Tek's Writing Challenge: cc.slim


I declare that I cc.slim do herewith accept the challenge to write one hundred words per day until seven days are finished. Prepare to find humor, intrigue and a message from him to you.

As I consistently seek to be closer to the heartbeat of Jesus I often question myself if I am grasping all his given opportunities.

Please understand that I see streaming and write so, in such a fashion that you might have trouble following.

Again thank you for the opportunity for allowing me to share some of my PKLD'd ness. I pray that within my words that I write, touches something that God thinks you need to see.

Laus Deo

Nuberus 2

(7) Ready big papa?
(6)Ready big mama!
(5)But where is Houston?
(4) No idea, he is always late.
(3)This is going to happen without him!!
(2) Hang on big mama.
(1) No time big papa.
(0) Houston is here and its time.
Waaaaaaaaaaaa!!!(Skid marks)
Nuberus 2 has been successfully launched into the world.
Nice launch big mama.
Thanks Houston.

Nuberus 2 to Houston come in Houston.
This is Houston.
Houston all systems are a go.
Roger that Nuberus 2 the world is behind you.
Roger that Houston.

Houston the world is getting smaller.
Affirmative Nuberus 2, the further you go the smaller it gets.
Roger that Houston but is there more than what I have seen?
Negative on that Nuberus 2.
Roger that Houston.

Nuberus 2 to Houston!
This Houston!
Houston my computer is stating that my life support is only good for a few more years.
Roger that Nuberus 2.
So are you going send help?
Negative Nuberus 2. You have all the world offers.
All? So am I to die?
Roger that Nuberus 2, we all do.
Thanks for nothing Houston.
Roger that Nuberus 2 and remember the world is behind you.

Computer, options to extending human life.
Two are found.
One offers very little extending and the other eternal.
Pond scum or creation!
I choose creation.
I choose to LIVE.

Come in Houston!
Nuberus 2 to Houston!!
Behind me! Huh! The world ha!

I asked! I pray! I received? All in Jesus name and now this.
A cracked up ship and only two hours of air in support system.
Again? A huge gaping hole in my small world and, and as I reached the hole.
I saw this cowboy rearing back to throw a rock at me.
Right, Oh My, right at me.
Before I could think, I lifted my visor to yell at him.
But before my voice could echo a response.
He stopped, looked at me and invited me out!
So out I crawled as a child in a new world.
As I stood in the light with no weight of the past world
I asked the cowboy why he was throwing rocks at me.
He replied every day Jesus sets a tin can on the fence to be opened.
So I was living in a tin can?
Afraid so noob!
Couldn’t you have used a can opener instead of rocks?
Now what fun is that! You have a lot to learn Noob!
Well shucks! Gosh n all that! I finished my last post and a tree fell on my telephone k.o.ing my dsl and it has just came up. This kinda stuff makes a fellow think or wonder if he is doing something beneficial. Jesus said if thy enemy asks you to go a mile then go two with him. I pray me not da enemy, but if am I doing what the Lord wants me to do.Which is to serve and grow with the Lord!I will be directed!
So please, if I be a enemy, I would never torture you but if I be a foe then express so. For I feel that I am peeing in da wind and everything I grasp slaps me.
Dale, I'm not sure from your post exactly what you're struggling with. I hope you're not worried that you were unable to post every day - if you were sidetracked, just start again. Even if you're never able to manage a 7-day stretch of writing, just get as close to it as you can manage. The regular writing will feel good to you and will increase your motivation to do more regular writing in the future. Just don't stress out over the 'rules' - they're flexible as long as the challenge is approached in the right spirit. ;)

I didn't have time to write a response to your post when I sticked your thread a day or two ago, but I did read it and man you really are able to draw a reader into your story. I love your free-flowing writing style and it isn't at all hard for me to follow and understand - and most importantly, it is really different and really fun to read. Let me make one request for your ongoing wriiting thread Dale - I'd like to see you try writing some 'secular' stuff, stuff that may be uplifting and God-glorifying but without directly mentioning God or quoting scripture. I think you will find that if you do that, you're going to be more free to write a broader range of stuff, but God will still be glorified through what you write.

