Tek's Writing Challenge: cc.slim

A triplet challenge entry, theme for your town

Writing in Braille

He wanted to fight
He gave a black eye
Hands clenched, and no blow

She wanted a high
She begged for a dime
Hands eager, and no dough

He wanted to eat
He laid at shoed feet
Hands gesture, and too slow

She wanted to cry
She stood by the side
Hands quiver, and no hug

He wanted to kill
He achieved his thrill
Hands folded, and already gone

Is it me to perceive
A small hand in peace
Hands out, and held in love
Is in a world meant to be
Where only fools can see

Hehehe silly me
This must be your city
I’m writing in Braille

Ever felt dead inside and lost to tomorrow? I did, but not in faith. So seeking a spark of direction I started talking with a sister and the wisdom and scriptures she shared went high above my head to float where I couldn’t grasp them, and that night I had a dream and this is what I seen.

Turbulence stirred above me as if a storm was gathering its strength to release its fury upon me as I huddle beside a fire for warmth that was slowly fading to ashen embers, when from the darkness she appears beside me. Her hair was of finest gold and of such brilliance it hid her facial features and without a word she grasps my hand and began leading me down a narrow path. Inside I knew she was sent for me but I was confused yet curious. As we walk I could hear rain whispering in the over hanging trees but not a drop hits the ground. I could hear only my footsteps crunching the skeletons of dead things when I noticed she had no feet. Still confused by what I was seeing and hearing I look up and see flowers in brilliant colors as birds flit back and forth and I ask what has this to do with me? Then in unity with a rumble of thunder she hands me a gold key scribed with the word hunger. I stop cold still grasping her hand slowly turning the key intrigued with its meaning I ask why she gave it to me when I wasn’t hungry I was cold, then without a word she points up and from beneath a blanket of white a rose lowers its arm and within its beautiful petals I see my sisters face. I hear the mourning of a dove in the voice of my mother. Hurt upon the flash of memory I grip her hand tighter and ask her why and suddenly flowers of all kinds began showing people of the past. Those that were nice and those that were mean, hovering in front of me, even the bully whom held me down making it hard for me to breathe. I began to cry, still ever tightly clutching her hand and the key when she pulls down four leaves scribed in gold lettering and hands them to me. Holding them beside the key I read the words of Jeremiah twenty nine verses eleven through fourteen. “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me. I will be found by you,” says the Lord. “I will end your captivity and restore your fortunes. I will gather you out of the nations where I sent you and will bring you home again to your own land.” Trembling as gentle drops of rain began wetting my head and feet she lets go of my hand and began drifting away. I cry please don’t leave me, I don’t understand and reassuringly she replies “You will and I never have.”

I woke suddenly with my night shirt soaking wet and made haste to the bathroom and as I gaze into the mirror I ask the image why the dream, then at that moment it dawns on me, a seed emerges hungry through the earth to reach the sun so must the seed in me. Through the earth of me is the seed, hungry to reach above and that’s when I felt the warmth of love
Now you see why I share if not only to see the angel walking beside me, but would rather you see it’s more than a dream rising when we look down from the path of passing understanding.
End of 2010 begins 2011 TENS are IN

Click of a bolt, jack of a magazine, that’s when I knew they had it in for me. I stood up quickly wondering what’s going on, then flick of a switch and three flashlights came on.
Now I knew I had no place to go so I let my mouth go to get flipped in the nose interrupting my “I want to know” with the center one saying “Five oh funny boy, and that’s all you’ll need to know! Sit him down Dano!”
“Whoa hoe hoe like this can’t be so You‘re an old TV show? What next you know? The three amigo‘s?” I smart off as a hand eases me down.

Blocking my TV view he says “Don’t be playing a fool slim. You know why we‘re here, so wipe off that smile and relax in that easy chair.”
Remotely I set record so not to miss my show and let him know, “Jack, I’m all in. Information’s lagging, tail’s a dragging seems things haven’t caught up with me.” So I think you should know I have a dog you know and if you wake him you’ll have to go. You know?“ pushing cc to silence things.
“Not to worry slim I’m holding all the cards here and have the ace right in here” He says with a sneer high lighting his pocket full of treats, “And I‘m standing buddy boy, and you‘re there, taking a seat!” slapping the remote from my hand and saying “Tag him Dano!”

“It’s a go.” Dano replies letting go of my shoulder and asking. “A home movie?” . Unable to see the TV I smartly reply “Duh it’s an old movie” dragging out the last word as my eyes drifted up to his smile and as our eyes met, he gives a wink and I pass out cold!

“How did we do Dano? Is he out?” asks a solitary shadow of man silhouetted by a TV‘s light.
“He’s out cold Jack but I’m not sure of what I’m seeing. It seems our only connection to him is a phone number on the TV. It says call 255 636 7446 and say tens are in to complete connection.“ informs Dano.
“Let’s just see if his firewall can keep a story from me.“ Jack says stepping beside the TV and opening a cell phone repeating 255 636 7446 as he dials. He lifts it to his ear and says “If this is what I takes to get in then you can bet I’m calling him.”

[“This is slim, ten‘s are in, man I‘m glad you called.”]
Covering the phone Jack exclaims “Hey guys, this dude on the phone says he‘s slim!”
Dano rubs the top of the unconscious man’s head and says “That means your almost in.”.
“But I thought he was slim?” the third man questions.
Jack waves his finger at the two and says “See if you can wipe off his smile, it‘s creeping me” then clicks his light off and adds “He’s out cold and we have his twin and all I know to do is have some fun with him.“ lifting the phone to his ear.
“There’s something in his smile and I‘m not messing with it. You do it Louie! ” one of the men humorously replies nudging the other that counters “No not me Dano, I’m watching his home movie.”

“Tens are in?”
“What do I have to do now Dano?” Jack asks covering the phone.
“”I don’t know Jack. Start talking and see if he talks back.” came the answer as a matter of fact.
“What’s a ten slim?” The Jack asks illuminating the unconscious mans face then off, chuckles and says “ I have extra time, so start at the beginning and tell me what‘s a ten, and what they’re in?” stepping in front of the TV.
“Hey Jack move out of the way the movie’s starting and we can’t see the TV” Louie complains and Dano adds, “He don’t know Jack.” “That’s a fact.” came a confirming comment as Jack moves.

[Funny how it started when I cut cards to walk Buzz the bulldog and I drew a ten of hearts]

“So drawing a ten is in or is it walking the dog slim?”

Louie asks “Where’s the remote to remove the close captioning, I forgot my glasses and can’t read the screen.” Dano replies “I don’t know. Jack smacked it.” shining his light around the floor.

[and I was beat by the queen of hearts. So I decide the nature park was the place run him through so I wouldn‘t have to pick up his poo.]

“Ew, nobody likes picking up poo.”

