wotlk spec

yeah i havent had to pop into it unless im farming and am to lazy to stop and drink
im really not seeing mana issues as Bm either. I am really really loving my new amounts of dps because last night in MH i was doing roughly 1500 dps on trash and boss attempts and ahead of everyone including all the mages and stuff.
i still need to go against a MM hunter that is simliar gear to see how it goes but so far im loving the amount of damage.

right now im actually using my cat instead of an exotic..which i know doesnt make any sense but the 4 points from the talent i think is nice and that point wont really matter if i put it somewere else
Untill today using a cat was fine they did some of the best dps in the game as far as pets went cause of Rake and its stacking ability. If it happens this patch or one that hits shortly non exotics like cats are going to be getting a nerf. Blizzard wants exotics doing about 10% more dps than nonexotics to make the 51 pt talent more appealing without boosting BMs dps even more, since hunters are already topping dps charts at lvl 80.
from what i have heard they nerfed that to more like 2-5% dps increase which is nice but lvling pets is a painful process
Here are the pet changes that either went through on tues or are going to go through soon:

Swipe (Bear) focus cost reduced from 25 to to 20. Damage increased (60-84 to 90-126 for Rank 6)
Snatch (Bird of Prey) focus cost reduced from 40 to 20.
Gore (Boar) focus cost reduced from 25 to 20. Damage increased. (122-164 for Rank 6)
Rake (Cat) focus cost reduced from 25 to 20. Damage lowered. (From 59-83 + 21-27 over 9 sec to 24-34 + 22-28 over 9 sec)
Fire Breath (Dragonhawk) now has a 20 yards range.
Froststorm Breath (Chimaera) focus cost reduced from 25 to 20. Damage increased. (64-86 to 128-172 for Rank 6)*
Lava Breath (Core Hound) focus cost reduced from 25 to 20. Damage increased. (64-86 to 128-172 for Rank 6)*
Monstrous Bite (Devilsaur) focus cost reduced from 25 to 20.*
Stamped (Rhino) damage increased (from 91-123 to 182-246 for Rank 6). Knockback reduced from 15 yards to 10 yards.*
Spirit Strike (Spirit Beast) damage increased. (from 43-47 + 43-47 over 10 sec to 85-115 + 85-115 over 10 sec)*
Acid Spit (Worm) damage increased. (62-88 to 124-176 for Rank 6)*
Thunderstomp (Gorilla) focus cost reduced from 25 to 20.
Tendon Rip (Hyena) focus cost reduced from 25 to 20.
Savage Rend (Raptor) focus cost reduced from 25 to 20.
Ravage (Ravager) damage increased. (89-125 to 106-150 for Rank 6)
Scorpid Poison (Scorpid) focus cost reduced from 25 to 20. Damage lowered. (From 85 to 45 for Rank 6)
Poison Spit (Serpent) focus cost reduced from 25 to 20.
Spore Cloud (Sporebat) focus cost reduced from 25 to 20.
Lightning Breath (Wind Serpent) focus cost reduced from 25 to 20.
Sting (Wasp) focus cost reduced from 25 to 20

*Exotic Pets
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k the cat one hasnt gone through yet ause my pet was doing the same amount of dps last night at za as he was at MH.... he was actually in 4th overall i was proud of lil minisimba.
volley is awesome now. with a good enough tank (like sandric and angry in za last night) you can just spam volley for AOE pulls. watch it crit for 1.4k on multiple targets is so much fun.
Keep in mind 1 thing when doing things like MH. Volly degrades the durability on your ranged weapon. Before the patch this was never a factor since we never used it. Now though it does reduce weapon durability and can potentially break your weapon, which if that happened right before a boss fight that could be a very bad thing. It is one of the many bugs with hunters that I hope Blizzard fixes soon.
well i always make sure to repair before raiding.... and for the most part we have wonderful guildies bring either repair bots or we have thingsl ike MH... durability doesnt bug me. im happy with the insane amount of dps you can put out with volley now
i went up against a ret pally with 5peace T6.
to say the least he out DPSed me by alot in heroic shatt halls.

altho durring single mob fights and bosses i did beat him by 300 dps.

