So what's everyone playing these days?

We halfway through April and....
E'ry time! :D

Been getting back into Magic, so I just reinstalled MTGO to test deck ideas between Thursday nights when playing with friends.
...whether or not I actually have/make time to play is another matter, of course. Still, I'm excited. Hit me up if you play: KendrikTheRed
I want to be playing console and PC games, but life as a full-time employee and father to two wonderful girls doesn't leave much time to play games on a TV (other than Rayman Legends for the Wii U, which I've been playing with my older daughter). I still want to return to playing Just Cause 3 and Transistor on PC and Splatoon on the Wii U.

And some day, I dream of returning to playing Guild Wars 2 with @Ember. But that day seems so very far away. :/
So I dont buy games that often, mainly because I cant justify spending the money but sometimes my wife lets me treat myself.

On Steam right now is the star wars sales. I just got Star Wars: Dark Forces, Dark Forces 2, Mysteries of the Sith, Jedi Academy, and Jedi Outcast all for 5 bucks.

OH MAN! Star Wars nostalgia hyper mode engaged!
So I dont buy games that often, mainly because I cant justify spending the money but sometimes my wife lets me treat myself.
Occasionally, my wife will get to feeling like I apply my frugality only to myself and insists that I treat myself. I sympathize. haha

Nice Steam Star Wars gets!
Okies, so far all I've been playing is Minecraft.
At present I have a specific schedule to be able to maintain some form of positive relationship with several forums regarding MC as well as their servers themselves, my ministry, reality, etc. Oh yeah, and my personal free-time. (Usually about .43% of my time. If I get 2% I'm peachy!)
Right now, in the eyes of the ToJ community and it's surrounding environment, I am partaking in a Minecraft Chain World. What this means is I am part of a selected few who are undergoing a specific world in Minecraft designed for the Chain World. We each take turns in this world both surviving as well as utilize teamwork to conquer the world. I happen to have the "Home Run" position in the present chain. This means I am the fourth link, or player, to the world. My predecessors set things up nicely for a home run, but I'm already 3 and a half hearts down and still 4th inning (turn).
Oh, did I mention that when you die the world moves on to the next link (player) in the chain? I'm hoping I hit a home run and clean off the bases for the next four runs before I am tagged OUT!
BTW, did I mention I don't like baseball? Good I'm glad I didn't because that would be a lie.
Well, I am currently a bi-vocational pastor and part time employee at Lowes in Kentucky with my wife and now four kiddos. We had our fourth son a week and a half ago. Anyways, I am just hopping on to say hello, and that I was able to snag a PS4 after years of being Nintendo only...kinda got burned on the last console. Anyways, enjoying playing some Battleborn, even my older son is playing it with me and we are having a blast. I am very sporadic in my play though, due to my schedule being so full. :)
Steam had a sale on two games that my grandkids got me interested in. My granddaughter loves Plague Inc Evolved so bought it and start it. My grandson like Kerbal Space Program and sale price got me going on that. Very complex game, but will learn it sooner or later. And yup, the biggest share of my time is still on GW2.
I stopped playing the Division for now due to bugs and boredom. At first it helped keep my mind off the pain from my foot surgery in April. No longer the case. So the only game I'm playing right now is Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes on my tablet. Nothing else interests me and it's the most comfortable to play :)
Winter is coming and I will be playing an occasional game here and there. What games are people in to right now?
GW2, can't seem to get beyond tutorial in Kerbal, or finding Zombie plague in tutorial in Plague Inc.
Been playing GW2 with a friend in the {Salt} guild. I enjoy that game alot. I have also been building a castle in minecraft on the TOJ server. but no one seems to be on that anymore... /sadface.
Still Rockin Team Fortress 2! :D:cool::p

Every Tuesday Night 9:30 PM EST/8:30 PM Central on the Toj. Server
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I still play Guild Wars 2 with Chariot of Fire, a Christ-centered guild on the Northern Shiverpeaks server. I do a lot of WvW, but we're a PvX guild with a variety of activities scheduled almost every night.