In the Words of a Gerbil...

Faster than a speeding Steam Sale. More powerful than the call to sleep. Able to play tall maps with a single button.
Look! Up in the server browser!
It's CSGO!
It's PUBG!
NO It's Toj TF2 Game Night!
Yes, it's Toj TF2 Game Night, strange visitors from other games come to Toj with memes and abilities far beyond those of casual players. Toj TF2 Game Night, that can change maps to ones with mighty rivers, ban trolls with our bare hands. And that, disguised as a mild-mannered game night for a Christian clan, fights a never ending battle for a clean, fun and normal, relatively speaking, server. And now another exciting episode in the adventures of Toj TF2 Game Night!


The first couple seasons were the best ones though that one episode where he left criminals on a mountain was awkward to say the least. It got too campy and formulaic in later seasons IMHO. The first Lois was better too.

Or if you prefer...

Masterpieces of animation. I bought the DVD and I never buy anything!

Watch something decent!
Toj TF2 game night number something, something, hundred begins now.
No billions for special effects or millions in the audience and still a better sequel than "The Last Jedi".

"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of fan-boys suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced by Disney."


Meme related accidents are on the rise...

Crippling arrows to the knee.
Cholesterol over 9000.
Chocolate rain induced pneumonia.

Don't know da way and can't tell what the fox says?
Get educated before it's to late at Toj TF2 Game Night!
Act now before meme ignorance results in another tragic Chuck Testa, Chuck Norris mix up.

This is starting to get around to when Peek began posting these but she since she can't be here every week a few slipped by. My drafts are not anywhere near perfect chronological order either.

Too many memes in this one just google them if you really need to know XD
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/queue A-Team music

In 2018, a crack commando game was sent to irrelevance by lesser games for the crime of not being the latest thing. This game promptly escaped from a maximum-obscurity stockade to the internet underground. Today, still wanted by smart people, they survive as soldiers for Christ. If you have a meme... if no other server is up... and if you can find them... maybe you can join... The Toj-Team

I love it when a server comes together.

I pity the fool who don't know this reference...

Solve the puzzle...

T_ J _F2 _ _me N_ght

Ask the audience
Phone a friend
Buy a vowel
Buy a phony friend
48.25:51 and three quarters
Uno and tres quarters
Pass go
Pass go fish

There are many ways to play games differently but only one answer which always "spells" disaster...


...go figure Toj TF2 Meme Night also works.
/as sung to Puttin' On The Ritz

Have you seen the well-to-do, trading things on TF2
On their heads hats of rare, showing off their savoir faire
High hats with unusual collars, long chats and lots of dollars
Spending every refined, for a wonderful time

If you're blue and you don't know what is TF2
Why don't you go where distraction is
Playin' TF2

Different types like Bird of Pray, wear hats with stripes
And many coats cause clipping fits
Playin' TF2

Souped up with a million dollar computer
Trying hard to get more frames during uber (super computer)

Come get your kicks where kids fire boomsticks
or melee with their mitts
Playin' TF2

If you spawn blue and don't know the point to go to
Why don't you go where action is
Playin' TF2
Playin' TF2
Playing Toj TF2 game night!

I want to think of us being the classy Fred Astaire version.
The reality is our server is more like the Young Frankenstein version XD.
! A WILD STEAM INVITE APPEARED /queue dramatic Pokemon battle music

Steam Invite used "entice"
Player used "have to get work done"
Steam Invite used "shenanigans"
Player used "sleepy"
Steam Invite used"Toj TF2 Game Night"

Halloween is tomorrow but the most horrific night of the year is Toj TF2 Tuesday starting now!
...wait that's not quite right XD .
Tired of violence, silly stories and Red vs Blue?
Than take a break from politics and play some TF2.
...with violence, silly stories, Red vs Blue AND HATS!

It's decided there aren't nearly enough hats in politics.
Magellan, attempted to map around the world, got killed by natives.
Columbus, attempted to map a new route to the East Indies, made a land mass-ive error.
Dr Livingstone, attempted to map Africa, became a meme.

