Naxx. Raid progression.

Yeah Danny we may need the Moonkins to pop out and throw a Tranquility (AOE heal?) when we are grouped up behind the ice blocks as one way to help out.
Judging light will help. Any health/mana regen abilities. We will just have to practice our coordination to avoid blizzards. And making sure everyone is close enough (but not to close, taking splash dmg) to get to an ice block in phase 2 before the frost bomb.

Just a heads up, we are having winter/ice storm and might not be able to get on. (Our cable connection is already acting up, so be ready to find substitutes)
so after doing sapp on heroic and attempting Kel they both are very simple easy fights as long as people know what they are to do. we one shotted sapp and got Kel to 6% on first attempt it fell apart after that but they both are easy to do when people know there jobs
so after doing sapp on heroic and attempting Kel they both are very simple easy fights as long as people know what they are to do

Yeah, once you "know", practice it and have the gear, all fights become much easier :)
Ok break out your dancing shoes here is the plan for Feb 8: Plague - Construct - Spider
Feb 9: Any of Spider left - Martial - final 2 bosses

We need to try and be ready to go at 1830 server, please already be repaired, food, elixirs/flasks etc ready to go. That said my wife and kids get home Sunday night so hopefully I won't be running late :)
My computer cable STILL hasn't arrived (was sposed to be here friday,) so I'm probably not coming. :(

Tomorrow I'm busy all day but if it still hasn't arrived I'm getting on the phone...
I know Alex can't make it tonight so we'll need at least one sub. Several have not signed up but I'm assuming you are still going to come tonight. Rob please bring your healing gear for 4 horsemen fight just in case. I'll be picking my daughter up from Sunday school at 6 server home and online by 6:20 server. Hopefully we can pick up a sub and get rolling by 630 and do a full clear in less than 3.5 hours...ideally less than 3.

Danny and I have been discussing plans for the eye and have some ideas for Monday...
Yeah..I'm trying to think of a way to simplify the fight as much as possible. The stationary idea has a few issues and would definately..require a DK.. Mal could be tanked far north with the raid behind him.. The 2 southern sparks might not really be an issue..since they should cross over the raid.. the 2 northern ones...would definately require a DK to snag them and bring them south and I'm not sure how the CD works on DG.. From what I read, since the last patch, you are only able to get 2 sparks stacked.

The other idea is going back to kitting. And the simple idea here is to force the sparks to come over the center, where the raid is standing. (Spark comes from the north, tank pulls Mal south to force spark over the group). One thing that helps here is setting your Camera to it's max. Type this in :/console cameraDistanceMax 50. This should give everyone a clear view of the field..allowing us to see the sparks much easier, especially the MT. Once in the center, kill spark, back on boss. Perhaps this way, Chris will not have to let up on dps at all. But...if we need him, he can track elementals and ping the map.
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So..we were actually pretty close to the "Undying" title.. (Which I'm suddenly interested in getting) I thought it was just an acheivement, but it's a title. (No one dies on a boss fight)

So here are my thoughts on getting that done. First, heigen and Kel (His ice block) will be the hardest to deal with for obvious reasons. During those encounters, ppl should boost their health with scrolls, flasks, w/e. During the heigen dance, do not attempt to do anything but move to the safe zones..or cast instants. But cheifly focus on the safe zones.. (Be ready with lay on hands, bubble, stuff like that) and please know exactly where the safe zones are, look it up if you are still unclear. The kel fight: any toon that can heal, should heal the ice'd person. And it's really important everyone is focused and calls out their (Iced) nick fast.

I think this is something we are mature enough to focus on as a goal for fun, without being overly disapointed, upset if we can't pull it off because someone/some ppl make a mistake that cost us the title.

I just think it might be a fun goal..that will inject some new life into an instance we have down.