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I am Agavon - I lead "Last Endeavor LLC" I am also the alliance leader of Optimistic Wastland (yes I spelled it wrong errrrr) - we do not own structures right now to avoid war - I am on a 6 month path to either negotiate sovereign space or to take it.
Bought Bastion for $3 on the Switch and caught up to where I left off on the PC version (which I bought in 2011) in a single night. Love the combat. I just never made it very far in Bastion for some reason. But now it's okay, because I can play it ON THE GO~

Went ahead and bought Transistor on Switch, too. Only $4, yo! Same story as Bastion: Bought it years ago (2015 in the case of Transistor), enjoyed what I played, but never made it very far. Haven't started Transistor, though. Want to finish Bastion first.

Getting ready to start the third palace in Persona 5. I feel like the game has finally (FINALLY) started to click for me. Really looking forward to what comes next.

Still enjoying Team Fortress 2 on TF2sday game nights with Tribe of Judah. :)

And, of course, still playing Puzzle & Dragons.
Played alot of Vermintide 2 this week. It's a pretty good time waster. Also, finally got 4 folks together to play Star Trek Bridge Crew. If you're a Star Trek fan this game will pretty much send you into a nerd fit! Trekkie's should definitely give it a shot. Rounding out the week, I squeezed in some more time on Mount & Blade: Warband (another Class A time killer) and, of course, a game of NBA2K19 a day to keep actual exercise away! :p
Been playing Side Hustle Simulator, but it's not a simulation. Place I help is in need of serious, time sensitive help, so I've been doing what I can. Extra cash is nothing to complain about, but has come at the cost of pretty much all my game time.

I did, however, cap a toon in DC Universe Online on Switch. Started on the CR grind and immediately went "buuuuut... not actually that fun." When playing games where grinding is actively enjoyable, it's harder to go back to this than I thought it would be. Probably uninstalling to reclaim the 24GB and focus on other games in the backlog instead.
Got a little bit of time in with Warframe, mostly when playing with coworkers. I've now got a Nezha in the oven. Pretty excited about that.

Also put some grind in with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. I rebuilt my team (Miles on point, Wolvie, Crystal, and Star-Lord starting from super low level) and have been running trials to get them bumped up. Moved them from level 7 to 18. Gotta get them all up to 30ish so I can continue in the campaign. I refuse to drop difficulty level and would rather grind. lol
Getting back into Eve, stepped away from leadership and joined a new group. Just to be face palming all day long at thier bad decisions. Looks like ill be getting back into leadership again.
Still Puzzle & Dragons.

Been making progress in the third palace in Persona 5. I'll get through this game eventually. Someday. Probably.

Played through the first 2 levels of Celeste and enjoyed it much, much more than expected, even though it's just as difficult as reviews say. Cleared the B-side for the second level and wanted to quit the game and all hard-as-nails platformers forever. Planning to go back to it, but I made an agreement with myself and for my sanity that I won't play any more of the B-sides.

Played some Golf With Your Friends with CGA peeps last Friday. Good times!

Recently wiped and reloaded my Pixel 3a so I could root it because of my SEETHING, BURNING LOATHING OF YOUTUBE ADS. It burns with the fire of a thousand suns. Decided to skip reinstalling most of the games I had installed before the reload (Another Eden, Dr. Mario World, Pokemon Masters) because I barely played them. Still got PAD, Monument Valley 2, and Wordscapes.

Still dreaming of a day I go back to Guild Wars 2. Or Destiny 2. And I've stalled on Bastion again. And didn't start Transistor on Switch yet. At least I should be able to play Bastion again soon.
Back on Warframe. My workmates helped me farm materials to build Nezha. Last night was my first time really getting to take him for a spin, and he's suuuuuuper fun. Had so much fun I find myself wanting to play Warframe again even outside of play time with workmates.

That's about it, though. Probably did a little grinding on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, but I've been putting more free time into reading my Star Wars books than gaming lately.
Side Hustle: Real Life Edition took up a bit of time in the last week. Played a little Warframe. Working on star chart progression/main questing right now.

The big winner on game time has been Yakuza 0. Game's been gripping. No complaints about picking it up/starting on it. It's obviously not a game for everyone, but it's hitting a lot of right notes for me so far. I keep wanting to play more.
Still Puzzle & Dragons.

Bought Untitled Goose Game on the Switch after my daughters watched a trailer for the game and persuaded me to buy it. Played some last night and I think I enjoyed their reactions to gameplay more than the gameplay itself (which it also quite fun).

Making sporadic progress in Bastion on the Switch and Persona 5 on the Playstation 3.

Gave up on getting a modded Skyrim to work and just downloaded Enderal instead. Considering buying Skyrim Special Edition when it goes on a crazy good sale ($10 USD or less) if only to avoid hassling with fixes to allow the game to use more than 2GB RAM.

Uninstalled the Battle.net version of Destiny 2 and installed the Steam version to get ready for October 1. Looking forward to playing again!
Got to start on Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age on Switch. Eager to play. Have barely played.

Not really any progress on Yakuza 0, either, and that makes me low-key sad.

Did get weekly Warframe in with workbros, though. At a point where my Nezha means I keep away from death and Hek can actually dish out a reasonable amount of damage. I'm not rocking the scoreboards, but I'm actually carrying a little weight with my crew for the first time since I started with them.
About the same as last week, I think. Side Hustle Sim: RL Edition was again the number one consumer of time that could have been spent on gaming. Made a little progress on FFXII and got my weekly Warframe in. Hoping to play Destiny 2 with bros from seminary tomorrow night. We shall see how things go.
Still Puzzle & Dragons.

Finished Untitled Goose Game and revealed additional in-game to-do lists. My daughters and I loved the ending. Hoping to play more soon.

Played in this week's TF2sday event on the Tribe of Judah server and had a blast. Shout-out to @The Mighty Gerbil for all the work he puts into the server, game nights, and fantastic invite spam.
Back on Pokemon Go. Put in the work to clear out enough items that I could visit Pokestops again. Not going particularly ham on the game right now, but have it back open.

Honestly, don't remember what else I've played this last week. Spent too much time sleeping instead. lol

Oh! But I did put a solid two hours into Destiny 2 with seminary bros as hoped. That right there was a great time. Would like to do more of that.
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ummm... Eve Online and NewEgg Window Shopper. Hoping for some nice BF/CM deals this year. Would really like a 3600-3700x with new MoBo and RAM.