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    Building my son's gaming rig for christmas

    This looks great to me. You would be surprised what a good quality power supply can do. Yes, it is good to have a little extra headroom. But, I am running an AMD FX 8350 and a Radeon HD 7870 and even at max I still have a little room to spare with my 500 watt psu.
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    Favorite Songs and Hymns

    I have to say it is very difficult to narrow it down to only a few favorites. Here goes: 1."All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name" by Edward Perronet (1780), using either common tune: Coronation (Oliver Holden, 1793) or Diadem (James Ellor, 1838) 2. "Restitution Chorus" words and music by...
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    Favorite Songs and Hymns

    Kahiel, I agree with what you are saying. The theology of the of the hymn/song is very important, much more so than the musical style. Of course, the average person actually thinks the opposite. It is interesting that all of this is brought up right now, considering that I am in the middle of...
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    Alternative to YouVersion Android app?

    Olive Tree is definitely the way to go. They have the best interface of the dozen or so Bible apps of have tried on my phone. Of course, I have also been using it since the days of PalmOS and the Handspring Visor 13 years ago. I have always been pleased with the company. They also have an...
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    Some article concerning MLP

    I was going to add about Balaam's donkey and the rocks crying out, but it looks like Ewoks and Abba beat me to it, by many hours. Good job guys.
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    Some article concerning MLP

    So, I would assume that the authors of that article are against the Chronicles of Narnia as well. There is nothing wrong with using our imaginations. Actually, God-gifted, human imagination is seen throughout the Bible. No, there are not fictional, talking horses, but what about all the...
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    Quick introduction of myself

    Welcome aboard, Nate! Just wanted to let you know that I go into WvW on my own from time to time. Sometimes my family (also members of the guild) join with me. The two characters I am using right now are Cadeyrn Llywarch and Jabberwockee. If you ever notice that I am in WvW, or want...
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    Guild Missions + Joint Bounty with SoLA - Friday Apr 12th - 9 EDT

    I am hoping to join in with the guild missions tonight. Would love to do more fractals. Still working on the single digits...
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    Preschooler Bibles

    I will add a third vote for the Jesus Storybook Bible. Though the Big Picture Story Bible. We have both of them. My wife was a Christian preschool teacher for a number of years. The Jesus Storybook is for children 4 years and up, though my wife has used it for 3-year-olds. The Big Picture...
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    Legitnoob, to add to what you said, people in the churches simply aren't being taught. Not only are they not taught their purpose, but they are not taught the Bible. Many pastors do not even preach from the Bible, and when they do they only really give a self-help speech. To make matters...
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    Guild Bounty tonight?

    Well, if I'm on and am not doing fractals, I am happy to join in.
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    Guild Bounty tonight?

    I would love to join in tonight if I can. May be able to get two other guildies that don't usually group up on these things. Proposed time?
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    To a degree I agree with the others that the bigger thing here is revival. However, reformation may fit as well. Here's why. The Reformation of the 16th century was not intended to be a split from the Roman Catholic church, it was intended to fix the problems within the church. In the...
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    I hear ya. I have only just come back from a roughly 4 week hiatus due to moving. And with you moving twice so close together.... wow..... May God work this out for good for you, and for His glory!
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    Another Crazy Tech Question

    Since you are still having the shutdown issue after a clean install, there is definitely a hardware issue going on. I suspect something is going on with your motherboard, but not entirely sure on that. I would do a google search for your particular motherboard plus "not shutting down" or...