why is magic bad?


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my parents are on a everything is evil rampage. ive had to throw out my harry potter things and yu gi oh cards. beacause they have magic and monsters. i know that like uttering magic cantations in REAL life is bad but from what ive heard rowling goes to church too(i read a book called finding god in harry potter and the author said she does) and all the reasons that people say its so bad for are not supported with anything biblical(at least i havent heard any) at all they only SAY its bad they never give me proof and quite frankly i dont care what other people have to say unless its supported by bible verses and stuff. i mean people are even saying my dragon shirts are evil and im gonna have to throw them out.
I'm not sure if u can find god in harry potter, but its just a book. I really don't see anything wrong with Harry Potter and Yu gi ho, and dragon shirts.

My cuz collects yu gi ho, and harry potter cards and him and his parents are catholic. They see it as a hobbie. And he makes up magic spells and stuff, but he knows the difference between a book and reality. I think most kids know the difference.
Its no difference from when I was a kid running around playing cops and robbers, and Ghostbusters.
But I guess its your parents decission. Maybe u should sit down with them and listen to their reasons for not wanting u to play with those things, and u explain to them yours. Show them that u don't believe that this stuff is real. And maybe they'll change their minds.

But their your parents so they decide. I know when I was young my parents told me not to watch James Bond movies, I didn't really listen to them because they didn't give me a explanation. It was the because I said so answer. But now that I'm older I can see some of their reasons.:)
Magic is not bad Unless it pertains to Reality. It being in a completely other universe where our God does not even exist, It shouldnt really affect anyone as long as you know its in a completely non-existant universe, Like Diablo, Morrowind and Most games actually But dont go burning incense and try to summon daedric spirits in your bedroom lol
yeah I tried the bloddy mary thing in the bathroom mirror, with the lights off and it didn't work.
as a parent, I have to say, it doesn't matter.

key, they are your parents, as a Christian you are to respect and listen to them.  Regardless of whether or not, they can support their decision Biblically (and yes the no-magic thing is Biblical, but we'll go there in a second), they have told you they do not want you messing with those things.   Once you're out on your own, and have your own place, your own family, then you can make those decisions, but until then you are to listen to what your parent's want.

While for the most part, you shouldn't care what others say unless it's supported by Bible verses, that DOES NOT  apply to your parents.  You are to honor and resepct their wishes at ALL times (see the 10 commandments, and a good portion of Proverbs for these verses).

now ontoyour particular questions.  First off, here's an article for CARM (the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry) about Harry Potter (http://www.carm.org/features/harry_potter.htm).

The power behind magic/sorcery is demonic. Ultimately paganism in general is devised and energized by the devil, the demonic, and depraved nature spirits.(Deut. 32:16-17; Ps. 106:36-39; 1 Cor. 10:20-21; Rev. 9:20-21) Thus, neo-pagans are dealing with the devil and the demonic, despite what they believe or think is possible ( John 8:43-44; 2 Cor. 4:3-4; 11:13-14; Eph.2:2; 4:18; 6:12).

Involvement in magic/sorcery (or other forms of occultism or paganism) is spiritual prostitution against the only True God.( Ex. 34:16; Lev. 17:7; 20:6; Deut. 32:15-21; Ps. 106:36-39; Jer. 2:1-29)
paganism is not devised by the devil. Do u think the devil told them to worship mother earth. Their lives centered around nature's cycles and seasons. They gave thanks through rituals to the earth, the moon, and the sun, for their bounty and celebrated each season as it came and went. They worshiped the God and Goddess.
So personally I don't think everything that we disagree with should be put in the catagory of devil worship. I'm not a pagan, but I still respect them and their beliefs. Don't we celebrate Jesus's birthday on a pagan holiday, the winter solstice.

And instead of
[b said:
Quote[/b] ]they are your parents, as a Christian you are to respect and listen to them.
Shouldn't it be "they are your parents, you are to respect and listen to them.:)
a lot of parents dont seem to realize that if you shelter a child and the such that when they go out on their own, they will do everything they possibly can because instead of being explained anything about things and why they arent good, they are just told that they are bad and then all conctact with such things is made nearly impossible. so once the person goes off to college or moves out on their own, all those things will then be done. ive seen it happen many times going to a christian college. i wasnt shelterd, therefore many of those things werent an issue for me when i went to school, but ive seen lots of these shelterd chrisitans go on a rampage with drugs and sex and alcohol. either because they can finally do things without telling their parents or they hold some sort of anger towards their parents for being such wet blankets when they were little. personally, im not going to straight up shelter my kids, they will know right from wrong, what to and not to do, and they will have reasons to back it up.

people take things more seriously than they should i feel. but you really have to listen to your parents while your little. because they make the rules, but sometimes those rules turn out to be the very thing that sets off that whole domino effent once independance is attained.