[So I buckle Buzz in the car and proceed silently towards the park.]

“That dog buckled in just like people.” Louie points out and Dano adds “Yeah. Look he even slobbers up side windows like you Lou.”

[Dead quiet, windows up, air-conditioner rolling, and without warning]

“Warning? Warning for what slim?” Jack asks.

[my eyes water and I gasp for air because of the dogs silent and deadly gas. I roll down both windows and turn on to the toll way]

“Did you just see that dog turn back and smile at him?” Louie asks.
“Yeah and get a load of this guys facial expressions. Looks like he’s about to spew. Hilarious!” Dano answers.

[and in to a long line cars at the toll booth.]

“That stinks but can you get on with this?” Jack states.

[Unintentionally I turn on the radio at full volume and “Highway to Hell” blares out and unfortunately from the smell I corrected it to late for Buzz.]

“Did you see that dog jump? Louie asks and Dano confirms adding “Yeah and look at the horror on both their faces. This is priceless.”.

“That would’ve scared the poo out of me too!” Jack says clicking his light on to the smiling face of the unconscious man then back off.

[Intentionally leaning out the window of the car I pay a toll booth collector and drive unhindered to the park.]

Louie inquires “What I want to know is, who is running the camera?”
“Good question.” Dano answers.

“This is boring slim and has nothing to do with a ten or what ever their in.”

[The dog tumbles out the door from self inflicted gas exhaustion and I use the advantage to clip his leash. Upon his recovery I become a human pinball being bounced from trees, bushes, bicycle rack, then off to the races down the main trail]

“Now I know somebody is running the camera? Look, now they’re going fast forward.” Louie adds and ignoring the comment Dano laughs “This is so funny.”

“I’m not impressed and I’m about to pull the plug on this mess” says Jack.

[Fast walking, no sniffing means no Buzz bomb. Hope lied on a new narrow trail]

“See, now the camera is slowing down” Louie says.

“Buzz bomb?” asks Jack.

[to release his number two.]

“So we go from drawing a card, a toll road, and now dog poo? Come on slim this won‘t do.”

[Finally we come to rest in immaculately groomed grounds under an apple tree next to a basket of apples.]

“So how does an apple tree in the park prove anything?”

[I take an apple and leave my last dollar.]

“Wouldn’t be forbidden if you paid for it huh slim?”

“That basket of apples makes me hungry” Louie says and Dano replies “ You‘re always hungry Louie.”

[I bit into the apple and saw a flash of light]

“Oh ho! So we have a card, toll way, dog poo, poisoned apples, and flashing lights. What next slim? UFO‘s?.” Jack says ignoring the two men’s comments and their interest in the TV show,

“I’m curious what that flash was.” Louie inquires and Dano confirms “What ever it was it got his dog’s attention. Look at them two go!”.

[that pulls me to a clearing where four men, two sitting and two standing gathered opposites at a picnic table.]

“Say, that fellow sitting down I swear would look just like Santa Clause if he had on a red suit! And check out his side kick.” Louie comments as Dano adds “A barefoot long hair guy in a black with white polka dots shirt and tie-dyed pajama bottoms. An awesome combo!”

“Adding four men don’t make a ten slim.” Jack replies.

[Behind the man in black a flashy red suit guy in front of a boom box was pumping up a full house that blended into the dark tree line.]

“I wonder why they’re partying?” Louie inquires and Dano replies “I don’t know Louie, let’s wait and see.”

[Behind the other two was a grand opening of scattered tree’s, chirping birds, flowers and what not’s highlighted by the rising sun.]

“How come nobody’s behind the hippie and Santa guy?” Louie asks and Dano notices “I don’t know but look at that beautiful sunrise.”

“Come on slim, I don’t see where tens are in” Jack states.

“How come no one is smiling? Even the party animals are smug.” Louie asks to get no reply.

[I ask “What’s going on!” and everybody stops and turns to stare at me.]

“Whoa dude, he got their attention huh?" Louie asks as Dano replies “ He sure did and look at the sunrise now.”
"Wowzers man, that whole area has eyeballs and their all staring at him. Kind of creepy.” Louie notices with Dano adding “ I see cloaked people blending in perfectly.”

[The two men standing began walking toward me. The party animals turned back to their party as the silent ones turned back facing them. After chomping a big bite out of the apple I ask again “What’s going on?“ and hear “It’s a poker game slim” and “That we’re winning!”]

“Wait a minute slim! A poker game? And how did they know your name?”

[Surprised at my name and the sudden attention I accidentally drop the dog’s leash and he waddles towards the party side as sparkly suit comments “See even your dog knows who’s side to be on.” and holds out his hand adding “It’s nice to meet you slim, I’m Ace, Ace Diamond.”]

“That guys shirt doesn’t have polka dots! They’re little white hearts that glow.” Louie notices and Dano adds “Like stars over a rainbow.”

[I shook Ace’s hand as he comments “Come on over to our side and celebrate slim.” and he pats me on the back. I let go as the other man holds out his hand and says “slim, I’m King, King of Hearts. I shook his hand as Ace comments “He’s a king all right but it’s of no matter because we’re going to win.” Ignoring that comment King says “We’ll take the call and raise anytime you want in slim.” I look back thinking a hasty retreat because of the craziness and the trail suddenly closes up. King saw that I looked back and comments “It’s not your time yet slim but the fact remains is that you can’t go back, no matter the choice you make.”]

“Check out the cards played on the table” Louie points out and Dano confirms “ I see a ace of diamonds and a king, queen, jack of hearts.” Louie queries “I wonder what cards their holding and what the next card will be?” and Dano replies “It’s obvious neither is folding so let’s wait and see.”

“How appropriate slim, names of people as cards in a poker game. Sounds like you’re dreaming and a ten I’m not seeing.” Jack informs.

[ Keeping a close eye on Buzz I ask “So can I see what cards they’re holding before I decide where I’m going?” Gesturing to the two sitting men. Ace comments “Nope, not until you chose! But you can see we’re winning so come on over and join the winning team!“]

“Mathematically I see a four of a kind, a flush, a straight, a straight flush and a full house.” Louie comments quickly as Dano casually replies “And I know how this turns out.”

[I see Buzz seriously sniffing the ground and knew I didn’t have much time to mess around so I ask, “What’s in it for me when I choose where I want to be?” and Ace instantly replies “All you have to do is come over and I’ll make you my number two,”]

“So he wants you next to him slim?” Jack adds.

[ and you’ll see he‘s bluffing! So think you and me for eternity! ” I ask “You‘re joking with me? Forever and eternity?“ and then ask King “Ok fine then, what’s the best you can make me?“ He asks “How about I make you perfect once again as a ten slim“]

“So this is where a ten comes in slim?” Jack asks?
Did you see that red suit dude sneer and wave him away as he walked away?” Louie asks and Dano answers “Yeah and King winking at him.”

