Some folks who are "regulars" for our 10-man Ulduar raid are going to be taking some time off. Looking for a healer and dps who can join us Sun/Mon Nights... We try to start at 630pm server Sundays, and looks like 7pm server Mondays. With the ability to raid lock we typically only go around 2.5 hours, 3 tops. We could probably flex those times a little bit. Post here, send me a msg in game or something to let me know you are interested.
looks at nath to heal :D and one strong dps like tarrus or sean , bob maybe u guys speak up :D
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Based on the experience last night in the arena, I'd say the evokers don't need tanked, nor do the commoners. They die fast and have very low health. Just focus on tanking the 2 melee.

We are leaving the group because:

1) Latency makes it far to frustrating for everyone. (It's consistant from 8-12 est every night) 800-1300 with disconnects. Nothing can be done on our side. It's outside our internal network and on the backbone side. (sprint) ISP currently has to many customers, not enough bandwith. (Per their own words), though I figured this out loooong ago. They claim they are going to purchuse more bandwith and move to AT&T and have posted on their site they are taking no more new customers for 60-90 days.
2) Got some classes coming up in Oct on Mondays.

Mike asked if I'd still be a backup just in case NO one else can be found..and I'll do that until Oct when mondays will be out for me.
I'm thinking we keep the instance locked so we can "finish it". If we do that we all need to study up so we can complete it this week...

For this Sun/Mon please start to review the links to the General Vezax, Yogg-Saron and Algalon fights.

Also Bosskillers is another good website resource to use to help study up.
Not fantastically, but not too horribly. We have phase 1 down to a science. Phase 2 is a chaotic ball of daunting mess. Part of the hardness is that you've got to learn how each of the illusions works... and that's bad because it means a lot of wiping.
No, we did not. The second phase of Yogg-Saron proved to be much harder than we expected. We banged our heads pretty hard on it, but never got it to a stable level.
My power is out atm so not sure I will be making it tonight. As of right now they have no est time of it coming back on.
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