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Thank you! When the tree fell on my line after I posted I felt that maybe I was torturing my brothers and sisters with six grade garbage and God said enough slim. Hehehehe not that I wouldn't but I felt maybe it was a sign. Your words lift my spirit and oh I gots more wOOt!!!!! :D me so happy!!!!
Off the cuff in sadness n no edit

I sit and stare at the screen looking, looking for a heart
A heart that beats true, but, to no avail
The pain I see, the pain I feel is overwhelming
I push away what I see, hide what I feel
Nothing I can say, nothing I can do
I bow my head in sorrow and begin to pray
When something, something inside me begins to start

Tears of shame and unworthiness roll down my face
The pains of this world with hurt so near
Desperately I ask for you to show me the way
So when the last tear I cried has dried
My heart yeh my heart would know you are here

I drive down the road hands on the wheel
When a song on the radio reaches within
Sending me in a tailspin reaching out for you
Ache in my heart and tears in my eyes
Senseless emotions of distress and sin
I ask for help, help to show others your will

Tears of shame and unworthiness roll down my face
The pains of this world with hurt so near
Desperately I ask for you to show me the way
So when the last tear I cried has dried
My heart yeh my heart would know you are here

I stand in worship gathered with those of faith
Singing you praise of worthiness and grace
When upon a moment the heart beat gains momentum
Beating in unison with others all in tune with yours
I am overcome by the power inside me
The power Yeh the power of your saving grace

Tears of shame and unworthiness roll down my face
The pains of this world with hurt so near
Desperately I ask for you to show me the way
So when the last tear I cried has dried
My heart yeh my heart would know you are here
Well Gosh 3rd try

Teks challenge has became personal now. Everytime I turn around there is a hiccup in my giddyup. Anyways Thanks Laz you insired me to post this next one and hehehehehe I will try real hard to write a story of credibility.
What’s “Beautiful”

Morning sun on glittering sea
Forests wet in dew
Clouds below a mountain peak
If the eye is
What you seek

Colors of a rainbow
Lightning from the sky
Sunsets in a desert place
Maybe pleasing
To the eye

Beauty is more
Than what you see

Whisper of the wind
Birds in the park
Waves on the ocean
Crickets in the dark
Echoes in your ear

There’s more to beauty
Than what you hear

Cool breeze in a summer’s eve
Sunshine on the back
Mud between the toes
Maybe this is something
Of how your story goes

Beauty is more
Than our sense of feel

Let’s combine these three
Then you will begin to see
What beauty is
To me

Smile on a Childs face
One unafraid to die
Joy of undeserved grace
These are things that
Catch my eye

Sounds of rejoice
Upon answered prayers
Chatter of family
Gathered for a meal
Children laughing in the park
These I hold oh so dear
The beauty in what I hear

Sound of a baby cooing
Song of a mothers lullaby
Whispers of tenderness
Is as echoes in my ear

Hug from one who cares
Caress from a loving hand
Tenderness of a soothing voice
Feelings that you get
When you begin
Begin to understand

A love that is shared
A face with a smile
That didn’t have to go
For a extra mile
The beauty of all
Is what you seek

Look inside
Look inside
Before we part
To finding the beauty
The beauty of the heart
Yes I made it to day two. Do my little bhind wiggle to show my glee.hehehe
Now I hope I done a lil better than normal because like I'm sensitive hehehe GOSH.

Chin up as I stare in the mirror adjusting my tie while casting casual glances at the television behind me. News anchor blabbing on about water shortages in the lower U.S. when she was interrupted with an incoming call that blared Michael Jackson’s song I’m bad. Call id shows it’s my personal manager nicknamed shine box. I chuckle at my choice of a ring tone for him because as a retired Green Beret he would raise an eyebrow if I associated him to Michael Jackson. With a smile I grab my Stetson pop it on my head and turned to face the television. With a smile I state “answer” and the square jawed, baldheaded, clean shaven face of Terry appears on my screen.

