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Ursen one of our oldest members and our steadfast poster of daily verses has not posted since September 27. I fired off an e-mail to him November 24th asking but as I haven't gotten a response I'm posting here. I know I'm prone to my imagination getting away with me but if anyone has his contact info could they possibly contact him and see if he is ok. Possibly one of his Guild Wars friends has a means to contact him?

A prayer could not hurt either.

I'd like to say I managed to read all his daily verses but, though I did try, I honestly only managed 1 in 3~. A few weeks before Halloween I started pushing harder than normal to get something done, still haven't, so I hadn't been reading them at all, not an excuse but it's the reason I didn't notice. I know he had just gotten through getting a bank loan to help some families out but not much else.

Miss you Ursen :/ . I pray you and your wife are safe.
same as kenrik.... weird question, does anyone have his IRL contact info to reach out?
From what I was told it wasn't health related, nor an emergency.

However, one person said we should be praying for him, so please keep him in your prayers.
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