So uh, Naxx 10 anyone?

The other thing I have to think about is that learning Ulduar 10 is a lot easier with 3 healers, or so I hear. I may switch to bringing Spec (there are some upgrades for him there), or strong-arm one of the dps into healing. :eek:
Tomorrow either Adam or I need to pick up Kate and Niko from BBR this Friday so one of the two healer spots may be temporarily open (Jared may be able to play until whichever of us gets back)...just a heads up.
I would agree with your assessment of Allanon, poor guy hasn't seen a drop in some time. He could definitely use some love BUT I am open to reg and h-toc with him to get him equipped. Bass (our other possible tank for Naxx) got two sweet pieces (black heart is one of them) from toc yesterday.

Shh... you weren't supposed to let Eric know about The Black Heart.

And my hunter isn't carrying you through there anymore! ;)
So, I've been thinking about bringing Spec to our raids instead of Jeke. The reason for this is simply efficiency. Supporting two active raiding characters is a lot of work and time - between farming for Emblems, Flasks, repairs, etc, I'm finding it hard to keep up without gaming more, which I don't really want to do. I do enjoy playing Jeke as well, but I think in the interests of Family-Play-Work balance I should stick to one character.

Now, since I don't want to bump off our current healers (unless they'd really rather play a different toon), I can come as Elemental and try learn to dps that way. I'm willing to fill either role, and can also fill the third healer spot for Ulduar.
Up to you, Wend - Spec is certainly a very well geared healer, and I love to heal, but I know that you have been gearing for healing, and wouldn't want to make you have to regear.
Well, I'll check with you two tonight and see what you guys want to do. If it were up to me, I would probably have Anita go elemental, that way we don't have two resto shamans (not that there's a real problem with that, but it is good to have different styles of healer).
who said anything about regearing ;) I'm a noob who would prolly run thru hoping to hit the appropriate dps level. (lest I scare you too much I do have 4 pieces in my "dps" set but they aren't enchanted or socketed yet)
If anyone needs to gear up for dps it shouldn't be a prob since most of us are geared anyways. And TOC gives a fast lane to gearing up. I would say bringing spec is a good idead if thats you're main raiding toon. While we don't want two shammy's healing, having reliable back up healing is a huge plus. So even if spec needs to gear up his offspec it would be good. Our groups overall dps is good enough to take a bit of a dip while someone gears their offspec . . . unless we are going to uldar tonight. . .. Tho I think one more nax run wouldn't hurt either
What we need to consider before hitting uldar is whether we have the right mix for it. The few times I was in it as a horde, there was lots of things to DPS, Dispell, decurse, and interrupt and we certainly want a group that can do all that. In NAx we are geared enough and at a level where we can fudge things and get away with it. With Uldar, i'm thinking we have less wiggle room in that sense. But, I haven't been there a lot so I really have no idea if our group has the right makeup or not.
So, where do we stand for this week? Do we need more Naxx? I've had 2-3 people in the run mention to me that we need to move onto something else; people are getting bored.

What do you guys think? Let me know.
I am going both ways on this. Selfishly I am over geared and bored with Naxx 10. Unselfishly there are people that still need gear from this run as far as I can tell. I think we need to know what people are looking like as far as gear to know if we are ready as a group to move on to something harder. I know Eric said he needed a lot more cloth drops before he can move on to Uld. If it’s just a couple DPS that need upgrades we can probably carry them in ULD 10. The most important things is having well geared Heals and Tanks, which we do now. So like I said…..I am going both ways.
Let me be straightforward here: Running Naxx a bunch to get epics for certain slots is not a good way to go about it. We may run Naxx 3 more times and not get the drops that people need. It would be far better to help those folks grind out some Heroics a few evenings for Emblems of Conquest.

The question we need to ask is: As a group, are we ready for Ulduar?
Well the short version is if we are ungeared for Uld, you will not have bored people but dead people and that is a greater demotivator then boredom. I would suggest if you change instances, we need a gear check. As I have said before, I am fine with dropping Allanon for your healer and I will bring either Esua or Zenoir, both more then capable of 10 man Uld. Are there others who would want or need to switch toons due to gear? I won't speak on behalf of Anita but can her shammy heal Uld or would she feel she needs to bring Wend to heal the difference? No idea but good time to ask the questions.
I levelled Dranoe and geared her so that I could spend time on your run because of the time slot. I felt like I (Anita) could commit to the run because all of the young'uns that require active supervision are asleep by then and weekends are good raiding days for us. Wend is who I prefer to play, however playing Wend in Naxx is quite boring as I feel like I could solo heal it except for the hardest of the pulls and the bosses. With two well geared healers I often find my focus wandering or I start dps'ing (which also makes my focus wander). If you took your time slot/leadership and moved it beyond what Dranoe is capable of I would bring Wend instead as I'm in the same situation as you..not really enough time to put towards providing gold for the gems, enchants, flasks, consumables etc. for more than one really solid toon.

What I'm really trying to say is..I don't care what toon I bring in..I'm committed to the time slot and running with guildies rather than which dungeon we're conquering or which toons I'm running with.

Edit: That's also why I level healers. I prefer healing and figure I can switch out characters based on what type of healing is needed rather than switch up the whole make-up of the raid by making a RL find a new healer because I'm bringing dps. I also find this helps with the lock-outs as sometimes if Wend is locked out, I can bring a different healer instead but don't have to relearn the fights from a different perspective.
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Since my last posting, Chimon has been somewhat fortunate and, with the exception of both rings and the feet slot, he is all purple.

I will do some re-research on proper Fire rotation of spells and if you want to try Uld 10 with him, I'd be up for it I suppose.

proper fire roatation is scroch, ffb, pyro when it insta repeat u spam ffb alot and yeah u crit they die move on. I do have a 0/53/18 build which is what is best for raiding fire. Feel free eric to ask me questions about fire mages if uactually have some. when on bosses make sur e u have mirror images ands icy viens for heroism, so u got to know when they going to use it. on a fight like razor they are up everytime he is on ground, xt i wait til the 1st heart phase sinc ethats usually when hero is used.

ON a side note if u guys need dps or tank and I am able to come rhys or haveo can be brought for uld.
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