Tek's Writing Challenge: cc.slim

Yeh I know I know I should've started before the holiday weekend but I didn't and failed on my third attempt to write for seven days straight. I am going to be out of pocket this weekend so I best wait until I return to attempt the one week of writing. But none the less if no one minds I will post some things on my mind. Tell me have you ever had a day that was written in RED?
Day written in red. Part one: Fishing with pnut

Wow look at that sunrise pnut!
Beautiful isn’t it?
We sure have it great with the lake all to ourselves and it’s smooth as glass.
Wow! This is just wonderful!
What did you say? I can’t hear you.
Here let me slow down.
Now what did you say?
Oh yes lets find some fish.
How about over there!
Awesome lets anchor there.
Hey, I think the fish finder is broken because I don’t see any fish.
So do you still want to fish here?
Okay anchors away.

You caught the first fish? Right on!
What? You caught another already?
Ok now, you have been catching them nonstop for ten minutes and I have caught zero. Funny how the fish finder says no fish yet you’re plucking them out hand over fist.
Even funnier is the fact I have yet to get a nibble on my side of the boat.
Eight foot difference yet for some reason the wrong side of the boat.
Go pnut go! Catch them fish.
Will you share your side?
Thank you pnut!
Maybe I can catch a few.

Pnut, the little buggers are not getting the message because they nibble and I just can’t get a hook in them.
What did you say? Change colors?
Surprising they see only what they want to see.
Yes I noticed the color you are using.
Like how I could miss it since you keep plopping fish in the boat with it.

Wow! You have almost caught your limit of fish.
Yes I too noticed that they are all the same size.
Not one bigger or better than the other.
Yep! Size has nothing to do with quality.
Sometimes pnut your to wise for a kid your age.

Did you have fun?
Yes I did to.
Boy mom is going to proud of you!

Baja fish taco’s for all of us.
You mighty fisherman
Thank you pnut!
I had an excellent day of fishing
I know I can do this. I was close on the third try. hmm third oh anyway I now will focus on try four day one aka 4-1. And noooooo I wouldn't use an excuse to lengthen my opportunity to spam.:D
Day written in red.Part 2 The diamond

My name is Sam Smothers and I am a freelance reporter for any tabloid that will buy my stories. Now its true I have exaggerated on a few stories but the one I am about to write is true.
It begins with my arrival for an interview with the quizzical writer cc.slim that after several attempts accepted my request for an interview. I verify that the address I have written down matches the address on the door. The door has a sign that states ENTER IF UNLOCKED. I grasp the door and I enter.

I cast a cursory glance around the sparsely decorated office and my eyes fixed on the back of fellow leaning over his desk as if asleep. Above his desk a doll of Woody the toy story cowboy astride a big bass while waving a sombrero. Beside that was a buck deer skull with a kid’s pair of bright red reindeer antlers popping straight up and a broken arrow resting cradled in the horns. Propped beside the desk was a red toy stick horse with the name BUCK written on the handle. A big plaque adorned his desk with bold words that I found myself reading out loud.
If you would not be forgotten
As soon as you are dead and rotten,
Either write things worthy reading,
Or do things worth the writing
Ben Franklin the man says suddenly taken me totally by surprise.
As he turned in his chair he slipped a cowboy hat on and stood up to face me. I looked up to see this tall cowboy smiling at me from ear to ear like he was glad to see me.
Hi there young fellow my name is cc.slim and you must be Sam.
Why yes! Yes it is! I said trying to gain my composure.
Shaking my hand he asks So Sam please excuse me if I get right to it but what I can do for you?
Just a few questions that your readers would like to know. Like where do you get your ideas to write about I quickly ask.
Grab a seat Sam over there and pull it up to the desk he says.
While rolling a chair over to the desk I noticed his desk lamp on and two shiny objects lying under the light.
You know funny you should ask such a question he chuckled adding
I have here lying on the desk two diamonds with one real and one fake. Look close how this desk light reflects the same in both yet one is imposter. Both are very well cut and very clear of internal defects. Still one is phony.
What does this have to do with my question I ask bewildered?
Come on he says grabbing the stones and my arm and pulled me outside into the sunlight Excuse me! Maybe you can answer my next question if your uncomfortable answering the first question? I asked impatiently.
Without saying a word he holds them out in the sunlight and beholds the real diamond dazzled our eyes with light streams of icy blues and fiery reds in fluxed with beams of white. Beauty far and beyond the fake’s dull luster.
To answer your question is right before your eyes and put to heart. Then applying what your heart tells you are correct. He says with his eyes never wavering from the dazzling diamond.

