Trial of the Crusader (10) - Mon. 8/24


After a few (ok more than a few wipes) we finally got through phase 2 (those nasty Jormungar worm twins) in the Northrend Beasts fight. Icehowl (phase 3) then went down without a struggle. Great effort as people were getting tired and losing their focus a bit. We pulled it together and got through.

We "took a look" at Lord Jaraxxus and were able to three shot him down for the win. He (IMHO) is a much easier fight than the Northrend Beasties. Not sure if we'll pay the Faction Champions a visit before the next raid lockout but please look up the fight if you are interested in attending. Great strats & videos on and

The event is up for next week on GEM and I'll be prioritizing invites for those that stuck it out during our wipefest last night.
Hey Folks,

My daughter has a volleyball tournament on Friday night. So for this coming weekend (18th-19th) I have moved the Trial of the Crusader 10 run to Saturday night. Hope that doesn't cause too many problems for you all. :)
Faction Champions

I joined the krazy kids from the Numdskulls last night in TotCrusader 10 on my hunter. We breezed through the first two bosses but got held up at the Faction Champions. From what I understand, they can be a bit of a struggle. Here's a link to Tankspot's video and strat:
In its 10-man version, you fight a group of 6 out of 14 possible NPCs of your opposing faction with at least one healer. Each NPC has approximately 400k health. They have most if not all of the same abilities as a player of the same class would, and they will attempt to snare and lock down your raid members. All NPCs have an Aura that reduces their damage taken from AoE spells by 75%, so single target them down.
When you first engage the fight, the champions will jump down from a corner of the arena depending on your faction. Be aware they don't enter through the gates.

Our raid composition consisted of a Prot Warrior, 2 healers and 7 DPS.

The NPCs behave like a coordinated arena team and they'll attempt to focus one person at a time. If your opponent configuration is melee heavy, they'll prefer to focus down cloth wearers. Fortunately, each cloth class has an ability to temporarily drop their threat - Fade, Soulshatter and Ice Block. They'll be your best friends.

Your opponents are suspectible to Crowd Control, but PVP duration and diminishing returns are in effect. Be aware that the same goes for taunt, so it should only be used to save a clothie from getting murdered. We only used CC right at the start and when healers were in trouble.

For us, it was easiest to focus down the healer while having our clothies kite the melee NPCs around as best as they could. When the melee started focus firing a target, we concentrated our healing on that person.

Interrupts and dispels as well as concentrated focused fire are of utmost importance. Analyze your opposing team ahead of the pull and set up a fitting kill order with healers either dying first or having a set interruptor on them the whole fight. We found it more effective to burst down the first two targets as quickly as possible instead of wasting much time with CC, but it's really up to your raid synergy which route you prefer to go.

While this is a PVP-style encounter, resilience gear isn't as useful as it may seem. Losing the ability to focus down your targets quickly results in dragging out the fight, and your healers won't have the same mana efficiency they have in PVE gear.
Sounds like a "fun" fight and I'm looking forward to it on Saturday. Let's not forget our friends the Jormungar Worm twins (Acidmaw & Dreadmaw). They have given us fits in the past so let's get through the Northrend Beasties asap so we are fresh & perky for Lord Jaraxxus and the Faction Chumps. :D
When I did TOC10, the Faction Chumps were by far the most difficult fight. Of course, we had a bad configuration: Resto druid, Resto Shaman, Shadow Priest, Warlock w/Felhunter, Arms Warrior, Ret Pally, maybe something else in there that I don't recall -- is it 6 or 7 enemies? -- but it seemed to me that after doing the Chumps, the other two bosses were easysauce in comparison.
Hi Everybody,

We had a couple of new folks with us on Saturday which slowed our progression down a bit. We did get through the Northrend Beasties (after struggling on the Jormungars again) and we got Icehowl down with only 2/10 toons alive. :D Lord Jaraxxus was two-shotted and we got to take a look at the Faction Chumps (who made quick work of us). As a whole, with a couple of new toons and a bit less DPS than optimal we did a good job.

I'd like to pop a reminder here on what I expect of peeps for this run. If you'd like to be a regular please be prepared with the following:
  • Check out & learn the fights on or We are working on the Northrend Beasts, Lord Jaraxxus, and the Faction Champions.
  • Be prepared with Flasks and Food for your toon. Some folks will bring Fish Feasts, but ultimately it's your responsibility.
  • Be running the appropriate mods: Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs and Omen at a minimum. Others that may be of use include Recount, Grid, and I schedule my Events on GEM (Guild Event Manager).
  • Is your toon geared? I'm looking (with exceptions) for you to pull a score of 2,200 or so on
  • Finally, signing up/expressing interest is NOT a guarantee of a spot. I will give priority to people who have come in the past and paid their dues wiping a bit the first few weeks. Then I will base it on classes/roles needed, gear level, and sign-up spot.
  • Friendly loot rules - one item per run unless no one else wants/needs. Main spec first and off-spec rolls 2nd.
This run (as GEM seems to be a bit-buggy with how the new instance servers are off-set) will be on Fridays starting at 7 Server. Please sign up via GEM, send me a PM, or pst me in-game if you are interested.
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bob it up for tonight since it resets tomorrow, she does need more range over melee, can be one tanked
ONYXIA!! (Cont)

Onyxia's Raid lockout was swapped to Tuesday's (like all other raids) on Wed's Server Restart.

I'm still planning for a guild run of Onyxia for Friday before we hit Trial of the Crusader 10. Ony is a relatively simple and quick fight. Nice loot and 3 x Emblems of Triumph, it's about a 20min run. :D