[“Excuse me slim we have a call and have to raise.” Suddenly an old man with a cane enters the clearing and without hesitation King, the old man and the silent group smiles so large and so bindingly bright coupled with beautiful music that I couldn’t help smiling too! I turned to face the grimacing and cowering party animals and there was Buzz facing us smiling and squinting leaving his bomb right were they were dancing!]

“Oh my Gosh slim!” Jack says.
“Look, that dog is smiling too as he leaves a pile of poo” comments Louie.

[They stop smiling and the party resumes as the old man drops his cane and blends into the silent group. King walks back over to me and asks “What’s it going to be slim, him or me? I grimace because I knew what to do as Ace walks back with poo on his shoe threatening me to be his number two, “Last chance slim to be what your meant to be.” “Well if I have to choose then I want to be a ten with him and not a two with you and look like a fool with poo on my shoe” I answer confidently and he abruptly turns away as King takes my apple away and says “Welcome to the royal family!” Suddenly I was pulled into the not so silent group behind the old man as King went back beside the old man. A beautiful red dressed woman within the group chirps “Here we go again! Make ready everybody” as two backpackers enter the clearing. I hear “I raise you two tens” and the old man smiles followed by everyone beside me so of course I smiled too and to my dismay there was Buzz facing us grinning leaving yet another number two.]

“So tens are in a poker game slim or is it because poo for twos that won‘t do?”

[I hear the lady in red saying “Oh no no no this won’t do somebody is out of tune” and she walks down the line and stops dead in front of me and adds “and it’s you!” I couldn’t stop smiling because I could see the old man was holding an ace and ten of hearts and I knew right then he wasn’t bluffing when she says “There‘s something in his smile that’s got us out of tune! Jack escort him to the back.” and suddenly I was jostled to and fro and the next thing I know I was standing on the nature trail lined by trees and there was Buzz with his leash over a limb”

“A fantastic story slim! Kings, queens, jacks and ace adding tens, apples in even to poo on shoes but this still won’t do and honestly I’m through with you” Jack says emphatically!

[Convinced I was dreaming and lapsed in memory I grabbed Buzz’s leash and beat it out of there. We quickly pile in the car and I hit the toll way! Unable to stop smiling I see the toll booth sign flashing Open and as I reach for my wallet my smile increases at it’s empty contents. Chuckling I say “I thought I was dreaming but maybe I should’ve kept that dollar Buzz” pulling to a stop at the toll booth hopeless to poker face an explanation on how I had spent my last dollar, when I noticed his smile. “Whoa” I say cheesing right back and as I began to speak and explain he points at me with his toothy smile a gleaming and says “Go on through! It’s your lucky day the fee’s been paid and by the way you have something in his smile!”
Looking in the rearview mirror I notice my eyes bugging out from all the smiling and an apple peel. “I’ve been cheesing all this time like this” I snicker.]

“Get real slim an apple peel?” Jack asks flicking his light on the smiling unconscious man.


“Ah Jack we have a problem here!” Louie adds.
“Why’s that? Jack asks and turns around as Louie informs “Because we’re seeing you on his TV screen!” and Dano adds “And it’s still recording!”
“Well shut that thing down and get the tape and we’ll make our escape although his story won’t do!” Jack commands then gasps “Ew who let one? Was it you or you?” shining his light at Dano then at Lou.
“Wasn’t us” Louie says adding “Maybe it was his dog you know.”
“All I know is there is no tape and he’s waking up so maybe we should go” informs Dano.

Jack shines his light around the room and see’s a fat bulldog standing on the remote smiling at him and say’s “Oh man I think we better scram and we’ll be back to get slim another day” as the three beat it out the door.

I wake up with a head ache probably from the horrible smell and I see Buzz sitting on the remote when to my disgust I see my brand new unread large print readers digest rolled up on the floor. Something else didn’t seem right when I see a poker game on my TV and hear “Why’s he keep raising Jack?” “I guess he’s holding for all the tens he can get Lou!” “Well we can see he has a Royal Flush against a probable full house and the last card still hasn’t been played! “Yeah so true Lou” “How about we take the next ten callers Dano and if they say tens are in they win the new album from poker faced smiles that features the resounding hit “On earth as it is heaven”? “Sure thing Lou! You heard him call 255 636 7446 and say tens are in and win!”

I change the TV channel confused how I ended up on this channel and why it stopped recording. I roll my tongue over my teeth and felt something in them as I rewind to watch my show Hawaii Five Oh! My eyes grew wide when I picked out a piece of apple peel and began watching the recording.

Confident smile or bluffing smile? Tens are in or poo for twos, it’s up to you to choose! But I can see it’s all about he’s still holding on for your call! Folding losing hands and calling is seeing that Tens are in! Perfect once again! :D hehehe believe me? Call!
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Tink! Ah tink a tink a tink!
Swish! Ah swish a swish a swish!
Tink! Ah tink a tink a tink!
Swish! Ah swish a swish a swish!
Tink! Ah. Tink! Ah. Tink!
Swish! Ah! Swish! Ah!

Swept away another day
Piled behind as a mountain
Only the mind can climb
Chip at a new day
And like time ticking away
It’s always yesterday
See a world bound
Heavens a way up
The earth lies below
Know working your way up
Is working your way down
Holes dug into the ground
Work past the past
To a hope beyond dreams
To reach a gem

All is in, All is in, All is in, All is in, All is in, All is in, All is in, All is in, All is in, All is in!
“The Highlight zone”

“One, Locked hand, link in!” “Two, in hand, link in!” “Three, one to another, link in!” “Four, from the beginning, link in!” “Five, to the end, link in!” “Six, each the same, link in!” “Seven, when you’re, link in!” “Eight, hand in hand, link in!” “Nine, with the, link in!” “Rising! Link Ten’s in!”
“Oh! For! Christ’s! Sake! Noob! It’s “Anchorman”!!! How that could be goofed up is beyond me? Past tense now, done screwed the pooch, and went all in, without being linked in! Now “You” better buckle up buttercup because you are going make a run like none other and “You will see, that a real hand out is for real, a hand up, when you’re reaching in with a brother.

Expressing straight through a mountain of life reaching beyond hopes and dreams as the last link of quivering human chain I feel the speed of decent burning me, then I realize I just went all in, and wasn’t linked in, with the anchorman.

