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Legacy of Elijah [LoE]

Legacy - noun - [leg-uh-see] - Anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor. Inheritance.

Elijah the Prophet:
The prophet Elijah was a prophet to Israel (Samaria) in the 9th century BC. His name, Eliyahu, means “Yahweh is my God.” Elijah is recorded to have restored the life of a young boy, battled against the many prophets of the much popular Ba'al, called down fire from Heaven, brought rain to a famished Israel, parted the Jordan river, and taken to Heaven in a whirlwind. Malachi prophesied that Elijah would return before “the coming of the great and terrible day of the Lord” (4.5). He is greatly revered in Jewish culture and many people in the New Testament compared both John the Baptist and Jesus to Elijah. Furthermore, Elijah, along with Moses, appears during the Transfiguration of Jesus. His spirit, his legacy, is one of power and strength. Elijah fought against the prevailing culture and worship of Ba'al and called kings to return to the God of Israel. As his spirit was passed to his student Elisha, so have we inherited a legacy to build the Kingdom and prepare hearts and minds for Jesus. This is the Legacy of Elijah.

Mission Statement:
To foster a community of encouragement, edification, and passion for Jesus Christ in Guild Wars 2 for fellow brothers and sisters. It is our goal to provide a safe and friendly environment for Christian Guild Wars 2 players and to encourage and support members in both their journey with Christ and their Guild Wars 2 story.

Vision Statement:
To become the most comprehensive and prominent Christian guild in Guild Wars 2 while adhering to our mission statement and the plan God has for us.

Statement of Belief:
We believe in a triune God consisting of the Father, the Holy Spirit, and the Son, Jesus Christ, born of a virgin, as the only-begotten son of God who became man, was crucified for us and rose three days later and is the only way to salvation as revealed through His Word, the inerrant and complete Bible.

Who We Are:
Legacy of Elijah is a non-denominational Christian guild in Guild Wars 2 and a chapter of the Tribe of Judah, an online Christian community. We are a continuation of the Spirit of Elijah guild and an amalgamation of its alliance from the original Guild Wars. LoE strives to be a family-friendly, helpful, and faithful community to all those who can agree with our belief statement and abide by the code of conduct. We are interested in both the PvE and PvP aspects of GW2 with our members ranging from casual to hardcore.

Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct

All Legacy of Elijah members must abide by the Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the guild. Members agree to the Code of Conduct upon entering the guild. The Code of Conduct may be changed as circumstances require.

Legacy of Elijah members agree to:

Play with Integrity – “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1st Cor. 10.31
  • Members will adhere to the EULA of Guild Wars 2 as set by Arena Net and will refrain from the use of bots or third party software, and the unauthorized sale/purchase of in-game currency or items for real world money.
  • Members will model good sportsmanship at all times and maintain a spirit of friendliness and composure in both cooperative and competitive activities.
  • Members will not seek charity from other members. While members are encouraged to freely assist each other, members will not abuse the giving of others.
Speak Life – “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” Eph. 4.29
  • Members will remain respectful, in agreement and disagreement, to both members and guild leadership.
  • Members are allowed, and encouraged, to debate, however, the use of the forums is encouraged for such conversations.
  • Members will refrain from spamming any message.
  • Members will not swear or use vulgar language when communicating within the guild. This includes, but not limited to, any word filtered by Guild Wars 2's chat filter on the highest setting, using the Lord's name in vain, and using slang, euphemisms, or abbreviations to circumvent the chat filters.
Remain Rooted – “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” Col. 3.2
  • Legacy of Elijah is not a replacement for daily devotions, prayer, church, or fellowship with others.
  • Members will place Guild Wars 2 and the Legacy of Elijah guild as a lower priority than personal walks with Jesus, church, family, job/education, and friends.
Respect Leadership – “Now we ask you, brothers and sisters, to acknowledge those who work hard among you, who care for you in the Lord and who admonish you. Hold them in the highest regard in love because of their work. Live in peace with each other.” 1 Thes. 5.12-13
  • Members will agree to remain respectful and courteous to those in guild leadership positions.
  • Officers are to be deferred to in any disagreement. Hostility and disrespect towards officers will not be tolerated.
  • Members can appeal to the guild leader if they believe they have been wronged by an officer. The guild leader will then confer with the officers and pass a final judgment. His/her word will be final.

