why is magic bad?

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Quote[/b] (mechboy @ Aug. 25 2004,9:25)]silvia brown is cool.
No I thought of different ways david could of fooled the eye and I can't figure it out
So, just because YOU, with your shortcomings and weaknesses(not meant as an insult, we all have our own) couldnt figure it out, its satanic? sounds like you think highly of yourself

"Not really, the only other logical explanation is that God made a perment apple tree we humans cannot touch called magic."

i havent read my bible lately, so pardon me if im incorrect, but i dont remember it ever being a 'magic' tree.
Who said anything about a magic tree.
I never said its satanic.
I don't think satan has anything to do with magic. If u read my other posts u'd know that.
Since I really don't think there is a satan, I don't think anything can be actually stanic. The devil is like the boggie man who really cares.
this is my view on it: magic is real, it's really mostly just a connection with satan which he uses to give the illusion of power. there, I'm done. In games, I don't have a problem with it as long as it's not like graphic incantations and instructions on how to do spells.
There's a difference between magic and illusions
So good magic comes from God and evil magic comes from Satan.

That's awfully black and white.

How do you know when it's "Bad" magic and not something from God?
Miracles/gifts that Christ performed. Healing the sick, casting out demons, walking on water, etc.

I think those definately fall under the realm of "supernatural".
I don't think magic is satanic. I think Kiss is more satanic than magic. That loud music, and make up. And u know gene simons sold his soul for that 6" tongue.

Hasn't people always put things that they don't understand into the catagory of satanic.???
Byblos, I'd like you to address these points that I have pulled from our discussion in another thread (it didn't belong there, so I pulled it into here)

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Quote[/b] ]Its described as magic... how else could they explain it? No one in the game calls it magic.

You dont use raegents you use mana.....

It isnt a supernatural force in that universe, its completely natural.

And my response/questions:

So you're fine with magic in Harry Potter? In Dungeons and Dragons?

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Quote[/b] ]Byblos, IT IS MAGIC. If it's not magic then what is it? The developers could have called it whatever they wanted, but they chose to call it what it is, MAGIC. Magicka=Magic, it's the same thing with a cute little name.

You're right about the reagents, it's been a while since I played Morrowind, the reagents are for Alchemy, not spellcasting.

So you conclude that the magic is ok in Morrowind because it's completely "natural"? Please explain how you came to that conclusion. Does this also mean that Wiccan magic is acceptable to you since it is a Nature based system of magic?
i watched happy potter once... If the magic isnt magic from Satan which is the only kind possible on Earth then its completely imaginary.... It just has the same name really. the peopel on harry potter wrent weilding the gifts of Satan were they?
No they weren't, which is my point.

If Harry Potter is imaginary, why do so many Christians have a problem with it.

And what about Wicca? You seem to be in favor of "natural" magic. Wicca draws power from nature, not Satan.

Is there any magic that IS acceptable to you? Is fictional, imaginary magic ok with you?
I dont have a prblem with harry potter..

Wicca isnt real....

If its not from satan or satanic or demonic or evil or real I dont think God even cares about it.
I don't believe God is real, but that doesn't stop you from worshipping Him now does it?

So now, I will ask you again, what is your problem with the term "magic" in Morrowind?
God is real though.

I dont have a problem with Magic in morrowind.... because it isnt satan, of satan or affiliated with satan. On Morrowind, magic is real and is a tool.