Here it was Christmas Eve, no one around just Buzz and me. He’s behind me snoring, sawing quite a log; such the life of a spoiled English bulldog. I’m kicked back, flat on Christmas cheer. I just didn’t have it, not this year. Oh I know I gifted and gave to those in need but I still feel the same, like I do every day. I look up to the ceiling and say “God, I know some thing’s missing and the clue lies with you, share it when you can, and by the way thanks a lot, Amen.”
That was it I’ve come clean! I’m not worrying about anything. I don’t care how this ends and I’m not worrying about how it started and, Ah, Oh Buzz just farted. I heard it loud and clear even felt it vibrate the back of my chair, instantly changing my contemplation, to fear! And oh, it’s a bad one, burning my eyes to blinding tears, and then hit my nose with the smell of scorched hair. I fell to my knees as my lungs began to seize, and lying low as I could go below the noxious fumes that spelled my doom if I didn’t get fresh air soon I began the crawl across the floor bee lining straight for the patio door. Very weak, on the verge to hurl, and while at the edge of blacking out my hand lands on a dog chew, spontaneously crossing my mind as dog poo and I passed out right then and there.

But I heard the mother of mine say for umpteenth millionth time?
“You’re grounded!”
Say whaaaa?
“You heard Mom! You thought you’re being sly, locking up, getting lazy, but brother there is no way you can hide from our eagle eyes, and now we’re here having a little intervention, your Mom, your Brother, and I.”
My Mother, my Brother and my Sister? Why, oh why I cry as my brother shoves me in a white box.
Oh ho ho ho this can’t be so
I’ve been here before

You see a box
A box with a lock
With a fox in a box
That steals with lies
And a box with an ox
That’s lazy and draws flies
And you know there’s a box
And you’re not getting in a box
Nope not a box of any kind

Were born in a box
Born in a box with a fox
That steals with lies
Born in a box with a ox
That is lazy and draws flies
Born in a box that has a lock
Where you search for a key
Born in a box all wrapped up
To be drawn differently

You can dig your hole
And find your peace
Escape what you can’t see
And get the cheap seat
Down about six feet deep
Hidden from all the lies
Beneath all the flies
The way it seems to be

On to a mountain of dreams
Stung out on a fading hope
Facing the stark reality
That life’s like a cruel joke
And everything you know
You want to just it let go
Then through all the lazy
Past all the sly lies
A life line

Drawn not as a box
Not as a box with a fox
That steals with lies
Not as a box with a ox
That’s lazy and draws flies
Not a box without a key
That can’t be opened
Not a box of any kind

Dead center of it all
A line can be drawn
To every corner of earth
Then include God up high
And all things point to him
Outside in becomes a star
And from the inside out
Becomes a gem
Fitting for a crown of a king

Out to a hand up
By the foxes
That steals with lies
Past the ox’s
That’s lazy and draws flies
Deep down into holes
For more than the beauty of a gem
That burns bright like stars at night
When you’re lifting the dead to life

Dearest family mine
You can’t keep me down
Not like it used to be
Because I know deep down
Who is drawing me
Straight out to be
Clean as a whistle and
Polished to the finest hue
Leaving the reflection
To you

Lying flat on the floor a burst of fresh air fills my lungs and my eyes glimpse the open patio door. Looking at my hands before I push up expecting a dog chew or the worst dog poo but this one gets me, I’m clutching a dog leash. Rising I see Buzz sitting out on the balcony. Shaky and confused I step out on the balcony into the crisp night air still clutching that leash wondering what I missed. I look at freeway with cars fleeting by, then up to a brand new digital sign advertising coming concerts, gambling events and such and I think to myself that I didn’t miss nothing because everything is the same as it was. Just as that thought crossed my mind sparks began to fly at the base of the sign and I could see foot prints in the snow of a dog and a human being. I look at the leash in my hand then checked to see if there was snow on my feet but they were clean. The dog tracks lead right to the pole that held that sign and turned around headed back towards the apartment complex. I looked at Buzz and he looked at me when I said “Wow buddy, there must have been something in that pee” and danged if that dog didn’t smile at me. Now I expected that sign to go dark but began to glow and what all I saw was a whole different show. First I see a bare Christmas tree and people began bringing gifts and placing them under that tree. Squinting I could read each gift had names and I mean crazy as it may sound they had names of all kinds of sin. Now it didn’t stop there I saw a hand reaching down into the first box and withdrew a super bright star and placed it on top of the tree. Then the hand reached down again and again opening every box left there at the foot of the tree and unlike most this tree became a blazing cross with trailing words “Christ, the reason for all seasons”. “Oh I’m dreaming” I say as I look at Buzz and he looks at me and danged if that dog didn’t give me a wink. The next thing I know the cops showed. Shining their lights all over the place and I looked at Buzz then back at the leash then all the lights suddenly centered on the snow at the base of that crowned tree and the words spray painted in neon orange and neon green stood out plainly stating “Merry Christmas from Buzz and me”. I looked at Buzz and him at me and danged if that dog didn’t cheese right back at me. “Oh no” I exclaim as it began to snow covering those footprints that could incriminate Buzz and me and I look up and say “Thank you God for the clue, I know this could never have happened without You!

If you don’t believe
Just ask the fox
Who steals with lies
Or ask the ox
Handing out high fives
Or you can believe
That it’s all true
And there is a hand up
Waiting for you

:D grounded or rising? The clue is YOU!

Hehehe silly me I’m free!
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For Realz!

News Flash!!!!! The writing world is wide open with empty boxes everywhere. And I see this as an unopposed opportunity to pester those that mean a lot to me! And I hope you’ll understand why I’m leaving this as a “Story” that I’m totally committed to tell as,

A Campfire Especial

Great stories include God and I have him next to the campfire on this one. So maybe you’ll believe it’s his magical light flickering in on the background of this “Story”, either way it is only a “Story”.

Seriously this is only a “Story”! Certain elements of this “Story” could come in conflict, if not flat out cross the laws written within the Antiquities Act of 1906 signed in by Theodore Roosevelt. Thus by admitting that any part or parts thereof in this “Story” is true could get me in trouble! Plus, as this is only a “Story” it possibly could include things that may be contrary to ones beliefs, so remember it is only a “Story”.

Now I have a habit in prayer by talking to God like he is always right beside me and although I don’t normally share my prayers I believe I need to include this one. “God I asked you to use me where you needed me and you led me here, talking to you, high on a mountain top, at the edge of a cliff, overlooking a widening river valley, and I know as beautiful as it looks from here, it is not so pretty down there. This beauty hides what’s rotten in the core and honestly right now I feel like I took the wrong door. I believed I was being led to a valley of hope but I find it’s a valley of dope rolled in with all the who can cheat whom because they believe that’s the only way to get out. Yeah you know I see this and you know it hurts because I’m too small to change a thing. Of course I know you can so I’m asking for a fountain of living water to be built there in the middle of the valley. Seriously that’s what I ask for! It sure would do my heart some good to know that all these kids have something real to turn to, you know. Now I’d also like to live long enough to see this go from a valley of dope to the valley of Hope and I ask this forever more through Jesus name, Amen! Oh yeah I know it’ll take you some time to get things in line so while I’m waiting Lord, could you possibly slide me an adventure of some kind? Anyways thanks again Amen”.