Recruitment Policies:
Legacy of Elijah is a Christian guild designed to help and support Christians. However, being a Christian is not a requirement for recruitment, though the Tribe of Judah may ask for a statement of faith. Every member, Christian or otherwise, must adhere to the Legacy of Elijah Code of Conduct.

Recruitment Method
To join the Legacy of Elijah:
1. Register with the Tribe of Judah (
2. Once processed, contact an officer and give him/her your Tribe of Judah name and your in-game name or post that information in the Enrollment thread.
Registering with the Christian Gamers Alliance Forums can assist with step 2. (​

The Sponsorship Program
This program is to enable and encourage friends and family members who are not yet Christian and cannot or will not join the Tribe of Judah to be a part of the Legacy of Elijah community. This program is not to alienate or segregate Christian members over non-Christian, but rather an opportunity for those we love to fellowship with us while also preserving the integrity of the Legacy of Elijah community.
  • A non-Christian individual will be able to join the Legacy of Elijah through the sponsorship of a current Legacy of Elijah member in good standing.
  • One current member can only sponsor one sponsored member at a time.
  • The current Legacy of Elijah member will be responsible for the conduct of the sponsored member and the sponsored member will be held to the Legacy of Elijah Code of Conduct
  • The sponsored member will enjoy the full benefits of the Legacy of Elijah and be considered a full member with the only exception being the ability to be in a position of leadership.
  • Approval of a sponsored member will be at the discretion of the Legacy of Elijah leadership.
  • A list of sponsored members will be kept in the private Legacy of Elijah Officers forum and will be kept solely for record purposes, there will be no other forms of identifying a member as a sponsored member.

The Friends and Ally Program
This program is to allow friends and ally's of the Legacy of Elijah guild that cannot or will not join the Tribe of Judah to fellowship with Legacy of Elijah members.
  • Any member of a guild recognized as a friend or ally of the Legacy of Elijah is eligible to join the Legacy of Elijah through this program. A list of guilds that are friends and allies of the Legacy of Elijah can be found at the bottom of the Official Legacy of Elijah Information thread
  • An allied member will have an alliance member rank in the in-game roster and will enjoy the full benefits of the Legacy of Elijah guild with the exception of holding a position of leadership.
  • Allied members are expected to adhere to the Legacy of Elijah Code of Conduct while representing the Legacy of Elijah.
  • Allied members will become full Legacy of Elijah members upon registration with the Tribe of Judah should they choose.

Legacy of Elijah, Tribe of Judah, and Christian Gamers Alliance
Legacy of Elijah, Tribe of Judah, and Christian Gamers Alliance
The Tribe of Judah is a Christian community of gamers founded in May 1999 by Tek7. The Tribe of Judah, as emphasized by Tek7, is first and foremost an online Christian community before it is a gaming community. ToJ serves its members across many games through its various chapters. The Guild Wars chapter is where Legacy of Elijah falls under. Other such chapters include popular titles such as World of Warcraft, the StarCraft series, Aion, Minecraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Team Fortress 2. The Tribe of Judah is a member-group of the Christian Gamers Alliance which was founded by Jammer7, Tek7, and other Christian gaming group leaders in 2001 as an umbrella organization for Christian gaming communities. They, and other Christian gaming groups realized that they were doing many of the same things. Rather than operate independently from one another, Jammer7 and Tek7 created the Christian Gamers Alliance to pool resources and serve God and the gaming community at large more effectively. CGA is a gathering of Christian gaming groups and web sites, united in a common purpose to glorify God through gaming. Jammer7 first presided over CGA until his resignation in December of 2002 where he appointed Tek7 as CGA President. Tek7 has served as CGA president since. CGA affiliates include the Tribe of Judah, Christ-Centered Gamer, The Forgiven, Saints of the Old Republic, God's Frozen Chosen, and Christian Crew. The Tribe of Judah can be found online at and the Christian Gamer's Alliance at

TeamSpeak 3 Server Information
TeamSpeak 3 Server Information

Join us on the Christian Gamers Alliance TeamSpeak 3 server for voice chat with other Christian gamers. You'll need to download and install the TeamSpeak 3 client first.