Okay I replied stretching the word out upon my immediate thought of how I was going to fabricate something worth selling. Let me pose my last question. I ask while rolling my eyes while thinking to myself of where to begin to tell this story.
Why do you write? I quickly ask ready to end this and get out and make some serious money.
Because he says pausing so long I couldn’t help interrupting with my own question
Relax young fellow he curtly replied and listen to my day. Let me begin with I saw a beautiful sunrise. I was shown there was a wrong and right side. I learned that to reach one must find what can be seen. I found that not one is better than the other and all are of quality. I felt the joy of sharing and the shock of why.
Hold it right there I cut in asking. What do you mean shock of why?
This diamond, was in my wife’s ring he says while holding it out continuing but only this morning while I was fishing it was knocked out of her ring lost to the ground. She searched and searched and came up empty.
Then you came home found and became her hero. Finishing his sentence with what I had added up in my mind.
Contrary to that, I did nothing, sitting just as you found me dumbfounded. You see I had a wonderful morning and came home to feel sadness and to hear the hurt. I was handed the fake diamond to hold while she cleaned up her sale and to change clothes. Then she was going to go and have this fake mounted by the jeweler. You understand young fellow I felt her heart. Here one moment was given, next taken away. The only plan of action I could think of was to find her comfort and moments later she suddenly appeared in my doorway. Eyes glistened like diamonds from the tears of joy as she smiled at me upon handing me the real diamond. She proceeded to tell me as she was pulling down the garage door she took a moment in private closed her eyes and opened them only to stare right at the diamond shining forth in a brilliant blue. Now, given back. So Sam if you seen any of this with your heart then no more can be said and if you need more to be said then enough has been said.
He turns toward the doorway and steps partially in the door and turns to say.
I thank you for the visit Sam but I do have to sit down and analyze and understand all that was given to me today. I could see he was not going to give me the chance to ask or add anymore questions.
And as we stand there, at the doorway he asks me.
Young fellow what if your heart was like one of these diamonds would it shine like the real McCoy or fizzle out under pure light? Today this is what I leave for you to decide. He then winked at me and shut and locked the door before I could say thank you or anything.
Now I am having trouble adlibbing um fabricating or even attempting to change what this guy said because I think he’s nuts and in need of medication and writing anything but the truth about him would be insane on my part.

So where is my next sucker and heart why yes I have one and diamonds do sit well with it and I will let them do my shining for me. Bah! Crazy man and after I show you readers how goofy he is you can draw the same conclusion. He is, now what is happening to my pen or is it me. Does any one else see things written in RED!!
Well I can't post a hundred words for seven days. I do write everyday but I just can't post it (customer privey). I have learned about myself while writing that I feel I must share. 1. Go to skwool if you want to write.Proper educatoin will save you hrs n hrs of editing hehehehe. I do have two last posts on this before I give up.