....and the most tragic map accident of them all Toj TF2 game night now playing!
See Soldier sail skyward shooting shiny shells surely so Scout schools scrubs safely skirting sentries.
Encountering enemies entering endemic environments Engie energetically engages erecting edifices.
Do daringly demo Demo deftly detonating devices dealing degenerates due destruction downward.
How hardily hulking Heavy hews holes handling hooligans helping him hungrily hoard ham.
Swiftly scoping Sniper suddenly senses sneaky snake seriously seeking stabs so shots shoot searing Spy's suit.
Play patient Pyro patrolling pits producing pyres powerfully pushing people plummeting.

and of course...

Tis time to totally tout terrific Toj TF2 Tuesday tonight!

...but we all know the real fun is making Raysoul say this out loud or...

...Reading raging Ray rues repeating rotten rodent's writing right.
/as sung to the classic holiday song Jingle Bells...

Shotgun shells, melee kills
TF2 Tuesday!
Oh what fun it is to hunt friends down and one by one betray
Cutting through a team
In a chain stab combo play
Over the corpses we go
Laughing as we run away
Bells on a Bootie Time ring
Maybe change to Demo Knight
What fun it is to homicide and sing a slaying song tonight

Is this what is meant about it getting "darker" in winter?
/as sung to "Up On The Rooftop"

Up on the rooftop Spy is called
Out jumps good old stabby claws
Down thru the chimney with lots of ploys
All targeting little ones
To maim and destroy

Ho, ho, ho!
See Spy go!
Ho, ho, ho!
See Spy go!
Up on the battlements
Stab, stab, stab
Down rain the bodies with
With just one prick

Secret Christmas carnage if desired on Toj TF2 Game Night. If not have a Merry Christmas where ever you are and hope to see you next year!
Old methods of "trick" and or "treating" are ineffective. Modernize your outdated candy stalking tendencies right now with Toj TF2 game night. Why pretend to be an invisible ghost when you can be invisible and make ghosts as a scary spy man. Free candy is great until you get a stomach ache instead enjoy a sweet, sweet pub stomp. Show up at your neighbor's spawn with a friendly rocket launcher, nothing says "trick" better. Finally in these days of CSI what costume could be more effective at concealing your identity than the anonymity of the internet, millions of trolls pretending to be people can't be wrong. Toj TF2 Game Night the most horrific night ever!... um wait that's not quite right.

Whoops used "Toj TF2 Game Night the most horrific night ever!... um wait that's not quite right." in another spam JINX!
/in a manly toy commercial voice from the 90's.

A Red force strikes like lighting across the internet.
Vaguely Nazi Medic Commander "First I will rule TF2 then the world!"
Only a prepubescent boy's Blue action figures stand against them.
Pull the the Heavy's leg for awesome Sandvich eating action.
Pull the Scout's cord to deliver one liners "Hey I'm made of plastic here!".
Pull your Mother's purse open to buy more accessories sold separately.
Watch out though Red attacks with their new Pyrocopter and Sentrysled!
Luckily Sgt. Soldier's got some new tricks up his sleeve with TF2 Hat Ninjas and TF2 Interpretive Dance Warriors.
Are you tough enough to handle all the hat wearing action your parents don't want you to have?
Collect them all and bring home all the action of TOJ TF2 game night!

Toj TF2 game night now cross merchandising. TF2 Heavy Wetsy also available for the girls.

I looked at several 80s commercials for inspiration particularly GI JOE ones of which I have ample experience with. Unfortunately I don't think I kept the links. Just imagine prepubescent boys with 80's hairstyles and dewy eyes over things exploding.
Terms of Service Change Notification

Thank you for choosing Toj TF2 game night services. By using our services you are agreeing to terms you won't read and wouldn't understand if you did.

Please read them carefully or ignore them by impatiently pressing the confirm button.