Now it didn’t feel like but a moment in prayer but it had to of been, because the dog was snoring behind me plum wore out from peeing on everything I’m sure. Humored I lean back watching the sunlight slowly fade away adding in shades of grey to the valley below and as I turn to check on Buzz I spot an Indian guy off to the side of me about ten feet away standing all Captain Morgan like just staring down at the valley smoking a rolled cigarette or something. Glancing back at Buzz surprised he never let me know yet there he was just a snoring away like nothing was going on. I focus my attention back onto the dude and I noticed his thin chiseled facial features and his straight cut pitch black hair. Absorbing more I noticed his brown shirt tucked in with no belt and solid blue pants that have faded down to more of a grayish color and they were tucked into high moccasin looking boots that laced high up on his calf. Now I’m not a shy guy so I said “Hi” but I guess he doesn’t hear me or he’s flat out ignoring me because he just stares out there you know. Mayhap’s that’s not a cigarette I chuckle and at that moment he looks toward me and in a hushed voice say’s “Awe Toe Wha follow the serpent” as his cigarette hand and head made bobbing motions like riding a wave. “Cross the river here, and pass three” as his cigarette hand swept to the right hand side. “Find my mark” as he held three fingers up like read between the lines kind of thing and then slaps his hip. “Find! Go now Awe Toe Wha. Tears of the serpent cannot leave its mouth or they will follow.” He looks directly at me and winks at me and I instantly see the pupils of his eyes glowing pure white as he says “Go”! Then he turns back to facing the valley and I immediately thought the dude must be tripping and he isn’t fazing me because I suddenly felt the need to pee. I don’t know how or why and I’m really not shy but I really didn’t want this guy seeing me letting it fly so I stepped up behind a rock and began to float the titanic up when mid stream I hear an English accented voice that says “Charles Franks”. Aw no way I can’t stop now as I glance back at Buzz who’s not moving a muscle at all then a loud clap that jolts the otherwise stillness and I back up and see the Indian’s not there. “Oh hell no, you did not just jump!” Horrified I zip up and hurry over to his spot looking around and down and I see nothing at all. Nothing, but I could smell what reminds me of dad’s pipe tobacco and also what smells like a firecracker. Unbelievable I at the moment smart off, “Dude you twisted that one a bit tight didn’t you. But for reals where are you. I mean, you can’t just freaking disappear”. I say “squirrel” and Buzz looks over at me normal lazy like so I’m like stuck with what just happened? I don’t know , I do know I didn’t hear a splash thinking in humor as I descend the slow way with my cell phone ready to dial 911 but I did scour the base below that cliff and I found nothing. Nothing! So what else could I suppose all this on but as a hallucination from thin air?

So real or not that moment sort of stuck with me. Over and over it repeated enough that I spent time researching history. I can’t find that name, nor have I found anything up nearly every right cut along any streams and I don’t see a serpent. I have learned that the La Garita volcano popped of a couple of times before becoming like the third or fourth largest explosion this planet has felt and dang near popped up again. I also learned that this is an ancient spiritual area that has had native Indian sub cultures totally disappear! There were a few early military expeditions exploring bringing rumors of gold but really not much documented news on any real treasures having left this region like there is no such thing around here. Ok so like the only thing is I have realized is that the dude was probably saying Ottawa but hey it is only a “Story”.

Until last night I had gave up chasing some crazy high altitude dream but driving south on highway 17 also known as the cosmic highway (because of the weird unexplained stuff) just past the 38th parallel (a road sign marks the monument for the forgotten war) towards home just as the sun was going down, bored and just looking around I pause looking south west and my eyes put together a serpent. No lie I could see the chain of mountains blend in to a rise and fall like a serpent swimming. Holy smokes I came to a dead stop there in the middle of nowhere and as my head and hand bobbed up and down and I liked to freak! Ok so now remember that this is just a “Story” and if I was to post pictures from here on could ruin the validity that this must remain a “Story” so not to come in conflict with the Antiquities Act of 1906 so please, please understand I must refrain.

Again I’m pumped up to snoop some more, now knowing the serpent has nothing to do with water but I’m thinking that something else does. So before daybreak I turned on my never been used cheap metal detector. Having never used it and baffled by the instructions I could only figure out one way to see if it really worked. Now gold and iron show as the same reading so I toss out, as it does not exist narrow gauge railroad spike, an empty green bean can, a commemorative Kansas quarter, Gramp’s silver dollar and a flattened aluminum pop can. As I swept across each item the bars lined up with iron, tin, beer tab, silver and beer tab. Wait a minute as I swept back forth to each item again and sure as the world the thing kept saying the Kansas quarter is a beer tab so I dug in my pocket and found multiple commemorative quarters and they all rang in as beer tabs ahahaha good enough for me but for real America we might look into this but I do suppose it is a good move utilizing America’s skills by supplying the mint with beer tabs, hehehe you got to respect the way this country recycles!

Now remember this is just a “Story”.

All fired up with an idea exactly where I wanted to run this metal detector I set up a camp back as far as I could drive. A nice cook site by the creek and a campsite fifty or so yards up on a sweet flat spot that backed against rock face with nice pinion and spruce that offers nice protection and concealment plus it stays out of the wildlife highway of things. After an episode at Roman nose state park I would rather not mess with the wildlife side of things at night. Seriously try a night at Roman nose. You won’t own the night that’s for sure.

Ok so with this extra excellent camp set up I cross the creek and began hiking up the creek to a cut up the right where I remembered a huge beaver like pile of brush against a bare embankment from the first drive by. I sort of figure maybe it’s a huge packrat nest by all the cactus guarding the exterior and that maybe it drug something interesting back. I slowly swept the lowest area and although my metal detector didn’t pick it up my eyes did and they spotted a shiny pink and blue necklace. It had a silver cross dangling that had one clear gold stone dead in the very center. Assured it was only a fake by sweeping over it with my metal detector I just toss it into my rock sample bag as Buzz was above me on the top side of the brush pile marking his way down around it. I chuckle at his NASA like approaches just to pee and just as he was about to fire away he slid down exposing a rock edge and three small white flat stones sticking straight up just like three fingers. So yeah I felt like I was about to poop my pants as my stomach began tying tighter into a knot as I upped and swept around below that mark and I got an iron hit. Using my hands I began raking down dirt to expose about a twelve inch narrow ledge with a hollow spot underneath. Looking around I found a long stick that had three parallel branches that I broke off to probe back in there and maybe hook something to drag out. Now I’m thinking that if I agitate a big old rat and from the size of this brush pile I’m expecting it to be huge was that Buzz should get him first or the thing will find my snake charmer that’s slung at my side which is a sawed short double barrel 410 with one side loaded with you better go and the other side with I told you so and if I was to let them both go, well, I don’t think you really want to know. So I start poking around and pulling the stick back and forth raking soil back and as I pushed it in past the third branch where I couldn’t see I suddenly felt extra weight that got me to thinking there just might be a rat attached because I was dragging something out. The first fork came out clean as I continue dragging back and as the second branch came into view I saw hair. Calling the dog up as I pulled on back and sure enough it was a rat, mummified in fact and before I could do anything Buzz made off with that petrified rat. I holler at him to drop it but he’s like it’s my chew toy and makes off towards camp. Grossed out I pull the stick quickly back and I see that the last branch snagged on what looked like a leather strap. I pause before pulling it out to ponder on whether there could be a skeletons hand holding it. Now that would totally freak me out but I’ve went this far in the “Story” we might as well see. Easing it out I see no bones attached, thank goodness it’s just a stiff old leather purse that slid down the slope to my feet. I scanned it before picking it and sure enough it buzzed. Instantly I think awe toe wha never found this and this is why vanishing dude slapped his hip. I pick it up with a lingering thought that bones might suddenly reach out and I blame Hollywood for that feeling. So here I am holding this purse and I can see a faint stamped emblem on the front flap that looks just like the union pacific railroad logo. I shook the purse and something’s solid inside moved back and forth. I tried to open it but the strap was frozen solid in the iron buckle so I tossed it in my rock bag and immediately descended chasing Buzz back to camp.