Worry, stress, pains, of this world
Burdened with things untold
Weights of the mind nagging, haunting
But is never clear leaving you wanting

You think freedom is a phrase
Used to fool the mind
But freedom you search
Spinning you into a daze

Living by turns of life
Calling it twists of fate
Leading you day by day
Down a path strife

It makes me sad you see
To watch you struggle
Grasping for straws
Trying to gain, gain what is free

Lose the sorrow
Lose the pain
Nothing to lose
Everything to gain
Never worry about tomorrow

Release the world and come see
What it is like to be free
All you got to do is believe
See what you’re meant to be

Freedom has been given
With all its price paid
From bondage, from sin
Accepting begins your liven

Promises you see
Are true in me
Weightless and free
Smiling at what I see
Cause you see the freedom
The freedoms within me

Eyes see what is true
Relaxed on the world
Focused on the good life
All that’s lacked is you

Joining in honor
Eager to serve
Saved by grace
Under the throne
Shining together
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[pop] The Top

[SQeeek twist twist twist twist]
Dad gum it!
If I don’t get this lid off things will not be pretty.
[SQeeek twist twist twist twist]
Good Golly! I know for sure this is not a childproof lid.
[SQeeek twist twist twist twist]
Ok! Now I have a dilemma!
Its mid week and I am on dry!
Extreme need for a recharge!
All because of last Sunday at church.
You see at closing prayer I caught a whiff of Sunday’s breakfast burrito which opened my eyes immediately on pnut, whose head was down but had the dimples going big time. Now what caught my eye was not the fact that he gave himself away but how everybody looked while in prayer. They all had their heads bowed in such away that they looked like bottles. I blinked and they all had heads. I mean suddenly just like lids, they were smiling shaking hands fully filled. I rubbed my eyes and shook my head at the sight of vessels and I missed the out because well you know. So here it is the middle of the week and
Confound it! It is not funny when things get in the way of what’s inside.
[SQeeek twist twist twist twist]
I feel like I am going in circles.
If my eyes go crossed it’s because of this dad gum lid.
Oh I feel silly now.
I should have known.
You probably already did
But the lid!
So that means.
You got to [pop] the top!
The Tiki

Boots off! Here I am comfortably stretched out in a lawn chair on the deck watching the sun set after a hard day at work. Finally a blessing I get to enjoy.
My children are in and out of my very lazy field of view sometimes to the point of intrusion of my moment. Still my blessing remains.

The sun falls to where its light no longer casts a shadow. I stare up to the heavens as stars start peeking out of the left over light. I focus on a bare spot directly above me as I slap a bug. I get the hint, mutter to myself and lit the porch torch. I relax back in my little world of splendor and cast my gaze upward again.

My nose catches the smell of fading lilacs. My ears tune to the sounds of the night. The flickering of light in the darkness was like a beacon marking my blessing. All mine! There where the sky was bare was one lone star. I claim that one star as my light in the sky. My piece of heaven! My lamp marks the spot.

As I stare upward my children invade! Disturbing my moment leaving me to defend with bribery and cohersion and send them packing. Now as I lay back into my blessing I notice stars fleeing towards the bigger star as if there was a great battle. I shake my lazy arm in triumph and smile at my wonderful blessing.

Invasion imminent! I see a star moving slowly towards my small peace of heaven seeking to join or worse totally disrupt the sereneness of pure pleasure. As my star flickers in star code the other seems to flicker back. Will they fight for the rights for that spot or will there be peace and a sharing of that one spot there in the heavens.

My wife joins me on the deck and I smile. My moment and I love to share it with someone who can appreciate the moment. Together we were as one. Side by side eyes up towards the heavens we share one spot. I point to my spot in the heavens that I declared was mine, describing how it was bound by the light of my lamp. She smiles and comments that she couldn’t see what I was pointing at. She giggles at my goofiness and tells me it’s whatever I want I want to see and invites me inside with a wink. I reply with in a bit let me enjoy this just a little longer.

I gather my senses and focus on my light in the sky and noticed at what looked like another star exiting to the light of the bigger star that bordered my turf. Go! I say leave my spot. Ah! Back in my zone relaxed and content.