The party of the first part is not responsible for making parts of the party of the second part by use of explosions, combustion, perforations or any other devious means that pop into our head. By using our services we allow you to do things except when we decide not to. Your privacy is very important to us and we will not disclose your private information until we can figure out how to make money off it. Can we? Is that a thing? Hat, as defined by Valve Corporation, is any device capable of being placed on your head including, but not limited to, fedoras, stetsons, bowlers, footwear, live poultry and any random object that can be sold for three dollars in the store. Toj TF2 game night assumes no responsibility for any fun that may result from joining our server but will still act like we know what we are doing.
A six year study by the Department of Education has found that excessive playing of a video game can result in reduced cognitive abilities and terminal loss of interest. We here at Toj TF2 Night are encouraging new and more educational play styles to combat this:

1. Practical math may be demonstrated by Demo Knights counting off acquired heads punctuating each with an AH, AH, AH, for clarity.
Extra credit in geography will be awarded for applying Eastern European accents.

2. To improve grammar any Heavy eating a Sandvich while reciting the phrase "S is for Sandvich" is good enough for me.

3. Furthering perceptional development any Spies hiding in large groups of people will be issued red and white stocking caps.

4. Honing problem solving spectating players should be asked "Can YOU find the missing intel?" and tell any swiper no swiping.

5. Social skills may be practiced by asking other players "Would you be mine? Could you be mine? Won't you be my Medic?"

In addition to ensure players don't forget the seriousness of the Tuesday night study session we have created a sophisticated, and completely original, mnemonic device...

TF Tues Day
Chasin' the trolls away
On my way to where the puns are leet
Can you tell me how to join?
How to join the server ip
Come and play
Everything can be blamed on Ray
Silly neighbors there

That's where we meet
Can you tell me how to join
How to join the server ip...
How to join the server ip...
How to join...

Sooo I didn't know until now that Sesame Street went to, of all places,... HBO. That really changes the context of kids asking how to get to it /BRAIN SPLODES XD.

I had NO IDEA there were that many kinds of Spam over the years! Wow! That's Spam-tastic!
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Tuesday, May 21, 2019 9:49 PM Mighty Gerbil:

Has your Marriage lost that lovin' feelin'? Is it gone, gone, gone, woh? Did he used to give you candy but now all you get is grief? Did she use to stop a clock and now won't give you the time of day? It may be time to get some serious counseling and... Join Toj TF2 Game Night! Rekindle that fire with your loved one by literary using them for kindling. Practice trust exercises as a doctor and a fat man who needs constant medical attention. Take the time to appreciate how the other side does things - so when you ruin their plans, murder and pretend to be them - you can be sure to get away. Prepare to raise children by creating a conscienceless death machine (sentry) by hitting it repeatedly TOGETHER! Toj celebrating it's 20th Anniversary Edition tonight (part 1 because I only got half of it done). Wow 20 years! Maybe we really do know something about relationships after all ^^ .


Tuesday, May 28, 2019 9:47 PM Mighty Gerbil:

It was on a weekend brunch that Patrica overheard the words that struck her with terror by the Triscuits and shame by the sorbet. "I just don't understand how she could wear THAT HAT with that dress". Patrica never got a Triscuit. Patrica should have prototyped her outfit on
Toj TF2 Tuesdays Soiree Simulator. 9 classes simulate all body types from the plus sized - to tiny baby mans - to unknowable eldritch horrors, in virtually any party situation...
  • Eating a Sandwich by the buffet.
  • Sniping at people.
  • Awkwardly dancing.
  • Hiding in a corner hoping not to be seen.
  • Walking around and taunting people you don't know.
  • Backstabbing Shelia from accounting.
Be confident your hat will look good while losing your head figuratively by first testing losing it literally! Toj TF2 Tuesdays Soiree Simulator is starting now! (Part 2 of our 20 year celebration is again, unfortunately, postponed as it needed more awesome... and to actually function.)