Yeah, they should not need any life-saving heals over there. I don't think we had any issues with that last night (range) Being mid doesn't mean you have to be directly center, you could be mid left or right. And I think our healers had range on everyone.
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Yeah, they should not need any life-saving heals over there. I don't think we had any issues with that last night (range) Being mid doesn't mean you have to be directly center, you could be mid left or right. And I think our healers had range on everyone.
Heals? What heals?
At one point last night I was tanking 47 of Ignis' Iron Constructs in the fire healing my self with Runic Healing Pots and Heavy Frostweave Bandages. Everyone told me to just fend for myself... :(

;) Kidding of course. We wiped a ton, but that Iggy fight is fun.

EDIT: I found a great website that has awesome illustrated Ulduar Boss fight strategies: www.bosskillers.com

After reading up on some of the strats, I think the Iron Council might be an easier fight than Freya...
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yea alans plan saved us big time, but if you can reach all from the direct middle, it might be better, although, graphics wise the middle is a mess with other players on 25. because of this I might still prefer to be off to one side or another depending on what OT you are assigned to. but yea, in summary, this fight is so healing intensive, healers need to be planted somewhere and have the range they need to people they are healing, no running.
For what its worth, freya is probably the most hectic fight I have been a part of in there. I recommend dps assignments for the triplets (water, slappy plant thingy, and the other elemental - ya these are the technical names), and just playing the rest a little by ear. Priority being the trees of course.
Assembly of Iron / Iron Council

So, if we can down Auriaya the Iron Council actually looks pretty easy:

The "easiest" way to kill the Assembly of Iron is to kill Steelbreaker first. (Hard Mode, after all, is simply killing him last.)

Have your tanks separate the Assembly of Iron. If you have three tanks available, using one tank per Iron Council member is best. However, you can have one tank (on Normal) handle both Runemaster and Stormcaller. Your other tank will be on Steelbreaker. Since Steelbreaker has a limited-range area effect aura, you want to kite him away from the tank and healer who's handling Runemaster and Stormcaller.

Kill Steelbreak first. Be prepared to counter Fusion Punch with defensive cooldowns. Other than Fusion Punch, Steelbreaker's incredible damage, and interference from the other two iron-men, it's a basic tank and spank. Again, be very careful to get your ranged on top of any Rune of Power, since it'll buff their damage and speed you along. If your Mages can steal some Runes of Power from Runemaster along the way, so much the better.

Kill Runemaster next. At this point, have the tank who was on Steelbreaker peel Stormcaller away. Watch out for Runemaster's new Rune of Death ability, but hopefully everyone is well trained to not-stand-in-stuff. This part really shouldn't take long, but your mileage may vary. (If you lost folks while killing Steelbreaker, for example, you might be a little low on DPS.)

Lastly, kill Brundir. This is so much about interrupting and kiting that, if you have those two skills down, you really won't have much trouble. The hardest part is behind you, really.
Hi all. I'm back. Looking to run Ulduar this coming Sun/Mon (5th/6th July). We've had a lot of changes in terms of availability of folks. Please post here if interested, or pm me in game or via the forums. I'll try to get something up in GEM as well.
I was in a pug 25 man yesterday and how they did Ignis was different, so I thought I would share.

I was healing was paying more attention to the health bars then where the off tanks were etc. so it may be a little vague :) Anyway they pulled him to the middle and we were all set up there, the tank faced him to the left (if facing were you pull him from), then either faced him away from us or to the right.

Kinda like that, the melee or the healers never moved and he barely moved as he didn't have to run after anyone to pick them up, as we were all beside him. the off tanks grabbed the adds, then took them to the water when needed. As a healer it was great, everyone seemed in my range, an off tank would be out at a time or another but not for long. I was on pot and raid heals and it was the easiest i have seen him go down.
Mike (and the rest),

I am a definite maybe for Ulduar on Sun/Mon. Sunday is our last day in Edmonton and if there is a chance of seeing more of Edmonton, we will have to take it - Ulduar will still be there, but Edmonton is going bye-bye.

Monday, we will be traveling across the rockies into BC and although I believe that I will have internet access and be at our hotel in time for the run, I don't know that for certain. Also, as I found out on this leg of the journey, sometimes hotel internet can be very easy to hop online, but sometimes not.

