Fail Pug Raid Group

there's a chance I won't be there tonight... I have had some big issues come up involving my going back to Ohio this weekend, I hope to be there, I'll try to keep you up to date. Gavin can share what's going on in group tonight, prayers would be great.
Just want to point something out to everyone here. If you click Here it will take you to last night's log of our (H)Shannox kill. Jump over to the "Buff Gained" tab and look at his buff "Feeding Frenzy" as well as the debuff "Crystal Prison Trap Effect". He had less stacks and uptime of Feeding Frenzy and more stacks and uptime of the Crystal Prison Trap Effect than what I've seen us do from any kill that we've done in the past.

The coordination of last night (H)Shannox kill was unbelievable! Great job everyone. I can't stress enough how awesome it is that we did so well. Everyone did a great job at taking my tips of staying away from immolation traps and kiting him toward crystal traps that it made an incredibly large difference. Way to work as a team should!

/applause for Fail Pug
I am also here to apologize for my mistake in the Ragnaros fight that caused the wipe. I briefly mentioned in TS that I had been up for a while already - I was up at 5 a.m., drove 3 hours to work in another city, worked until 6:30 pm, quickly got to the hotel, had supper and logged on my laptop. Had lag issues until I got my iPhone tether to work instead of the 'private' network that the hotel gave me a password to. I was so glad to be able to raid with you guys but probably shouldn't have even tried due to my being so exhausted :)

So all my excuses aside I'm very sorry! I have already turned down next Tuesday's raid because it will probably be the same situation and it's not fair to the group if I am not on my game.

Great Shannox H kill though! good times!
Just an official apology to the group. I have been working out of town for the last 3 weeks almost completely steady and have had to miss lots of raiding time. I did share news last night that the company I work for is being bought out so I will officially be starting to work for the 'new' company coming up December 1st. I have been assured of my position in the new company (still makes me a little nervous) but have been told that our work is all within a 45 minute drive of home so I am very, very happy.

So I please ask each of you to consider a different alternative to "Joe's not here again; *grumble, grumble*" as I do love playing with each of you and miss our time of beating baddies, teasing each other, and having a great time overall. Rather consider that I am away from my family much more than I am away from raiding and I miss my wife and children dearly while working out of town. I would definitely appreciate prayers during this time as we are under incredible stress to get these two stores completely installed and ready to hand over to the customers by November 30th even though we are not the general contractors but the millwork and finishing carpenters for this job. I will be back to my jovial fail mage self in a couple of weeks...promise! :)

Hey everyone!

We are recruiting again for possible permanent positions and sub positions for the Tuesday/Thursday Fail Pug Group raid. If you have any interest at either filling a full time position or a sub position please contact me or Ben Lane (Maataae) in game by either an ingame mail or private message.

Thank you for your consideration and hope to hear from you!!

Raid spreadsheet

I have started a spreadsheet to track all the raid expenses and income. Also to track attendance for my own personal use.

It's a google doc and if you would like access to it let me know your email and I will add you as a viewer.
Hey guys,

I wanted to let you know that I'm not going to be able to commit to this raid group anymore. My work has picked up recently, as have my personal commitments, and I have something almost every night of the week now. There's no way I'm going to be able to keep Deydriena valor capped come the next patch. It's been fun, and I wish you luck as you go into Dragon Soul.
Current Roster

Kemikalrx(Chris) Prot Pally
Jezziut(Rocker) Feral Druid
Haazda(Gavin) Holy Pally
Maataae(Ben) Resto Shaman
Wend(Anita) Disc Priest
Meano(Steve) Fury Warrior
Esua(Adam) Survival Hunter
Slickrock(Karl) BM Hunter
Open - Balance Druid/Shadow Priest
Open - Mage/Warlock