Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


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It's a fantastic game, enjoying it a lot. Possibly not enough playing to have a server just yet though.
Well, if there ever is, ToJ CS: GO players can contact me about ToJ renting a CS: GO server!


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Finally bought in while CS:GO is $7.49 on the Steam sale (which it still is for the next 27 hours... hint hint).

I like what little I've played a lot. Brevity of rounds is nice. With shooters, I tend to like to get in, kill or be killed, and get out... that or in huge scenarios a la MAG/Dust 514. The mid ground of 10-15 minute matches aren't my favorite. But I digress into personal preferences. Game's a lot of fun. Glad I picked it up. Doubt it'll be my gaming breath any time soon, but it'll be great to have around.

If there's interest in a CGA/ToJ server, I'd help pitch in. :D


I haven't picked up the game but I really enjoyed CS for quite a few years. Was in the game since 1.3b :)