Naxx. Raid progression.


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The above contains good information/videos of naxx/raid fights and suggested progression.

I see we have a date for naxx and I've signed up for it. If you are going or plan to go.. you might want to check your gear against what those who have done it suggest. (The obvious: tanks need 540 defense) To *Start* naxx progression I've read anywhere from 20k health unbuffed to 23 unbuffed with a dodge/parry combined miss chance of 30% and 20k armor.

I'm guessing it depends on party makeup..(Priest for stam buff etc etc). I think 20k sounds low to me. I know I'm geared for it at 25k health unbuffed, over 60% dmg reduction from armor and above the 30% avoidance suggestion.

Anyway, here is a link for *minimum* tank gear:

The site actually suggests Sartharion first: 10 man single boss fight under wyrmrest temple, before naxx.. Watching the video.. the fights up to the boss sound more complicated then he is. (And they do not sound that difficult)

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hmm, does this mean my Gorilla (21500 armor) can do it? I guess he is a bit short on Def and Health (14k) though.
Where does one sign up? Is this a guild specific event?

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Are we officially back to using group calendar for events now?? you might need to download that addon to see the event Brian.

As far as progression, I've been doing a few raids with SGA trying to become more familiar with the fights so that when the time comes I can lead/assist with our raid groups. I think we could prob start getting groups into the 10-mans of Obsidian Sanctum and Archavon. I've done both fights with SGA groups and they are pretty simple (mechanics wise) and I think Archavon only requires one tank.

Right now Armory shows 22 lvl 80 toons. 4 of which are tanks. We only have 2 healers right now, but my shaman is flexible (currently enhance) and Renee is very close to 80 so potentially 4 healers if needed. I`m not sure that i`ve seen 10 on at the same time but I think we could pull it off if we have to fill in with the SGA.

I think that the OS or Archavon are good places to start our raiding, They drop good loot and multiple emblems, which means good upgrades before we even start into Naxx.

Also would it be possible to make this thread sticky and probably remove the Kara threads
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I have GroupCalendar installed and the event has not popped up on it. The last time I checked it out was last night. Haven't a chance to check it again due to the current system maintenance.

Thanks for replying.
I agree but hey I just do what the guild tells me to do. So if they want me to use 2 calendars, then I use 2 calendars.
Alan ... /sigh...
We had that discussion at length when the built-in first came out and decided it just wouldn't work out. I think the long story is in the officers forum, but the short story is here
No thinking allowed, just listen and obey like Brian ;)
Alan ... /sigh...
We had that discussion at length when the built-in first came out and decided it just wouldn't work out. I think the long story is in the officers forum, but the short story is here
No thinking allowed, just listen and obey like Brian ;)

Glad someone appreciates my VERY strange sense of humor. Yep this is the guild for me!
BTW -- I cannot access the page you referenced in your post. It says I do not have sufficient privileges to view the thread. Looks like I need a promotion somewhere.
Ah makes sense I guess. We needed something with a bit more flexibility than the Blizzard calendar. I guess i'll install Group Calendar. :D
We had a long discussion on this and are using Group Calendar. The consenses is that it provides better options then blizz's calendar for now. You can get the latest version from curse-gaming.

From what I've seen/read, Arch requires 2 tanks as does Satharion, ( Sarth has fire ele adds that someone has to pick up) And the 3 encounters up to him require and off-tank. Arch attempts to eat the MT and the OT has to tank him until that is over and that rotation continues.
Arch is a dps race so gear is much more important here: On Normal Difficulty, with Archavon's health at 2,300,900 HP, the raid as a whole needs to output on average at least 7700+ DPS. (Example: With two tanks and two healers, the tanks must never go below 550 DPS and the remaining members cannot go below 1100 DPS)

We have enough in terms of numbers for 10 man content now. (Not sure gear wise) And in a few days Renee (Healer) will hit 80. For tanks, I know I'm geared for it and I know we have a few other tanks at 80. The 3h, 2t 5dps is a good model for class makeup to get a feel for new 10 man content.

Mike posted the naxx run for the 27th of Dec. Once your GC is updated you should be able to see it. At last check 8 were signed up. I'm up for Naxx, Sartharion or Arch.

For 10 man content you will want to make sure to bring food and potion buffs as it helps make learning the fights smoother.
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I actually just downloaded GC again today so havent been on yet to check it out. not sure when Naxx is set for, might be in January some time. and the post about GC is in the members forums. I dont remember exactly who gives you access to those, might be a thread in the general area (nvm was gonna link the thread and found your post Brian), so you should be have access to that in the next day or two.

I really need to look for the last page before I start posting, has happened to me a few times now :(
So now to post an actual reply:

I dont think our DPS will be a problem for Arch or OS (obsidian Sanctum = Sartharion) as all of the guildies I've grouped with for heroics have been over 1100 and most are closer to 1500 DPS and most of the tanks are 600-800 (I've seen Danny hit 1300 in Strat but thats all undead)

I'd be up for trying Naxx but I will be at a wedding on the 27th (silly people having it that close to Christmas) so I may put up a run for the week after (between Dec 29-Jan 2) it'll prob be for OS since Arch is not a guaranteed run since alliance has to control wintergrasp to be able to do the run.
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Found it on GC, I signed up for it. I am already getting decent gear from running heroics and I should have more by the time of the run.
I plan to be 80 in time for Naxx which is why I posted that is another healer. Gear may not be entirely where I want it...last week was busy for work so I'm a bit behind. If there are other encounters we need to "do" first I'm ok with that. There are several of us that went through kara and za together that are kind of used to each others play styles so that hopefully won't be too big a learning curve...
So I have put Apollux on twice (3 x now) as a "maybe" or backup tank if Danny or Eric can not attend. But for some reason my request keeps getting deleted. I'm geared for it (546 Def, 23.5K+ Health, & 22K Armor). If the spot is there, I can OT. I have tanked (successfully) several Heroics but no 10 mans yet.
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I would be interested in doing some raids; Jeke should be 80 this weekend, and I can start gearing up. There are a couple things that I have to schedule around: I likely will be starting up some night school in the new year, so that's going to take up a large chunk of my time. The second is that usually I can't do group activities until 8 or 9pm server time, after my kids are asleep.

If there are things running that I can join in when I have time, I will!
Hey man, let me know when you hit 80, I will run some heroics with you. I have gotten some decent gear from doing so and I could always use some more emblems of heroism.