Fail Pug Raid Group

so GREAT job last night everyone!!! Yea we didn't kill rag, but 15 wipes later we were dieing in phase 3 only... I think we can get 9% more damage done if Darren is alive the whole time, or if we are more awake, I look forward to next week, and the craziness it brings!
There is no such thing as success without failure.

There is a quote out there that was allegedly stated by Thomas Edison that says something along the lines of, "I did not fail 1,000 times. I successfully found 1,000 ways in which not to do it." We learn with each passing attempt.
Looking to Raid

Hey there. I would very much like to get back into raiding 1 or 2 nights per week, not fri-sun. I have 5 85's, Priest (Zeekee, best geared), DK and Pally (Chrio and Jerubbal, ok geared), hunter (Gedeion) and rogue(Tsaddiq). I don't know any fights but I'm willing to learn. Let me know if you need any of those roles filled and I will get that toon geared better so I can help out. I am not new to raiding, but I am new to raiding sense WotLK. Let me know if I can help or if there is a new group starting or something like that.

Thanks, Phil.
Phil I would probably say go ahead and look up the fights and gear like you are going to sub for something soon (getting all the best gear available to you from Valor and such) and then if we need a sub for a week and we know that you're interested and know the fights as well as geared enough for them we could keep you in mind.

I know that specifically for the Fail Pug group we don't have any hunters or rogues, but we have 2 priests, 2 pallies, and a DK. So if you enjoy playing the hunter or rogue (preferably hunter) and you are interested in being a possible sub then gear up, learn the fights, and let the leaders know. (Leaders would be Steve and Ben)
As you can see below after Shannox the second easiest heroic boss in Firelands is Lord Rhyolith. We experienced wasting time farming Alysrazor without killing Baleroc because some were so intent on killing her that we wouldn't even look at Baleroc first despite the fact that we could been killing Baleroc WHILE farming Aly. I would truly hate for something like that to happen again in heroics and as I heard we would be doing Beth'tilac heroic before anything else I would like to offer my suggestion to wait and do that when we have gotten a few others down. This data was taken from over 2.7 million lvl 85 characters that have attempted all of the heroics in Firelands. I suggest that we attempt to stick with this chart as closely as possible (obviously we can't do Staghelm before Beth or Bale but I would like to do the easiest first so that we are progressing as fast as possible).

Heroic Beth'tilac, just like reg Beth'tilac is a gear check, mainly on dps, yes the mechanics are different but still it's one of the bigger gear checks in FL. Obviously as a gear check it would only make sense to have the best gear we can have when attempting her. Which means getting gear off of Rhyolith and Alysrazor before going to kill her. Just my suggestions and thoughts.

Here is the picture and the link to the site I found this at:


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Firelands Progression

I wouldn't say the time was wasted. Once we became coordinated enough after Alysrazor the rest of the content fell like domino's and is still falling.

Suggestion noted. Thanks for the data.
If you guys need another sub I would be willing to sub on occasion.

Pandaling is my raid toons name.

Shadow/holy specs, downed all of FL inc heroic shannox.

Old raid group kinda lost interesting in raiding and wow in general, but if you need a sub for one of your priests, give me a look up or not.

My guilded toons are either Darkpanda or holypanda.

So looking at the last 3 weeks of logs I saw that the consistency of us wiping on Shannox is because he has a low uptime of Rageface being in the traps. On almost every wipe the low uptime was due to him taking more immolation traps than crystal traps while on the successful kills that we have logged he took more crystal traps than immolation and had a higher uptime for the crystal traps.

Here's my suggestion for Thursday and I'm speaking to myself here too:

1) Everyone stay away from immolation traps, and I don't just mean the 5 yards that you need to be so you don't take it yourself. I mean 15+ yards. I know that it can get cluttered with those traps but just try to be strategic about it so that if he Rage Faces you he doesn't get the wary debuff.

2) If he is attacking you but not in Rage Face (and he can not be pulled off by a taunt or lots of dps as there is not agro table) and you are able to, start pulling him toward a trap. If that means melee have to run 30-40 yards away from the boss just to trap him then by all means do it. Obviously this isn't expected of healers as we need all 3 heals for the entire fight pretty much.

3) Seriously spread out when he is trapped. Preferably we all spread out in the same direction so that no one ranges the healers, as tonight showed that is incredibly bad to range the healers. And when I say "spread out" I don't mean hey lets move 10 yards, I mean you shouldn't be able to even come close to being without range attack range of him. So that's meaning moving to the other side of the room if possible.

I lot of tonight was RNG with the crystal traps being surrounded by immolation traps and yet at the same time a lot of it was mistakes that could be corrected by each player. I know I definitely screwed up on the first few attempts and we probably would have been able to 1 shot him had a been on my toes like normal. I hope that you all can forgive me for causing a lot of those wipes by not doing my job properly.

Let's go in Thursday, one shot him, and move on to the rest of Firelands. I know tonight was incredibly stressful for me and the stress just kept growing with each passing attempt which also could have contributed to everyone's overall performance. Either way, we've done it before, we can do it again.
Just wanted to remind everyone that it's ok to be really close to someone else in the raid as long as they aren't standing on a trap which rarely happens anymore. While it's good to stay spread out, don't be afraid to stand on top of someone else. Though let me reiterate that if you find yourself near an immolation trap try to move far away. That will get harder and harder throughout the fight so you're not expected to be 30 yards from a trap at all times but do your best please.
If you aren't planning on killing heroic baleroc on heroic in your current lock out, or you can already kill him on heroic, then consider clearing him before dealing with shannox. You clear trash on the way to Baleroc, outside his gates and kill him.

You swap to heroic mode or not depending and pull shannox inside Baleroc's room when he summons. This gives you one main advantage, lots of los free room to deal with shannox. When the immolation traps get out of hand you can simply move shannox to the other side of the room and basically reset the traps.
The other strats still apply. Save the ice traps for rageface, wipe riplimb stacks with tank manoeuvring.

Just a thought on making the fight a little easier to deal with.
Glad to know we have this point already figured out - Baleroc's room definitely works great for this fight.

Good post as well Jayse - it really does have a lot to do with everyone helping clear stacks on Rageface.
Yeah Pandacution that's where we've been doing it. We've killed him 2-3 times already we just had some major struggle on Tuesday mainly because people were used to having a rogue there to clear some of the immolation traps and there are no rogues in our main group. Obviously it's doable without rogues so I know we can do it. We just need to get better at kiting him in to traps and keeping him away from immolation ones.