but man, he was nuts.
o on first day the patch came out i went to h mgt with a warrior tank, ret pally, druid heals and a boomkin.. it was INSANE
the warrior tank was doing like 1100 dps the ret pally was doing 2000 dps the boomkin was doing like 1300 dps i was in 2nd with 1515... it was just plain out INSANE we cleared h mgt in 25 mins it was insane!
mmk so i just did a test with 3 dif specs... my spec, mastas spec and boimlis spec...
as bm i did 1349.6 dps, MM 1247 dps and surv 1004 dps
my pet did 525 dps as BM 232.5 dps as MM and 149.9 dps as surv
Buimli I just looked at your spec on the armory and spotted 1 thing (well 2 things actually). With your crit rate you dont need 5 points in Hunting party, 2-3 will keep it up virtually the entire time during any boss fight (particularly when raid buffed). The other thing is cause Autoshots arent benefitting from Mortal Shots anymore we are actually gaining more dps by putting points in Careful Aim now, so i would move your points form Mortal Shots to Careful Aim and fill In Mortal Shots after WotLK hits, unless of course you find some more +hit gear and can move points out of Focused Aim. If you can find someone who had the old +hit scope form MC that thing is a lifesaver for building up your hit rating easily (+30 hit).
mmk so i just did a test with 3 dif specs... my spec, mastas spec and boimlis spec...
as bm i did 1349.6 dps, MM 1247 dps and surv 1004 dps
my pet did 525 dps as BM 232.5 dps as MM and 149.9 dps as surv

what was your shot rotation with my spec?
also what where you testing on?
Wow, I cant believe I had missed the hunting party thing. I remember I had planned to only put 2-3 points in it, but must have been half asleep when I did my spec and forgotten that. Thanks.
i was testing on the test dummies in sw... what i did for ever test was have my cat dash in and right when he got there put up a hunter mark and just dps till the mark ran out.

the shot rotation i was using was serpent,arcane,multi steady chimera with auto shots going off kinda w/e... that could of been why the MM dps was a bit lower was because of the shot rotation. if it was let me know of a better one and ill test it out again
Ok for MM shot rotations you are looking at this: Serp, Chrimera, (5-6) steady shot, chrimera, (5-6) steady shot,... If you have the Glyphs for TSA (+12% crit on Aimed) and Aimed Shot (-20% mana) then it pays to weve Aimed shot in there also. At that point it also pays to spec into Barrage and Imp Barrage. Multi-Shot is too mana hungry to use it on a regular basis and Arcane shares a cooldown with Chrimera so you dont want an Arcane cooldown accidentily screwing up the cooldown for Chrimera. Chrimera will also constantly refresh Serpent Sting so barring a mis at the end of the Serp timer you wont ever have to recast Serp again.

For Surv you want this rotation: Serp, Explosive, (3-4) Steady shot, Explosive, (3-4) Steady shot. Then start it over from Serpent Sting. If Lock & Load procs you break your rotation and and do 1 of 2 things either do ES, Steady, ES or ES wait a sec or 2 then ES again. Either pausing or placing steady between the 2 ES allows all 3 tics to go off without overwriting them with a new ES.

In all cases in regards to Steady Shot how many you use is going to depend on how much haste you have. If your Steady Shot is at the full 2 sec cast time then you want 5 before Chrimera REfreshes and 3 before Explosive refreshes. If you have Steady down to 1.5 seconds then you would have 6 and 4 respectively. Anything in between you are probably looking at the 6 and 4 also. That way your only dps pause is on Chrimera or Explosive and not in between all your Steadys.

Also if you are having trouble spotting when L&L procs all the time Boimli (like I was). I am using KHunterTimers. I have it setup so that it only shows the talent procs. I then EW, MT and L&L are the only things that show up on my screen in terms of proc timers. I placed the timer bars in the upper middle of my screen so its easy to spot them no matter what is going on, and still gives me a good view of the fight.
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Oh Boimli dont feel bad about the whole Hunting Party thing a friend of mine put a link in on this site www.talentchic.com, which looks at the builds of different classes/specs and lists which are the most popular (theory being they are the best cause of popularity). If you check out Survival the most popular build has Hunting Party maxed out. Apparently not many hunters have realized the crit/HP proc ratio either, or they all have truely terrible crit rates.