Unreal Monday


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In case you haven't been following the thread in the general forum, we are going to start having an Unreal Monday every week :), as well as TF2sday, Left4 Wednesday and CoD Thursday. To my knowledge all game nights will start around 8:30 est.
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GGs tonight guys!

I know we had Keero, Tek7, Capt_Tea, DannyMeister, and myself in there for a while. Good times. We had the server full or close to it for quite a while too. :D
GGS :D. We had the server full a couple times. Good turnout! Thanks for hangin in there Bakey :p.

PS: I put the talking icon/Chat bubble thingy on the server so we can see when peeps are typing.
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I had a lot of fun for the early games that I was able to join! Bakey, that was the first time I've seen you in-game, you are a good player! Can't wait for next week :)
Bakey, that was the first time I've seen you in-game, you are a good player!


I felt like I was playing horribly, but that was literally the 4th time I'd played online. I need to work on my movement and aiming a lot. I'm so used to playing UT2k4 I kept trying to dodge-jump all over the place. That and the weapons are different enough from UT2k4 that you really have to play a bit differently. Here's hoping I get better! :D
The server is ready to rock for next Monday. BTA(aka TAM) and BFA(afa FREON) are now on the list of gametypes we can play and all bugs are resolved as far as I can tell ;)
Hi Guys, I am back, Sorry I missed out on the Frag Fest last Monday but we were Moving Furniture in the Rain till 02:00 AM[Yes I would rather have been Gaming], Cap and I hit a Round tonight and my Ping is H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!!!!!! due to this New Snail Speed ISP, I do alright in COD 5 but its not as fast paced, Hope to see you all on Monday Night[If I don't fall asleep, its 02:30 in Germany time] .

Bakey, glad to see you finally got into UT 3 and Yes the weapons are Different to UT2K4, some have a cool down time and who doesn't miss Double Jumping or Wall Jumping :p
Is the event really starting two hours earlier this time? I thought I saw that on the steam event. That would probably be good for Black Beard :) I was going to encourage some of my non TOJ friends who have the game to come play with us.

[...] and who doesn't miss Double Jumping or Wall Jumping :p

I'm glad they left double jump and wall jump in UT3, but I actually like it that dodge jumping is gone. Makes the action a little more up-close like it was in the good old days of UT.
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brrrr , seems like i got quite cold at times
be sure to get the steam update for UT3 before you can play. I had to wait over an hour until it finished.
had an awesome time.
Sorry I missed out last night, I really wanted to be there but I had to get up this morning at 0530, and Bro don't complain, I have been updating for 30 minutes now and am at 15% OUCH!!!
My brother-in-law came over for dinner and to hang out last night, so that's why I wasn't on for Unreal Monday.

I plan to be there next week with my A-game to play either Freezetag or TAM, w00t!
unreal errday!?

Unreal is ERRDAY (everyday)

(this is yourfatmama - game nick, not insulting your mother, esp around mother's day!)
COD thursday? hmmm...i'll let my peeps know as well, the other "fats" and k-dubb who rolls with us too. trying to get them into UT3 on the TOJ svr too, but theyve had some hurdles updating.

i did as well actualy, reinstalled and figured out that i had to clear my configs...