Naxx. Raid progression.

Just on Ice deals 104% of the Ice Blocked persons MAX health in damage to them over 4 seconds, so you gotta be quick...don't try to cast anything with significant cast time on them (i've found even a LHW is usually not quick enough, adding in human reaction time and possible GCD time on top of the spell cast time). I don't even think a HoT will tick soon enough. You need to hit them with something immediately that heals 4%+some of their health quickly. I hit them with Riptide (instant heal + hot effect) followed by a couple of LHW, which are now sped up because of talents that proc off of Riptide. You don't have to heal them much to save them from the Ice Block, but there are other dangers in the fight (as you know) and so they should be topped off anyway.
Yup, that much we have down. On our last attempt we only lost one person. So I think our main issue is focus.. It really requires fully focused ppl, with any type of healing mod that reduces..(like heal-bot) clicks.. (a 2 click heal can become a 1 click heal)
For healing I use Grid raid frames and target=mouseover macros...I imagine it's similar to what healbot does, altho i'm "clicking" bound keys on my keyboard rather than targets I want to heal.
Heal-bot provides a menu that is moveable with groups nicks.. It lets you bind abilities to mouse. So.. I have heal/flash-heal bound to left/right buttons. Just hover over nick and click. (Lay on hands is bound to middle button and Hand of protection/cleanse, the 2 little side buttons)
I use clique...again a mouse over and click mod. I have all my heals assigned to left, alt left, shift left, ctrl left, middle, alt middle, shift middle....I think you get the idea..I have 12 heal options (decurses are on there too) on my mouse so that to heal I just point on the frame and click.
I use Smart Debuff for healing and decursing. I found it easier to setup than HealBot but it has plenty of mouse button+ctrl/alt/shift healing setups for me on my healer. Guess there are lots of options out there. Just find what you like.
Ok folks back on next weekend for a team alpha foray into Ulduar on Sun/Mon please sign up or msg me if you can make it...