Stress Beta Guild Wars 2, Heart of Thorns expansion.


Officer SOE/LoE/Where's "here"?
Ok think I am over my frustration from the CGA forum throwing away my last try. No NDA so here we go. Will skip a lot of technical that can be found elsewhere, like on GW2:Heart of Thorns forum. Mostly how does one permanoob see it and feel after the stress beta.
First some comments on the new class, Revenant. We were given a full grown 80 with exotics so had full access to all skills both bars. Although we had access to both demon, and Great Dwarf skills from the mists, by personal favorite were the Great Dwarf. Fun to play and very showy, whether you were creating instant stone roads that damaged foes and gave stability to friends, or set hammers whirling about yourself it was all great fun and lots of fire power. Just watch the new power bar, like an extra life bar the Necro has, only tuned to the mists. Once it is down, your chain attached to a Monster to control and taunt it, or your whirling hammers, or whatever go poof, and you have to wait for the bar to recharge. It recharges fast so no worries, you just have to plan your usage around it. Very powerful hammer weapon skills on the left. I was able to one shot a few level 82 Mordrem opponents a few times. I swapped to Mace and Axe for a shot at the Wyvern though, and almost got my head handed to me. There is a thread I started about this on the Heart of Thorns forum where several people commented that Mace/Axe was favorite for Wyvern, so it depends on individual.
While we are on Wyverns let's talk about this new enemy, a flying flamethrower. The smallest group I saw take down a wyvern was about 8-10, although that is pushing it. Wyverns are tough, very tough, and the fire they spew does not go away in a hurry. Definitely a dodge and whack procedure, and lookout for the wings they will throw you about a lot. Yes a larger zerg is a lot of fun and has little problem except for the body count, a smaller more coordinated group will be more fun, and a greater feeling of accomplishment.
Ah yes where the wyvern was, they parked her on a small platform wayyyyyyyyy up in the air, which gets us into hang gliding. Hang gliding will be more effective with more skill points in it, they didn't give us many. So leaping from one high platform, using chopper updrafts and getting to the wyvern platform required a certain learning curve, some really had some long hideous falls while trying to master that learning curve. The wings do not stay deployed constantly, it depends on how many points you have in it. Pick your landing spot accordingly. If you have problems with jumping puzzles, and vistas like I do, it will be much tougher to learn. If you have vertigo problems it compounds the issues. It does have potential for opening a whole new world in Heart of Thorns though.
No I did not play Revenant only, I rerolled into one of my favorites that I well knew just to see how the content would feel on the tried and true. A Ranger did quit well in the content, even the big nasties were doable. The wyvern obviously took some thought to approach, the long bow being my weapon of choice, which is normal for me. Once I retraited from their setup I had little problem, just the usual chaotic busyness. No I would not want to solo all of the new expansion material, but that is what Anet is shooting for, grouping together to do the content.
Will it be worth those hard earned, long saved shekels? What a silly question, of course it will.
Long delayed response, but thanks for the sharing of your experience. I'm getting kinda excited about Revenant. Seems neat.
Thanks for sharing that, Ursen. I haven't been on the forums much. Great write up and it makes me excited for Revenant. I've got a level 20 insta boost and enough tomes saved up that he'll be level 80 soon after creation. Stability will be nice for WvW since the guardian's was nerfed.