Now the cook fire has been wetted, swizzle, and wetted again just like Smokey the bear likes it with that old flat mummified rat stuck up in a spruce tree away from Buzz and we’re back up beside the small campfire.

A cloud has begun falling into the valley following the stream normal like given the temperatures and I can no longer see anything below. I notice I have two bars of signal strength as I glance up the mountain and I can see the cut where I found the purse. No clue why but I have the jeebies. For reals huh, the “Story” is not real nor is this pouch in front of me high up in the middle of mountains and I’m getting seriously frustrated with this buckle. Oh, what can I say, it’s just a “Story”; I just broke the dang thing. It totally fell apart. Slowly I begin to lift the extremely stiff flap and I pause because I can see through the fog a whitish blue light up where I found this thing. I watch it for a bit but it doesn’t move. I know for a fact that when I hiked back I hit the trail and walked back up so no one else is close for miles. Makes a story teller think at this moment but it is only a “Story” so I continue opening the pouch and there carved in the ancient leather’s inside flap was the letters CF. Yeah Charles Franks sort of pops out at this moment. Unfazed by the coincidence of the name in the “Story” line I tip it over and three two inch long octagon crystals fall out. Instantly I see that they are crystal clear with gold strings infused inside and the base of them was quartz with gold interlacing throughout. They’re covered with some kind of rusty red smears that easily flakes off. Now as I glance back up the mountain the light is beginning to work its way down because without a doubt it’s getting lower. No worries though because it has nothing to do with this “Story” as I tilt the bag towards the fire light to peer inside and I see something rolled up. I pull it out and it is stiff and not paper because it’s too thick. Almost like it is a craft cardboard or something. Gently I begin unrolling it to reveal a map. It is a really good one at that because I can see the Rio, mountain chains, and some smaller streams with a black ink thumbprint and a blood red one. I quickly begin to cross reference it all to a modern forest map and I can see the enclosed valley that’s shaped pretty much like a serpents head. I glance up and see that the one uphill light has now become three and they’re following stream down towards me. My signal strength dropped a bar like it’s on a timer and the fog is now beginning to creep up hill towards me and honestly things are feeling a bit differently. Seriously, I can be prepared pretty much for everything out here that has hair but I don’t know squat about the ancient ones or whatever else is out there namely those three lights directly below camp at the cook site. And obviously awe toe wha didn’t find this and maybe it was meant to be found to be returned to whence it came. Shoot I don’t know other than it’s only a “Story” right? And an update on those three lights below is they’re down there flashing around all crazy and one just now flashed a small red dot and has went out, whoa there goes the other two. There is an eerie feeling to the darkness and this may be the last part because suddenly my car doesn’t want to start.
So now if you wondering if any of this could possibly be true, I’m presently praying for a campfire especial, part two.
Café espresso



{click, bvrmmmm, bvruuuuuum,} Tiimmmbberrrrr! {bvruuumruumvruuumruumvruumruuum} {thump,thump,---thump Thump---Thump Thump}

Hey look!!! You're made of clay just like me but Mr. God's vessel so bold behind that armored skin as a defender against sin from the love where whence you begun is about to get the runs.

So I made you this fantastic doctor's chair because when you have an indigestion problem there's only only thing you can do and I know you have no clue so I'm stepping up to bring what'll fix you. Have seat if you please and allow me to explain what's up and what you can do.

A man prepared a great feast and sent out many invitations to all then a sister set out a spiritual bottle of milk and you take a big slurp and you're now complaining that it doesn't set right. Well of course it doesn't. Can't put a child's head on a adult's body anymore than one can be instantly Godly yet that seems to be the normal expectation for this world.

To have the proper relationship with God depends on Love, and knowing the smallest steps in Love will bring one to God just the same as large ones and knowing it's not a job done, rather a job that has just "Begun". Also to understand not every invitation will be the same, for you may be drawn to be on your knees and I may be pulled to swing in confidently. Therefor I ask you to relenquish your light sword for a moment until I'm finished explaining things. Seriously one of the six oops I mean seven worst things is a child of light waving their light sword around hap hazardly and someone hollering "who cut dis cord?". Not ninja like to be doing that. We can't be cutting out what is loved for it was not loved with our blood, but we can thin it down for the young to absorb as formula one. I know I know that's my sword and what am I to do without it, but brother seriously if it gets used to cut out the world, then that leaves you open to a counter strike and buddy that strike can only hurt you. For reals!!! The moment you leave your heart unguarded to strike you can instantly become a vile venom spitting caped pharisee viper left in wonder by where did that snake bite come from. Not a pretty sight you know, and is why we walk with until it is time they can walk another. Like wouldn't want to miss out on neat life changing tips such as how to pull back that light sword behind that mighty shield and have it pointing straight up against your chest right where God pulled the rib that was closest to your heart so that the shaft of light protects us from the mouth.

Now it is true we need those spiritual muscles to hold heavy hearts, to bend ears to hear, and to open eyes wide for the day we'll be power lifting a smile, but brother at our age, muscle milk up here is a ninja no go. No worries though it's only milk just remember from now on it's Solids for you ya know!!!

Now I'm going to give you back your light sword, for you see there is only one question that really remains and that is what is going to happen, when that spiritual gas, hits that spiritual flame?

{click bvvrmmmm} Tis time to light the fire so we can really hear what's brewing in you!!!

Hehehe When things heat up the little tea pot, will we hear you whistling us a "Lovely" tune?

Blurp, blurp, blurp, or maybe it's time to reignite, and start perking water over light???