My lamp flickers to a faint flame as it begins its dying due to lack of fuel. I stare up at my star and its light never varied in strength yet my torch slowly faded to a glowing ember ending in a final gasp of smoke. I stare upward and there my star remained diligently shining in that empty spot in the sky. As I arise and begin the journey in doors I stop in the doorway and look back at my spot. My star in the sky that was once represented by the lamp, from my new angle, looked to be joining the bigger star as all the others did. My wife was right!
It’s whatever we want to see.
When we lay in the glow
Of the tiki light!
I really do have a story of credibility that I am trying to write but this stuff keeps getting in the way and I can't go on until this stuff gets mind dumped hehehehe sry. I am touching up the intro with high hopes it reflects a readers desire to proceed into the story. Hang in there. Chin up. AND SMILE!!!!
I am on my third edit/rewrite to my intro on the I wish I could write it book! so its on hold until it passes its next critque. Anyways just to ask have I wrote anything that made you smile or think? I can't help to want to write more goofy or more attempts at poetry. P.m if ness to avoid me being embarrassed hahahaha not that I would be cause a noob 4ever is 4ever.
squeeek awful quiet it n here sqeeek dang ninja's clikclik always on your back twisttwisttwist gotta avoid noobishment fire in the hole wOOt dang ninja's!
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Always plus one

Darkness upon darkness
Is as to be blind
From a world the world
You said you left behind

Light in this world
Is lightning in the sky
Can’t help but be noticed
By those that isn’t blind
Showing them the way
By shining way up high
The path they need to take
As lightning in the sky

Light adds it thunder
For them that has ears
The voice of the light
Is for those who have fears
To hear the lights message
A message without sight
All to hear it saying
From deep with in the night

For those that need feel
The light brings the rain
Like brail it is written
Written in the rain
Touching and cleansing
Of refresh be it known
The light bares its witness
That all that lives are shown

Holding out the light
For those who have sight
Speaking true with kindness
Guiding them who are sightless
Touching those that need to be
In awe of all that’s meant to see
In every way I try to be
I’ll try to reach….all three
I kinda attempted to mix goofy with rhyme hehehehe Yeh I'm sure Ya gotta a name for it hehehe kinda like Novelle and Novel or swish bang boom yada yada yada wOOt

Today I hunt prey in the sky
Net in hand and gleam in eye
Hinder and display with savage pride
The beautiful and elusive butterfly

Grasped as they move from here to there
Their destiny unknown or they would care
I pin them down and display behind glass
Label them accordingly to genus and class

I focus on one worthy of stalking
Down a path that I was walking
Its brilliance of colors and subtle hues
Leaving no doubt that this one is new

It fluttered around from flower to flower
Unhampered by the morning shower
It had no clue what was to come
As I sneak in closer to end its fun

I swoosh my net to catch my prey
Only to watch it fly away
It circled around only to land
Right here on the back of my hand

I watch it open its wings out wide
I could see clearly it was one of a kind
I reached over with my free hand
To clinch this deal you understand

It lifted its antenna as if to speak
Moving its wings to my heartbeat
The story it’s telling or song it sings
Looking at me while fanning its wings

I’m in a hard place can’t you see
The humbleness that’s before me
I have on my hand beauty untold
Wanting to keep as mine to hold

Flick of the hand and it fly’s away
To fly to you some needful day
A butterfly for you I did send
Free to fly, to fly in the wind

Now I’m catching my new prey
In a different kind of way
Things that flutter through the mind
I catch butterflies of a different kind

I try to catch his words with pen
Fluttering through my mind
And try to set them loose again
To fly, like butterflies.
OK as I promised something that I tried real hard on and think it is some of my finest work(gosh like maybe I shouldn't say that). This will be all I post on my book until it is finished. I really need input on the clarity and the enticement.
My intro to can u guess it book

Back in a time when a hand out meant a hand up. When laws made were felt to be just and protective. The American spirit, filled with pride began a time when the helping hand was pushed aside.