Our TS3 server address is Our server uses the default port (9987).

See below for real-time server information.

Use of the Christian Gamers Alliance Mumble and Teamspeak Servers is contingent on following the server rules.

Please contact Joshinator, Christian Gamers Alliance TeamSpeak Server Operator, or post to this thread with any questions, concerns, or requests.

Legacy of Elijah Guild Bank
Legacy of Elijah Guild Bank
The Guild Bank consists of two parts: the Guild Stash (50 slots), the Treasure Trove/Deep Cave (200 slots).
Currently, the Treasure Trove is dedicated to storing guild resources and funds for Legacy of Elijah events and promotions. The Guild Stash is dedicated to allow guild members to exchange resources with each other.

To Donate to the Guild Stash
  • If possible, try to give the item away via guild chat first.
  • Use the following guidelines for donating equipment:
    • no basic or fine equipment (WHITE or BLUE)
    • masterwork equipment (GREEN)
    • rare equipment (YELLOW)
  • We need no more than 1 stack of any given crafting material.
  • Do not donate items that cost the same on the trading post as their merchant value.
  • Remember that all donations are non-refundable. At regular intervals, the Guild Bank will be cleared out to make room for new equipment. Un-used equipment will be sold and proceeds contributed to the guild Treasure Trove for future events and promotions.

To Withdraw from the Guild Stash
  • Make sure that the item is the appropriate level / class for your character.
  • Remember that this is a shared resource. Please be conscientious of your fellow guildies and limit your withdrawing so that everyone has a chance to use the stash. Remember the clause in the LoE Code of Conduct: Members will not seek charity from other members. While members are encouraged to freely assist each other, members will not abuse the giving of others.
  • If you take something, try to leave something of similar value.

Depositing to the Treasure Trove
  • Officers will periodically move unclaimed/unused items if they've been sitting in the Stash for a while.

Withdrawals from the Treasure Trove
  • Officers have access to the Treasure Trove / Deep Stash and will make withdrawals based on guild needs in keeping with our treasury goals.

Treasure Trove
  • Our goals for the Trove are to collect materials and funds to build Legacy of Elijah as a guild. Uses might include:
    • Organized PvP and PvE activities
    • Special celebration events
    • Prizes for contests and competitions
  • Our hope is to use our shared resources to encourage our members, build community in our guild, and share God’s love with our server.

Treasury Department
Our guild treasury department is a work in progress and we continue to evaluate the best use of our resources as the game proceeds and the guild grows. If you have questions or ideas about our treasury, talk to our treasury chair, Ursen, or his lovely assistants, Shamgar or Brydon [IG: Obi Kaybee]… or talk to any of our officers.

PvP Department
PvP Department
Halt None Shall Pass [CAMP] is the Legacy of Elijah's official PvP wing. CAMP is led by Avenger and membership to CAMP requires either Legacy of Elijah or Signet of the [LION] membership. CAMP was founded shortly after the launch of Guild Wars 2 as a guild to camp the end of the Eternal Battlegrounds jumping puzzle and freely portal Sanctum of Rall players to the end chest for easy rewards. Due to Avenger's consistent generosity, he has built himself and CAMP a reputable name with Sanctum of Rall commanders and guilds. If you are a Legacy of Elijah member and wish for to join CAMP for WvW/PvP, mail in-game Avenger or an LoE Officer for an invitation.

LoE at a glance:
Guild Leader: Stc95
Leadership: See here
Current Roster Size: 230+
Play-style: PvE
  • PvP: Halt None Shall Pass [CAMP]
Server: Sanctum of Rall
VOIP: CGA TeamSpeak 3 Server - - default port (9987)
Facebook: Legacy of Elijah Facebook Page, Legacy of Elijah Facebook Group
Twitter: @LegacyofElijah

Friends of Legacy of Elijah:
Halt None Shall Pass [CAMP] (PvP guild for LION and LoE)
Saint's of Lions Arch [SOLA]
Signet of the [LION]
Saints 3G [SAVD]

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