“You left your horse double parked here in OKC” shine box states with a faint smile
“Good morning” I reply with a wink.
“You have a busy day slim so you best be saddling up and do you think for once you could leave that hat behind before someone knocks it off” adding his never ending obsession with my hat.
I counter with a serious “Go ahead cowboy up”.
“One day I just might have to do that” he grumbles then quickly adds.
“But in the mien time you have to be here an hour before the ceremony to be interviewed and then after that you have to fly down to Houston to meet with NASA in the morning’.
“Good Golly I just can’t help but think all this could be done over the television” I whine.
Shine box laughs so loud it distorts the audio on the television!
“Well cowboy next time you will think before you invent won’t you.” He adds after his long winded belly roll.
“Absolutely, I will find a patsy next time”. I reply.
“Honestly I think you’re needed in Hollywood to kick the dog and cry in your beer since that’s what you cowboys do” he says with an ornery twinkle in his eye.
“Don’t play me out like a rhinestone cowboy because there is a difference, but you know I heard they need a star on the set and maybe the shine off your head would fit the bill” I promptly fire back.
“Your funny kid but you cowboys look so much alike how can us average Joes know the difference” he asks?
“Pretty simple, It’s the attitude we carry” I reply.
With a boisterous laugh he snaps back at me “What you have is not an attitude but more like a chip on your shoulder looking to be knocked off”.
Chuckling I retort “Everyone is looking for you to knock off their chip I swear but it’s the motto we go by kind of like hoorah is to you”!
“Motto” he asks?
“Grab life by the balls! The difference is our walk of confidence because one thing a cowboy will do is grab the bull by the balls and be serious when they do it” was my instant reply.
A belly roll of laughter reverberated my audio in fluxed with a Get serious between breathes, ending with me raising my voice above his humorous laughter stating.
“Glad to add some laughter to your day. Granddads birthday bash at the ranch this weekend and every year Aunt Bunny and other rancher’s wives cook us up all sorts of goodies with mountain oysters being the local favorite. I can put you and your wife in the cabin on the upper end of the lake and then maybe you’ll understand”.
‘Oh plan on it buddy. I wouldn’t want to miss any lessons on a cowboy’s creed” He states still chuckling like I’m joking.
“Cowboys eating oysters ha-ha absolutely funny I hope their fresh” he states as his laughter dies down.
Now it’s my turn to grin from ear to ear as I proceed to put him at ease “Yes they are extremely fresh and then you’ll have a little understanding of our motto”.
“Sure cowboy, mark me down to attend” he states “and to change the subject the board voted to use your Life is a roller coaster as the company’s motto”.
I stare over at a plaque that shows my first roller coaster the HOLY CRAP. America’s first sequential stacked magnetic rollercoaster and I reply “Now that’s appropriate for us since that’s what started us”.
“Oh cowboy way more than that. You have turned the whole world upside down from energy to transportation.” Terry said carrying a solemn ring in his voice.
I smile as I should and reply “And to think even when I posted my findings no one would believe me except that Tulsa amusement park owner who was in the process of relocating. He saw what I had and helped me get this technology off the ground. Go figure a cowboy and the Carney joining forces to solve the world’s energy crisis.”
“Its not solved yet slim but close. Why just last week I was in Sacramento and the college kids floated a frog using your technology and now NASA wants to talk to you on how they may possibly use it to launch space craft.” Terry said as I watched him pinch his nose hairs and never winced.
With a cringed look on my face my voice wavered in reply, “Ah Yep, crazy days for us and to those who wants to figure all this out. Anyway any word on what the DOT is going to allow for maximum velocity on the P.D.M.’s”?
“Yes sir just yesterday they announced the proposed speed for the Turner to be set at three hundred and fifty miles per hour” Terry quickly replied.
“Damn why so slow when they know that there is no difference in the G-force up to five hundred miles per hour which up to that, is only point eight G and point two for every hundred there after.” I said with sarcasm.
“We are not politicians just go getters” was shine boxes reply.
Well I best find my way over to OKC and scoot my horse over, so I will see you in twenty minutes. I said ready to end this television call.
“I will not be here” shine box replies adding “I am going on down to Houston and I will see you there. Tony is waiting for you and will make sure you get to where you need to be.”
“Oh hell another green beret” I stated while rolling my eyes.
“Nope your way off he is a retired navy seal”. Terry said with a grin.
“Oh great well thanks for everything and I will see you in Houston and by the way the weatherman is forecasting sunshine so do you think you could where a hat?” I snickered back at him.
“Very funny Mr. Going to lose their hat when I see him” states shine box with a down right I am going to do it look.
Awesome thanks for the call and see you there I said hoping this conversation would end.
No problem cowboy I will see you in the funny papers.
Click and the news came back on the television.
Funny how life is like a roller coaster today a owner of Magnetic Propulsion Inc and tomorrow Oh well just so you know its not as fun going up, the fun is going down.
Hands up!
Dam it's hot

