So uh, Naxx 10 anyone?

I have just hit 80 (woots) and am trying to get'll be a while before I can come as prot (prot/holy atm), but I have a decent ret set, and a decent healing set...and I'd be willing to pay respec costs to go as holy/ret. =) If you guys need a sub, let me know.
Odd Jobs finished their first run this weekend. We cleared three wings and up to Gluth in the fourth. Pretty good for a first run, I think. Next week: KT!
My Ret DPS is up to 2k and by sat my prot gear should be much better too (gettng the argent tourney def axe. Should i go for the axe for my prot set or should I go for the sword which is a bit better than my collosal skull cleaver thing from HOL?
Adam is picking Kate and Niko up from BBR tonite at 9:30 so he won't be around for the run.

I will be there Friday night but not Saturday. See you then!

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Heads up: I need to help my wife with some yard work this evening...I'll try to be finished in time for the raid, but I might be somewhat late. If I'm not on by 8:45, someone start pulling the group together.
(Argh, I had a nice post typed out and accidentally navigated away....lets try again.)

I just want to open up a discussion about where Odd Jobs should be focusing our effort. With the changes that have come in patch 3.2, high level badge gear is quite easy to get. In the six hours we spend in Naxx each week currently, we get roughly 16 emblems of Conquest, as well as a bunch of i200 epics (and a lot of shards). In that same amount of time running heroics (and I'm sure a lot of us spend more time than that in heroics each week), a player could get 20-30 Emblems of Conquest as well as i200 and i213 epics.

The group has cleared Naxx a couple of times now, and altho Sapph and KT are still a challenge, we have overcome them each time. I have always intended this group to push forward to harder 10-mans as we are ready for them. I don't want to be a group that just farms Naxx 10 forever. I always want to be hitting the next challenge if possible, but I understand that has to be balanced with farming the current dungeon to gear for the next one.

- If Odd Jobs members feel that we as a group need more practice on a "basic" raid dungeon, we can keep doing Naxx 10 a few more times.
- If Odd Jobs members feel that we as a group need to gear up, heroics are a much faster and better route for doing that currently. Let's move on and work on Malygos or Ulduar.

What do you guys think? Please post any input that you might have.
I should also mention that if you haven't checked it out yet, the new 5 man is short and pretty easy. Normal mode can be run any number of times a day, drops i200 epics but no emblems. Heroic can be run once a day, drops very nice i213 epics and i219 weapons and Emblems of Conquest.
Personally, I'd be happy to go on to stuff I haven't seen..Naxx is getting pretty boring here, but I'm equally happy to be spending time with all of you doing whatever :)
Alan, we should keep in mind that we are getting tons of shards b/c the right items are not dropping. We keep getting melee leather and nobody to wear it.

I'm speaking only for myself here, but this may apply to other chars as well, but let's take a look at the color of the gear that people are wearing before we go on. Chimon is still in many blues and there may be others like him b/c the right items aren't dropping. Personally if I were in any of the 3 roles (tanking, healing, or dps) and we were moving onto Ulduar 10, and I knew that some of our team's gear was below standard, it would not instill me with a lot of confidence.

I think we should stay in Naxx 10 until no player has more than 1 blue still on their char. Then Uld 10 will not only be new, but successful.

Eric, I agree with you about not starting in on Ulduar 10 until people are geared properly. While less emblems drop in Naxx (than Heroics), we do get a lot of i200 and some i213 items as well, more than we would from just doing heroics.

I'd also just like to plug Heroic Trial of the Champion again. It's pretty easy (when it's not a lagfest like it was last night), and drops very excellent gear. Jeke has some shoulders from there that I'm probably not going to replace for a long long time.

I'm certainly ok with doing Naxx again this week. Another thought I had was running 2 Heroics groups and hitting 3-5 heroics each on Friday and Saturday nights. This would get each person 25-40 badges as well as a chance at some epic drops.

Lets see what people's gear is like:
- Jeke: 2 blues + 2 blue trinkets.
- Keymasher: all epics.
- Beaten: 1 blue + 1 blue trinket
- Dragost: 1 blue + 1 blue trinket
- Allanon: 3 blues + 1 blue and 1 GREEN trinket
- Dranoe: ALL LEGENDARY, errr, 2 blues + 1 blue and 1 GREEN trinket
- Massada: 1 blue and 1 GREEN
- Chimon: 4 blues.

The rest are people who are less regular:
- Lyea: 7 blues and 1 green + 1 blue and 1 green trinket
- Valkridie: 2 blue trinkets

Most people could use an epic here or there. Lyea, Chimon, and Allanon need a couple drops or more (Meaghan just needs to actually come ;)). Based on these numbers, I'm fine with running Naxx again, and seeing how we look next week. However, it would be good if we could run heroics as well when we have time - Emblem gear is a much faster way of filling in those missing slots, as you can choose what you want.

What do you guys think?
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I would agree with your assessment of Allanon, poor guy hasn't seen a drop in some time. He could definitely use some love BUT I am open to reg and h-toc with him to get him equipped. Bass (our other possible tank for Naxx) got two sweet pieces (black heart is one of them) from toc yesterday.