Where My People At?


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Sad that the last post up in here was almost a month ago. Where y'all at?

If I were at home, I'd totally be playing right now. Alas, being a thousand miles away from my machine makes that impossible.

...curse you, final semester of undergrad.
I was a victim of the hard drive space needing and the obsessive TF2 playing.

I may install it again though for the Keero Quality Time but IDK my play time has been to much and my mapping time has been not enough lately.
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Hear hear! Even if I had my PC here, I doubt I'd have time to play. School, work, and ministry... and the need to get everywhere on foot... results in not a lot of game time.

Alas. Christmas break will come, breaking joys of game time with it.

...well, for me anyway. >.>
I've been obsessively playing whack-a-mole with Gerbil in TF2. Unfortunately, the mole (or Gerbil) carries a large surgical blade.

My gaming works in phases. I tend to play one game to the exclusion of others for a time before switching to the next. The current flavor is TF2.
Interesting, I'm sampling the same flavor as everyone else. Except 1.8 Minecraft just came out so I'll be sampling that one for a bit I'm guessing. :D

But, I was on Champions and have to go down in that drain. And, well, I'm .... skeered to go by myself. :eek: So, I've not played much cause that's my mission and I'm not up to completing it.
1) I'm trying to find a local box that's not $30.
2) Taking 13 credit hours / being on campus all day means I don't have a lot of time to do anything else besides study.

I reallllly want to play, but can't find the time currently.
Bruh, I understand.

I'm killing homework for the last several days. Done nothin' but it for the most part. All this so it doesn't kill me in the coming months, though. Can't wait to get in the clear.

...though it'll still be a while until I graduate and get to go home. I won't be hittin' up Champions... or just about any game for that matter... until then. :(

I totes wanna play some Champions, though. Urk.
I used to play, but that was a while back. I lost interest in it. I could not level any further with my main character, because for some reason I could not get the quest to continue on. Probably a bug (I once had one during a quest where the second key did not drop, even if I cleared all the rooms out).