******oops*******oops*******oops*******oops* it’s hot! What I would give to pour a bucket of water over myself I mutter to myself as I squint down the rocky slope scanning for any movement. I gently pull myself up careful not to move my broke leg to much so I could take advantage of shade a little nook underneath a straight up mesa offered. I survey how I could best defend myself when those ******oops*******oops*******oops*******oops* redskins attack again. Killed the mule in their first attack and when they did it fell over on my leg breaking it. I killed a good number before they backed off into the rocks allowing me to crawl up into this hole. Shaking my head at the thought of what a big strike I had made prospecting. Pure gold lined quartz. Quartz so rotten it crumbled by hand easily. Dream of my life and sure as hell looks like the end of my dream. Here I am done for. By ******oops*******oops*******oops*******oops* I‘ll show them redskins that I will go down fighting and clawing cussing to my last breathe. I chuckle out loud and then curse thinking of an old story back in the day on earth about an old Dutchman and his lost mine. So uncanny that here I the captain of the ship Dutchman am stuck on mars fighting red alien bugs beside the richest strike this end of the galaxy. ******oops*******oops*******oops*******oops* it’s hot!
Wow Dale, I love what I'm seeing in your writing thread. Let me make a suggestion - you really should try sometime writing an actual screenplay, complete with staging and acting directions. Especially since you're such a visual writer.

Let me make some suggestions on your poetry. First - consider making it mostly four lines, like this:

Morning sun on glittering sea
Forests wet in dew
Clouds below a mountain peak
If the eye is what you seek

Also consider continuing the 7-beat trocheic pulse (trocheic = strong syllables are followed by weak) from the above lines throughout your poem. Here's your next paragraph as you wrote it:

Colors of a rainbow (6 beats. strong/weak)
Lightning from the sky (5 beats, SwSwS)
Sunsets in a desert place (7 beats)
Maybe pleasing
To the eye (7 beats if 1 line)

If you make some minor changes your poem can have a consistent rhythm pattern with the same number of syllables in each line - this is very desirable in poetry. Of course, it doesn't have to be trocheic, or a 7-beat structure, that's just what you started with but you should choose the one that seems best to you. Also, you CAN change the structure - but I wouldn't do so more than once. Perhaps starting with this paragraph:

Let’s combine these three (5 beats, trocheic)
Then you will begin to see (7 beats, trocheic)
What beauty is
To me (6 beats, IAMBIC, if 1 line)

You might switch to iambic. Here's one symbolic reason for doing so - iambic (weak beats followed by strong) resembles the beating of the heart.

By the way - I really love how you introduce an aspect of beauty, and then follow it up by saying basically 'well, wasn't that nice, but there's a lot more to it'. After the paragraph I quoted above, I think you should strive to really combine everything as much as you possibly can - overload your reader with sight and feel and taste and sound and every emotion tied in with love. (Iambic is also great for this task - 'take THIS and THAT and THAT and THAT and THAT!') :D

Thanks for the lift. Yeh I catch what your saying and I did have it as you suggested but I was kinda looking for a pause and knew no other way to reflect such. hehehehe thanx again!!! Ok I am excited that I made it to hump day on try three. So with this I add yet another tale. P.s when you see a book you see the cover. When you open the book you see the story. So when you open the story you see?
The window

When I started cleaning house I opened a window to allow a cool breeze to refresh the air knowing full well it opens easily but closes very very hard. As I started my day doing chores and after several minutes I noticed my cool breeze was failing me so I went to the room with the open window but to my surprise it was closed. I rubbed my chin and stared at this closed window in disbelief. I lift it open and try to close it and slowly with effort it closed. I shook my head and reopened the window and my cool breeze began flowing through the house. I check my watch and go back to cleaning. Carrying a basket of clothes I noticed the window closed again. I set down the basket and checked my watch. Thirty minutes. I sit down and ponder this baffling circumstance. Haunted ah man no way my family would run out so fast screaming if they seen this. They would for real! Not a good thing we got here. I raise the window again and sit down and watch with my thoughts running all kinds of scenarios through my head. I stare intently at the window determined to catch the culprit when I felt a faint vibration from the washing machine spinning clothes out. I jumped up to unload the washer and froze staring at the window ever so gently closing. Without a sound it shut. I open it again with a sigh of relief that I didn’t have to move or have my house exorcized. I now have the answer. And well so do you. Notice though that I thought the window had something negative, maybe just maybe its something we should be looking at more. The window.
Four Muhahahaha four days in a row Muhahahaha. I felt like the count for a moment there. Not much to say other other than ask if you wanna read a vision or something hehehehe.I pray I am not boring you all and well if I am hehehehe blink its over quick!

