember no circumstance that supported her hope. On the contrary, she recollected very well that he never went off into a corner, as has been said, to ponder the sacred writings, and to wet the page with his tears of penitence" (Life of Lincoln, pp. 486, 487).

Hon. E.G. Ross, ed.

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Quote[/b] ]"In regard to Abraham Lincoln being an Infidel, the evidence adduced was overwhelming, and was confirmed by a gentleman present, Mr. Lynan, who had known him intimately for thirty years. Mr. Lynan declared that none but personal acquaintance could enable one to realize the nobility and purity of Lincoln's character, but that he was beyond doubt or question a thorough disbeliever in the Christian scheme of salvation to the end of his life" (Lawrence Standard, Sept. 4, 1880).

Sorry Byblos, you may want to look at your founding fathers again.
Sure you will, just look down.


By the way, you might be interested in Article IX of the Treaty of Tripoli signed by John Adams in 1797, under the Presidency of George Washington:

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Quote[/b] ]"As the Government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquillity, of Musselmen; and as the said States never have entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mehomitan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries."

The founding fathers didn't set up a nation based on religion but DIVORCED from religion.
Fir3, several times you said this game is about battling against God, destroying God, etc.

I looked at the website and didn't see anything of the sort.

Can you throw some links our way to back this up?

You weren't bearing false witness against thy neighbors now were you?
I can! :)
Fighting YWVH. An obvious play on Yahweh. Do your own research from there. It's unfortunate, but that's the way these games are. I know its been nearly 20 years since this reply, but I couldn't leave things unsaid.