thats just my opinion tho
@Kidan, I undersytand your thoughts and information but it is not always true. I will use Morrowind for example, In Morrowind any Magicka abilities you posess are not from, The Devil (and yeah there is a devil there for you to kill) Not from any of the Pagan gods (there are nine of em) and not from the Creator God (yep theres one of them to) In MOrrowind your Magic is inside of you and comes from you, No rituals are performed no sacrifices are made. I draw the energy from your inside and turn it into levitation or a fireball or whatever. I personally dont think this implies that the devil or any other evil thing has power.
Yeah if u shelter your kids they tend to rebel when they get older.
A weird example is Marylin Manson. He went to a Baptist school, and enjoyed playing D&D and listening to Rock music. Then one day a speaker came to the school and told them that D&D and rock music is devil worship or something. And they had to sign a sheet of paper that said they wouldn't drink, smoke, play D&D or listen to rock music. This only made manson angry at the church, and mre motivated to listen to rock music. Thats y he tries to push the envelope a little to much.
well i know about the listen to parents thing and so far i have but if they make me erase any more of my pass times then ill go nuts. and i agree with that domino effect shelter them then they fall. ive seen many people inlcluding my own brother who when they finally got out of the house they started all kinds of weird stuff. but i do know where to draw the line. im not gonna throw a shirt on witha pentagram and walk around all day and im definatly gonna start trying to summon deadra(lol i play morrowind too) in my room cuz thats just nuts.
mechboy - no, anything not of God, is of the devil.   Worshipping anything other than God, is sin.  Just because they have a couple of touchy-feely happy-go-lucky rules, does not mean it's a good thing.  Think about it, they are worshipping 'mother earth' rather than the Heavenly Father.  Remember that little commandment about other gods?? As well, at no point did I say that he shouldn't ask for an explanation.  Rather, I said, that whether he gets one or not is quite irrelevent.  He is to listen without always understanding the why.  As well, this nonsense about rebellion because parent's are strick is just that, nonsense.  There is no reason why teens or young adults must rebel, besides they want to.  

AS for your 'correction', actually, respect for parents comes from a moral system rather than an innate, natural instinct.  While, yes I believe that all kids should listen/respect their parents, there is no overriding instinctual urge that we have to do so.  Rather the urge to listen to our parents is instilled in us when we're young by the moral right of our parents (through various forms of discipline and positive reinforcement).  Which is why children who are/were not spanked, do not listen as well to their parents.

Jester - while yes, some of those kids from the Christian school, went nuts, how many of them, just as sheltered and "restricted" did not?  Just because these kids decided to throw away the teachings of their parents do not necessary make the teachings of their parents bad.

bybloshex - actually, that type of magical beliefs is probably the worst, because it is a form of self-deification.  As well, there are religions where the human in question has the power within them, rather than it coming from an external source (am at work without my reference books, so I can't get specifics). As I said earlier, worshiping anything other than God, is worshiping a false god.

Key  AS mechboy suggested do talk to your parents.  Explain why you think it's ok to play these games/etc  (have a good researched list of pros/cons, scriptural arguements for/against, etc).  Research the topic, and then present that information to your parents.  Yet you must remember to NOT get mad if/when they still say you cannot do these things, because ultimately the answer could be something as simple as they do not want that particular game/book/whatever in their house.  

An example will be my son will never have a teletubby or barney video.  I think they're some of the most annoying things in existance, and I do not want them in my house, why?  Simply because I do not like them.
but barney is the coolest.
I don't like the wiggles. Some of their songs are ok but some irritate me.

Personally I don't like the fact that u won't let your kids have those just because u don't like them. My dad hates my rap music, he calls it crap music, but he respects the fact that I like it and he bares with it when I play it in the car. Swearing and all, since he knows that I don't use those words. But I guess its up to u.:)
Maryln Manson pushing he envelop a little bit? What kind of sick person are you? I thouht this was a Christian forum?
@Kidan- Morrowind doesnt cause me to worship anything... I shoot a fireball at a zombie then praise the lord for not letting my PC crash!
I'm a fan of his music. I think he's a great entertainer. His songs are good, and he uses the image for publicity. When he grew up he listened to Bowie, Kiss, and Alice Cooper. U put those 3 guys together u get the manson image. I've seen interviews of him and he's a real cool guy. Also his house is full of crusifixes, and biblical statchues ( I know wrong spelling).

But before when I was in school I though the same thing, I thiught he's weird, and satanic. But after listening to his music and watching some interviews I started to like the guy. He just does his weird stage antics for publicity. The music is great. My favorite song by him is beautiful people.:D

Having crucifixes or Christian paraphernalia in your house doesn't make you a Christian. I know many aethiests who wear crusifixes on chains around their neck, simple because they thought it looked kewl to wear a dead guy.
I never said he was or wasn't a christian. I think he's probobly just rebeling to the rule put on him when he was younger. But I still think he's a great guy, and has wrote some great songs. I think he's really smart guy. I think if he wasn't painting his face, or having girls in cages on stage he probobly wouldn't of gottin famous. I think the image he created works great for him.

But still not sure if that story of him becoming a bishop in the church of satan was publicity or true. But it was a great story.
What order i mention them in means absolutely nothing, dont try to put me down, i got enough of that form the Raging non christian know it all morons at pyscodog forums, I didnt come here to be insulted by more Know it alls. So cmon say something constructive or nothing at all, dont try to put someone else, or their faith down.
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Quote[/b] (ByblosHex @ Aug. 11 2004,11:55)]@Kidan- Morrowind doesnt cause me to worship anything... I shoot a fireball at a zombie then praise the lord for not letting my PC crash!
I didn't say Morrowind caused you to worship, your comment was on magic, as a power-source coming from inside the person, rather than an external source (like a diety or nature).