America was growing fast. The Prohibition, which was prepared to protect its citizens, became a paved highway for a different kind of protection. Unlike the Prohibition this protection would go above and beyond taxation. If confronted you will pay for this protection or else!

Today the hand out had to be filled with bribes, with guns turning aside the hand that once helped them up. The long arm of the law was not long enough to slow the corrupt growth of organized gangsters that fought for control. Using weapons and automobiles they spread from coast to coast choking all that stood in their way. Al Capone, Purple gang and those on their take were hell bent to dominate their markets.

The gangsters began killing all those that denied their authority and those that threatened their future. From roots they sprang up in New York, Chicago and Detroit growing outward, tenaciously feeding their ferocious appetite. The corruption spread like the connecting of dots from north up to Canada along down south to the border of Mexico. They stretched their arms from ocean to ocean squeezing out every drop of control that they could. There was no place that the thugs wouldn't go and there are some places maybe they shouldn't.

This story begins when corruption grasped too far. They chose to hurt those determined to pursue family and happiness. They scoffed at those who thought that laws would protect them. As a fist they clenched and squeezed unto their victims very last drop. Yet unknowingly that with in this last drop is where old heroes dwell and new ones are born. Squeezed under extreme pressure this last drop will shine like that of a diamond.

A story of when they reached to high.
With stories that were left untold.
That when they reached for the moon.
It had a price, a high price to its shine.

Thump thump
Thump thump
Thump thump
Thump thump
Heard with water
Thump thump
It becomes amplified
Thump thump
First thing you heard
Thump thump
And desire to hear again
Thump thump

I give up!
How can I do anything when the only instrument my family leaves lying around is a guitar with one string?
Get real!
I’ll run out of heart beats before the end of this!
I have the mama’s heartbeat while in womb.
Then birth causing separation.
Thrust into the noise pollution.
Yet one day you hear.
thump thump
The faint rhythm
Thump thump
Sound from living water
Thump thump
Leading you back to
Thump Thump
The Heartbeat

Hehehe. Leave a guitar lying around and I will make noise even with one string.
Surely making noise can’t be the only reason why I’m always in trouble. hehehe.
Oh look an amp. Not quite bedtime so “Let’s see if you can hear me now”! hehehe
Almost plugged in Bzzzzzzzzt!

“Slim! How do you plead” the questioned is asked?
I squinted through the sudden intense brightness to draw up the face of a bespectacled old man leaning over some kind of alter and seeing him opening his mouth asking me again.
“Slim! How do you plead”?
I rubbed my eyes, looked myself over and noticed I am in my pajamas. “Good thing everyone will know who I root for” I mutter to myself.
I could hear the tapping of his finger as I ignored him so I could glance around at what would have been a spotless white room save for a lady wearing a naval uniform and a young blonde haired girl whom was wearing a very pretty blue dress.
At that moment I decided that this was all a dream and prepared myself to abort and overwrite.
‘Slim! How do you plead” the question shot back at me with authority?
“I have no clue sir” I answered with a smile then added “What am I being accused of sir”!
“For crimes”! He replies sternly shaking his gavel in my direction.
My face dropped a tad as I uttered, “Crimes sir”? I hold out my hands outward and add “Why, there are no flies on me sir”!
“Oh ho ho clean as a whistle huh” he chuckled.
“Yes sir”! I reply grinning from ear to ear.
He lays down his gavel, points his finger at me and states “Its people like you that make this process take so long” then he looks down at big book he had before him.
“So you want to have a little fun with this” he says looking back up at me with that smile that denotes you’re in a heap of trouble.
“Of course”! “It is my dream sir” I state with a matter fact tone.
“A dream Slim” he says smiling? He then winks at me and while showing his gleaming smile he says “We’ll see about that”.
I smile back at him and think to myself crimes pffft.
“Slim, did you not steal a pack of cigarettes at the age of thirteen” he asked slowly trying to goad me with his verbal effects.
“Yes sir but I was a juvenile then and that can’t be held against me now as an adult” I admitted with confidence that I escaped that question.
“Your funny kid” he replies before looking back at the book and chuckling some more.
“I see here you lied to your mom just last week” he says looking back up at me shaking his head no yet still smiling.
“It was for her own good, I didn’t want to hurt her feelings” I said feeling the lie was justified.
“Aw righty then Slim”, he chuckled then he continued “I also show here you had lust in your heart”.
“That wasn’t lust! I was just admiring the view sir” I replied in self denial.
“The view you say” he repeated just before he let out a huge belly roll laugh that settled down to him asking another question “So with just these little things I brought up, if in the real world were you to be asked, what would you say”?
“Are you trying to get me to say I’m guilty” I asked trying to pester him with the nodding of my head?
“That’s what I wanted to hear! Guilty!” he exclaimed loudly as he slammed his gavel down creating an echo that resembled thunder.