Yeah so

I just exited a local store with a box of band-aids and notice a half a dozen people gathered around a brand new white car containing a poodle inside that is flat out yapping away. Think nothing of it since it was a pretty cool morning and the car had two windows cracked open I proceed to my truck while casting a glance over at a guy by the entrance exit still holding his sign that said “NEED WORK NEED FOOD”. Yeah so I had noticed the guy when I first drove in was clean, nicely dressed with a small backpack behind him, but when I first arrived I silently ignored his request to provide with my own mission in mind. And, by the crowd growing around the car and him still being there I felt it safe to assume they did just by the impression I get with them fussing about the dog all the while casting glances over at him. I silently question present presentation and suddenly everyone around that car had big logs popping out one of their eyes. Seriously, it was an odd visual comedy. Everywhere they glanced was like they were slapping and sparring each other, Pop, Bing, Pow, even the guy holding the sign got slapped although he had no log in his eye. I say, what is this, and suddenly I see what resembles a clock with a kaleidoscope of events outlining the outer edge like time, yet there were no hands lining up to anything, with the very center greyed out. I look up and replacing all the events is a blazing bright halo. I say, things are not to be this way and the vision is taken away and before me is a dead forest reaching up swaying in the wind offering nothing, not even a leaf.

I feel the breeze rise behind me drawing me to my knees and I witness the wind grab the dead forest like a sweeping hand and throw them into the sun and as my eyes watch the last of the dead fade away they fall from the sun to the ground where I see the great vastness of small empty holes perfectly round like there was never roots in the ground, and in the very center of all that was grey is a beautiful evergreen no longer hidden by the dead forest. I say, to where is the need and instantly before me I see fields and fields of green beside wells filled to rim with water. I say, if not to water then where be the need?

See once the vision is gone

Something’s left to gnaw

A snack for the road

We make or take

On our way home

Yeah so

I rise from my knees, look around to see who might be staring at me but everything was back the same, well, except for the police car driving by the guy with the sign and stopping behind the poodle’s car. I get in my truck, startup, sit behind the steering wheel and bow my head feeling uncertain how to start. I pull out my wallet noticing all I had was two tens and a twenty. I drive up beside the guy, hesitate on a ten before I hand him my lunch sack and a twenty, adding the only words I could form to speak “God has this.”. With a huge smile he looks me squarely in the eye, lifts up his sign, and says “I know, Right!” A bit taken away by his demeanor I reread his sign while taking the right and immediately noticed the importance of adding the punctuation marks. “NEED WORK? NEED FOOD!”

Hehehe I know RIGHT!!!

Yeah so, left to right, zipping up a road that is paved, wrapping up everything in a given day, on into the dust fewer use. Weaving up aged debris scattered like charred memories, then threading up the deepest cuts to fade finishing the bind, bound a part to start, across the scars, of the heart.

Yeah so you know, that’s how we roll

And lean to the need for a proper feed.
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“Ayyyye yi yi yi, I am a wholesome burrito, I'm healthy and hearty and filled with good stuff! I'm fresh not frozen all rolled up with Love! Ayyyye yi yi yi I am a flowwer taquito, I'm” click

“So funny, I’m hungry you see.” I say turning the radio off to fall into silence while driving through a pinion grove all the while scanning the trees for the possibility of scoring a handful of nuts but I quickly see that a squirrel would starve here. As I exit the grove a road kill is laid off to the side and as I began to pass it I pop off in humor “You still not funny, you know I wouldn’t take from another’s dinner plate.” and look back in the mirror but can’t see a thing because of a dust cloud behind me. Finally, I come to a stop at the edge of a highway, look left, look right, and note across the road a couple of shop buildings void of activity. I glance back and this huge dark dust cloud is barreling straight down on me so I stay still as the swirling cloud of dust takes sight leaving me with sounds of my stomach growling and thoughts of food. Slowly and I mean slowly the cloud gives way to vague shapes. First buildings across the road appear then disappear in a spin of dust. When they appear again it is including a pickup and topper with tailgate down parked in front of them. As the last of dust fades I clearly see across the road leaned beside the pickup a big white sign with bright orange letters that I unexpectedly read “Potatoes 40lb 10 dollars”.