Sounds like we should be able to put 10 together for tonight and Monday, may not be all the same folks, but we'll have fun.
Thanks to everyone for all the hard work and many many wipes...until victory!

As a note, I'm moving signups to GEM. Please send me an in game msg if you can't, refuse, or otherwise unable to sign yourself up. As a side note speaking of signups, there are at least 12 signed up for next Sunday already. I don't want to discourage folks from signing up (maybe we'll have enough interest to start a second group again...) But for folks who want to go please understand I'm going to be in a pick and choose situation at times for who to bring. I'll try to be fair as possible, but I'm sure my definition of fair will not match everyone elses. For that I appologize in advance. I'll try to balance raid composition, and folks that spent time with the raid putting in the hours of wipes (like on Hodir last night) and will tend to invite them back first.

We are looking at a Naxx 25 raid next Monday, 13 July. Please sign up in GEM or send me an in-game message and I'll sign you up. If we get close to 25 guildies for it we'll go. If not I'll probably run a day 2 Ulduar 10 man so we can try another new boss...

Perhaps before too long we can get enough guildies and interest to try a 25 man Ulduar, but we need some consistant runners in Naxx 25, for gear and experience before we try it. Ulduar is much, much more challenging as a raid than Naxx.

Thanks again to all the usual suspects and the many who have jumped in and filled a spot in the past for our 10 man Ulduar runs. Look forward to new encounters soon!
No need to apologize Mike - the advantage of being raid leader is that you get to pick.

Yeah, I think Mike is just saying he/ WE actually, since I'm the RA and have inpute into who goes is/are always trying to "pick" justly, without any unjust favortisms based on superfical things.

My personal criteria is: Gear; Attitude; Skill. The last part depends on just how difficult the challenge is and what kind of night it is, progression or just a fun/learning run. When we talk about being "Fair" we have to keep the entire group/objective in focus here, not just any 1 person. Inviting the wrong ppl is not "fair" to the rest of the group. Also, if we are filling a reg spot with a sub and I know there are ppl who don't get to play often, well geared, good attitude and skill, I may from time to time choose them over others I know get to play more often.

Luk 14:28 For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it? Luk 14:29 Lest haply, after he hath laid the foundation, and is not able to finish it, all that behold it begin to mock him, Luk 14:30 Saying, This man began to build, and was not able to finish. Luk 14:31 Or what king, going to make war against another king, sitteth not down first, and consulteth whether he be able with ten thousand to meet him that cometh against him with twenty thousand?

So Mr. Ignis-orama gave us some fits last night (especially to tank boy here). I understand the basic mechanics of what Rob, Danny, & Mike were suggesting but wanted to supplement it from BossKillers.com: http://www.bosskillers.com/cgi-bin/bbguild/index.cgi?action=view_guide&guide_id=667&sid=lv3wgTS2Pg. The only major difference I see here is there diagram shows a bit larger tanking path than we were trying to use last night. Here's the pic from their Iggy strat:


I know Rob was pulling and rooting but IMHO this fight calls for a mage/boomkin to root/freeze the add in the fire and then burst it when it's brittle. I also didn't know that whoever survives the flame pot gets a 10 sec 150% Haste buff. :eek:

So apologies for my noob tanking on him and let's down Iggy next week.
/yells: "I'm coming for you Ignis, and your trinket too!"
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I know Rob was pulling and rooting but IMHO this fight calls for a mage/boomkin to root/freeze the add in the fire and then burst it when it's brittle. I also didn't know that whoever survives the flame pot gets a 10 sec 150% Haste buff.

Nah, we got the add part of this fight down. Adds were not the issue last night (there was some healing aggro though pulling adds from rob I think) He is able to root/tank and I had no issues busting them.

The kite path from Boss-Killers is pretty much how we were trying to explain it. Probably seeing the diagram makes it much easier than someone explaining it though. It's basicaly how I kite him when I tank him. It doesn't have to be a perfect, close-nit- pivit, you can spread him out a bit left/right, but you have to make sure the flames don't hit the water and go out. The main goal is to keep fires away from the raid and in a pattern such that the tank doesn't have to stand in it either.

A little more practice and we will get it done. (Rob ninja'd that trinket from my pally..)

By the way this is to everyone: Our Ulduar run is a focused, progression run and wipes are a part of that.
Everyone should read up on fights, bring food/flasks etc. Bring every ounce of healing/dmg mitigation and dps you can.
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