“Nice effects” I remarked waiting for something else to happen as he looked back into his book.
He looks back up at me smiles, removes his glasses and states “Slim you are one lucky man to be standing here in front of me right now. That could only mean you have sought legal council before being brought here before me. Take a seat and wait for your council to arrive” he finished waving his gavel in the direction of the other two people.
“What council” I asked while looking around the room. The gavel pointed me to the seat next to the young girl, so I took the hint walked over and sat down beside the pretty little girl who was dressed so nice.
“Hi there” I said leaning over so I could smile at both.
Only the little girl turned in response.
“Hi” she said in a hushed voice
“So why are you in here” I asked looking into her eyes catching the light beams move though the blueness of her pupils.
“Same as you” was her immediate response.
“Quiet in the courtroom” the old man shouted out, then pointed his white frocked arm at me and says “Slim don’t make me put a gag order on you like I did to her” pointing over at the naval lady whom sat facing forward rigid as if made of stone.
“Yes sir” I replied with a wink and then muttered under my breath “It’s just a dream”.
“It’s not a dream Slim” the little girl said while looking at her lap.
Now I was about to ask her what she meant when suddenly a man appeared in front of the old man dressed in a fine business suit. The old man asked the same question to the business man that he asked me.
“How do you plead”?
The business man fumbled his words way down low where I could not hear him so I turned to the young girl to ask her what she meant by my dream not being my dream.
“What do you mean this is not a dream” I asked softly.
She answers real quiet with a question “What was the last thing you remember Slim”?
“Let me think well I was playing with a one string guitar and I remember giggling and saying Oh of great joy let every body hear me now as I was plugging in an amp. I don’t remember anything after that, but from the looks of me I must have gone to bed”.
As I watched her mouth open to respond the old man yelled guilty and a loud crack of thunder pierced the room causing her to suddenly look down. I turned about to face the old man whom was looking at his book and the business man was gone.
In a whisper the young girl said “He was number nine”.
I turned back to her raising my eyebrow at her comment.
She looked up at me and as if she read my face she continued “She was number one” gesturing with her head at the naval lady. “I was number two and you were number eight and all the others came and went like number nine just did. They just disappear in the thunder”.
“So why do you say this is not a dream” I asked not quite sure what to make of people going poof in to oblivion and obsessed with the information she has about my dream.
She smiles and states “I was nine when I got sick. I lost all my hair by the time I was ten then a week before my eleventh birthday I was so sick I could not move and Mom and Dad put me in the hospital where I stayed constantly connected to machines. Mama told me just before I went to sleep every night to remember everything that she has taught me and to hold on to the promise”. She closes her eyes and as her smile disappeared she looks back into my eyes pleadingly and says “I fell asleep and please Slim, don’t tell me it’s a dream please! Then with her arms stretching up “Here I have no tubes, no pain and look” she says swishing me in the face with her long blonde hair.