“Oh ho ho can this be so? I say as I rub both eyes only to spout off again “Oh me oh my let the adventure begin because here goes an all in ten.” establishing the drool of anticipation as the divine gourmet options and associated spices prepare my mind. Quickly looking left, right, and as I look back left again I see an old man step out from around the side to the back of his truck, pull a sack of potatoes out onto the tailgate. “Score!” I shout raising up my hand triumphantly! I finish my left look and hurry across the road to ease to a stop beside his truck. Looking back hoping in my excitement to cross over I didn’t kick up another big cloud of dust but behind me was dust free which paused me to wonder how come the huge dust cloud that just went through didn’t affect him but that pause was gone in a split second as my stomach loudly growled starting my mouth slobbering all over again. Hopping out with a grin I pull out the ten and pointing at the potatoes I say to him “I’d like a sack of them.”! He smiles at me, nods his head, takes the ten and points at the sack and nods again. “Thank you” I say and I began to step over to the tailgate as a big sack of beans suddenly appears from under the topper onto the tailgate landing with a loud thud. “Whoa” I hesitate realizing there was someone else adding to the shock of the gourmet options of that sack of beans. I scan around for a price on the beans and don’t see any so I ask “How much?”. He gives me a beleaguered look, holds up both hands, shrugs his shoulders, and starts talking out loud in a language that I had no clue what was being said but it didn’t matter because I was focused on food. From within the truck I hear a lady reply to him and he smiles, held up his hand indicating five dollars I guessed. Eagerly shaking my head yes, I hand him my last ten and he just stares at it, shrugs his shoulders, shakes his head no and holds up his high five again. “For reals, exact change?” I assume looking around and see nothing else laid out to add up to a ten and really wanting them beans I say “tortilla’s?” but it didn’t sound quite right by the slobber effecting how it slurred so I added hand gestures by flipping over hand on hand and his eyes glowed with my actions as he excitedly started jabbering back towards the truck. Quick replies ensued back and forth as I thought how it was fair to me going all tens in just for the potatoes and beans. He gently lays his hand on my shoulder and points twitching his finger to go to the truck. I walk over to the tailgate square up facing the back of the truck and as I began to lay my left hand on them potatoes it was instantly met with a hand. I see she is kneeling as she lays her other hand gently under mine and begins speaking. “No clue what you’re saying lady but I’m extremely thankful for this food.” Her gaze rises from my hand up to my face. I could see age has grained her face and grayed her hair but her eyes, oh my, were amazingly beautiful twinkling stars. She smiles then nearly scaring the poo out of me suddenly bangs the side of the topper yelling out something. I pull back my hand and she points behind me and from where I don’t know this little boy is standing beside me. He takes my hand and begins pulling me toward the buildings. “Whoa whoa buckaroo slow down.” shaking my hand loose from his as I look back to her. She points towards the boy and nods her head yes giving me a wave to go. I look and there he was flat out flying across the field disappearing between the buildings. “Well I’m not chasing you down on foot.” As I look back at the lady and lay a hand on each bag nodding at the truck and she shakes her head yes and says “Go! Senoritas.” pointing at the building with a seriously looking nod. “Oh yeah.” Suddenly putting two and two together to come up with tortillas I quickly stacked the sacks and walk over to the truck laying the potatoes on the passenger floorboard and the beans on the seat since both were too precious of a commodity to lay in back. I pause with my truck door open scanning for the old man and he was not around to be found so I hop in startup and take off toward the buildings. Finding a trail off to the side leading around to the backside I found a shop door wide open and the little boy waving at me to come on.
Intoxicated by the earthy fragrance of the potatoes and the feel of the beans being caressed by my free hand I swing around facing out and stop. I jump out to the smell of tortilla’s permeating the air or so it seemed as the boy disappears in to the darkness. I follow him in and as my eyes were adjusting to the light change I see sorting tables straight ahead where the little boy went through an open door. I stop, scan around seeing nothing notable but could smell food and its closeness. I hear loud voices from the back room then entering from the back door was the boy pulling out a beautiful young lady. “Wow.” Instantly taken by flawless! With a stutter I stammer out “Tortillas?” but yet again the words came out as slobber induced babble and she began saying something I didn’t understand but her voice hypnotized me to where I was nodding yes. No clue what I was nodding yes to but it felt good when from the shadows of a dark corner behind me I hear a heavily accented voice say in English “Marry her no? “Whoa ho ho I’m only here for tortillas you know.” I gasp, as the slobber in my mouth immediately dries up from things suddenly getting serious. I turn to face the darkness and I can’t see but I hear “You marry she becomes a citizen.” In shock how food has now turned into an I do I stammer back “Dude, all I wanted was food not an I do.” slowly dragging out the do as I look over upon the beauty of her face. She smiles at me with twinkling eyes that somehow starts the surmise that I’ve seen them somewhere before but that all took back seat to the feeling that rose as she walks over beside me, touches my hand, gazes into my eyes, and I swear right there my world was spinning out of control when in from the back walks this young fellow. An intense conversation ensued between the two and what was being said I had no clue but I absorbed the young fellow’s colorful gaucho boots. Intrigued by the toes curling up to ram horns with brand new jeans tucked in the tops and his turquoise shirt tucked in behind a huge silver belt buckle resembling the moon or something and a silver cross against his chest. I see his face drop as she has the last word and he turns around walks back through the back door. I hear from the shadows behind me speak again “He loves her and he wants to marry her”. I look upon her face while holding her hand and I see love, then I hear a noise from the backroom and turn from her to see the young guy walk out with a goat and stop directly in front of me. Again he and her began conversing again but with different tones and as they carry on I hear above their chatter, “Barren goat, no kids, good milk, trade and you no marry.” I look at them, then the guy hands the goats leash to me and walks away speaking loud and serious all the way through the back door. I look down at both of my hands, my left holding the floured hand of a beautiful princess and my right, a dirty old goat’s leash, and I as close my eyes to pray a way out I hear “Dios proveera la carne.” behind me immediately followed by a loud “Bam!” in front of me. Quickly looking over towards the disturbing sound I hear a second “Bam!” confirming where they came from, which I peg as gunshots. “Because of me?” I question as her eyes question back at me. “Well, nothing like making decisions hastily.” I say feeling it’s time to go as I squatted us both low and catch sight of a chicken bouncing off the back room door. I blink, then blink again, and notice that chicken was heading directly for me. “Oh Lord!” I exclaim when I notice its semi severed head flopped over to one side with blood spurting out its neck and its one huge eye focused dead on me. Fascination and humor took backseat when it didn’t swerve off course after hitting a couple of table legs on its blood splattering assault directly for me. Instinctively I stood up holding the leash and her hand and punted that thing back to whence it came, but as my eyes expected the sight of a goal I realize in horror it didn’t go! I look down and see that blood splattering chicken stuck to my shoe. “Oh for crying out loud.” I say shaking my foot splattering feathers and blood all over us. Determined to place a good kick in on at that tenacious chicken I let fly with my spare foot and miss its body and knock off its dangling head straight up like an infield pop fly and I watch in slow motion the head turn and face me with its tongue stuck out all the way down to the floor to land beside it’s flapping bleeding body, that is still firmly attached to my shoe. Another quick shake of my foot just scattered more feathers with blood and right then I had my fill of this mess hall and let them both go hauling it out the open door. Sliding to a stop I open the door of my truck and notice she must have had her fill because she followed me. So I shove her in over the beans to the passenger seat and as I jump in the chicken somehow flops loose, bounces around a bit and lands on the dash. I fire the truck up, hit the gas spinning out of there and wasn’t looking back. Finally, I speak while knocking the dead chicken off the dash down to the floorboard “That was one crazy scene if you ask me. What do you think?”. No reply so I take my eyes off the road look over to see her eyeballing the sack of beans. “Do we need corn bread to go with them beans?” I ask, never expecting a reply I could understand but she nods her head yes, and says “Naaahaaaah.” I grin focusing on the road before me and chuckle when I see that when you already have the bread, how another will bring the butter.

Hehehe I know RIGHT!!!

Yeah so, so sew sow you know

Gently by the seams

That’s so wherever we go

There’s always stuff to eat.

And so you know you know

It is no prophesy

To see a harvest

Beyond the read

Where what is left behind

Isn’t wheat

Hehehe I know RIGHT!

Seed on and

Dios proveera la carne con :D

Let these false prophets tell their dreams,

but let my true messengers faithfully proclaim my every word.

There is a difference between straw and grain!

Jeremiah 23:28
Touched brush

Painting under a cloudy sky
Sitting above calm waters
Where the questions rise
To search for answers below
While reflecting at lake side

A single drop of rain falls
Breaking perfect clarity
Dispersing out the lies
Held in the distorted view
While reflecting at lake side

Eyes follow the ripple
Out like an echo of time
Where it smoothly glides
Down below and back
While reflecting at lake side

By what can be seen
In what is brought here
The soul purposed in life
Expanding out and back again
While reflecting at lake side

Pulled from long ago
Now is dust and seed in hand
From time when set aside
As the rain began to pour
While reflecting at lake side

The dust is washed away
Where only the seed remains
Only yesterday in the mind
What is really being held
While reflecting at lake side

Not quite as it once was
Back when it was put away
Hidden in the dust of time
Left an artist in a quandary
While reflecting at lake side

What always begins in love
Will always come back again
With what can't be left behind
Less than the mirrored memory
Reflecting at lake side