A beautiful spring day I was lying under a cottonwood tree with my trusty stead Buck who after twenty years was reunited with me. We had a wonderful breeze blowing cottonwood seed down like snowflakes Ah was so peaceful there under that tree with my horse next to me. I can’t explain what happened next! I don’t know if it was a dream or or if it really happened to me. But next thing I know a young man was standing next to me. I squeezed Bucks reins tight in case we had to make a break. The young man said he had something to show me. Well he did seem friendly and reassuring so I followed him past a man who had stars shining above his head. The stars had a shape that I couldn’t distinguish so I asked the man ahead of me what was with the stars above that guy’s head. With a crook of his finger he beckoned me to climb higher up. Well as I climb higher I noticed the stars starting to take shapes of things I knew. Never letting go of Bucks reins I followed him up to a high flat spot over looking a vast expanse. As I turn around to face were we had been I noticed all kinds of stars over a lot of people. Some were funny like the guy with the parting hair that flowed open and closed or the guy who had a ship rocking over his head. There was even one who had his stars twirling like a whip or something over his head. Wow I exclaimed enjoying what he was showing me. Look, I point with a giggle that guy has what looks like a fish flopping over his head. With a smile he points to one little star then he points to me. Are you telling me that one little star is mine? May I ask what that one little star is to me? He smiles and says nothing only lifts his hands over his head and makes a big circle and slowly lowers the circle to his head. Well like one star to show over my head isn’t much to brag about but there is more to this story. I smile and thank him for the star and he shakes his head and points up like he wants me to go higher. I turn to go up and I felt a tug on Bucks reins and he was holding them keeping me from taking Buck with me. He calmly assured me all would be well. So I let go of the reins as he turned around and stuck Buck in the ground. With a tear in my eye because he stuck Bucks foot in the mud I followed him higher always glancing back to see Buck down there stuck in the mud. I giggle again about the wavy hair guy whose hair parted down the middle and closed kind of like a neon sign.But I sure didn’t like leaving old Buck by himself after twenty years in grandma’s closet. Finally he stops and points back to where Buck stood stuck in the mud and above his head was a line of stars going straight up with no end. He points higher and I follow him. He stops and smiles and points back again and to my surprise there was a line of stars flowing straight up above Bucks head ending with oh my gosh with the face oh I am so tickled the face of Buck. With tears in my eyes I thank him for such a awesome sight and as he smiled back at me I was suddenly yanked by the back of my shirt up up higher and higher and as my feet flayed out and hands reached out Buck started fading blending in with the other stars. Now that man in front of me seemed never to shrink only what was behind him slowly shrank and gathered into a group. I holler Buck as loud and pleading as I could. Gently I was sat down upon a cloud with my feet dangling over the edge and I looked back and saw the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. There stood that man with all the stars of all the people shining and sparkling over his head like a king with a crown. I thought of Buck down there playing his part when it suddenly dawned on me why I was there. Over my shoulder I stated Proud Papa moment huh? Laughter rolled as thunder in the sky. So loud it vibrated me right of cloud slowly drifting me back past all that I seen and as I passed Buck I grabbed his reins as we floated to the ground. Now I seem to have landed right under that cottonwood tree with Buck faithfully standing next to me. But you see the problem with what I say on this very day is that with everything as it should there was mud yes mud on Bucks foot.
Kinda lazy tonite and looking forward to oreo's n milk so I will ad day five with this question. Is sunglasses required?

Flash on.
Flash off
Flash on
Flash off
Flash on flash off
Flash on flash off flash on flash off
Flash on flash off flash on flash off flash on flash off
Hotdog I found the switch! Flash on flash off
No more darkness because I found the switch.
Light on demand
Wait the light attracts nasty things I want no part of
But without the light I will be in darkness
I never had such a choice
Until now
I found the switch!
If I get scared of what the light attracts I will quickly turn it off.
Hide in the dark obscure
Then when it’s clear
Flash on!
Shine when I want
Flash off
Blend when necessary
Flash on flash off
Yes! The switch!