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Fail Pug Raid Group


The goal of our raids is to progress in raiding the content while retaining our Christian values and having
good fellowship while doing it.

Raid schedule is Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:30 server time until 11:30 server time.

Expectations of our raid members:

Every raid member is expected to adhere to the following list below.

1. Every raid member is expected to be ready for invites 10 minutes to prior the start time of the raid. If you are not present for
invites without giving the raid leader prior notification your spot can be filled at the raid leader’s
2. Every raid member is expected to have flasks and the appropriate buff food for each and every raid.
3. Every raid member is expected to have watched videos and read At LEAST the basic boss abilities. When it comes to the raid, we will not be going over boss abilities, but going over our strategy.
4. Please be considerate and think of your fellow raid members.
5. Have fun!

Loot rules: Main spec before offspec, one MS loot per person until everyone else eligible has gotten a loot. Tier shoulders and helms are awarded first to those who it will give a 4 piece bonus to. BoE items must be equipped when awarded. BoE items not wanted by raid toons can be sold to alts at a fraction of the AH price.

Current Fail Pug Roster:
Meeno (Steve)
Haazda (Gavin)
Maataae (Ben)
Kromus (Austin)
Kemikalrx (Chris)
Jethiel (Joe)
Felstadt (Ryan)
Rippleroot (Darrin)
Esua (Adam)
Wend (Anita)

Substitute Roster:
Helicase (Darrin)
Lifebryngr (Jayse)
Electrobug (Ben)

Raid Members please post here that you have read this and agree to the terms above.
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I have read and agree with the statements above

Am I correct in assuming we will not have an alchemist to put down battle cauldrons? Good to know.
Hello everyone.
I have read the terms and I agree with them.
I am looking forward to raiding with you EXCEPTIONAL group of people. :)
I agree with all the of the rules above.

If you are in need I would love to sub on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Either on my 85 Druid Hlil or my 85 Hunter Jefferwin.

Thanks for the opportunity.
Yes that's correct. You are seeing 13 min on that Alysrazor fight...the complexity of the fight is just ridiculous!
Also to note on Alysrazor, I have chatted with quite a few other guilds who agree that Alysrazor is the second most difficult fight in FL, behind the Ragnaros fight obviously. Great job everyone :) Now let's get that far in one night!
I'm glad you weren't there to roll against Ryan on those shoulders...he had dps ones in his tanking spec so he needed them the most out of everyone in the raid. And yes, he is stepping up and working toward getting all of his gear enchanted, gemmed, everything as best as possible. Good to see a fellow raid member stepping up to do his part!
That's great to hear - it should always be about improving our raid group :) Just some of us are not getting drops so we are lagging behind...
Just so everyone knows, this Tuesday will be a LITTLE bit different on how we do boss fights. What will change? Shannox, Beth, Rhyolith, and Alysrazor. Why? It is needed to be done in order for me to move on in the legendary staff quest chain. How different? Not very, I will explain the difference before each fight and we will have 1 extra boss fight to do that is not too difficult and we should 1 shot it easily. Once that is done we can continue on with the raid night and by the end of the night I will be about 1/2 of the way through the entire quest chain. Hopefully I will be able to get it done before 4.3 comes out but that's only if 4.3 isn't coming out for a good 2 months or so. I look forward to finishing this part of the quest! :)